GeekOut Bristol Meet – FAQs

We have noticed a lot of the same questions get asked about our Bristol Meetups so we compiled a list of FAQ’s so that you might be able to answer the question for yourself. If you don’t find your question answered here, or want to know more, feel free to get involved on the GeekOut South-West Meetup page, or drop us a message below, on Facebook, Twitter, reddit or by email.

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Meetup Specific Questions

How much does it cost?

Zero.. zip…. Nothing. We like to be inclusive and believe that a social event should be free for everyone to attend. If you want to donate to us to keep the cause going, we are looking into official ways to do this but this is always going to be optional. Bring money to buy yourself food and drink!

What do I wear?

We aim to be as inclusive as possible so the basic criteria is wear something that won’t get you arrested. No, seriously if you want to come in cosplay then please do, if you just want to turn up in jeans and a t-shirt that’s fine. If you’re more comfortable in a skirt or a dress no matter of your gender then we are fine with that too.

Timlah shows just how zany you can look at GeekOut: and get away with it!

Timlah shows just how zany you can look at GeekOut: and get away with it!

How long do the meets go on for?

Since we aim to alternate between Fridays and Saturdays, they usually start with a pre-event at midday, the main event at 14:00 and normally go on until at least the pub shuts (about midnight). Sometimes (but not always) we continue the party at a local late night drinking establishment.

Will there be food?

We do not provide catering. However, our meets usually start in an eatery somewhere in Bristol. If you miss that, our regular haunt (Old Market Tavern) does serve food (including vegetarian). Failing that there is always Cabot Circus not very far away plus multiple places you can get food nearby.

2016-03-11 11.58.49

Cabot Circus is home to many restaurants to suit all tastes, as well as fast food venues such as Five Guys.

How many people will be there?

This is a question we can never answer accurately, at our biggest we clock in at about 55+ people, sometimes the settings will be more intimate with fewer people.

Can I bring my partner?

If you think they will like it then yes by all means bring them along. We have nothing against couples joining us, same sex or otherwise.

It’s my first time

Great, welcome. When you get to the venue ask anyone who Tim is, or find Tim, introduce yourself to him and he will try to make you feel comfortable and get you involved in a game, or discussions.


I have social anxiety but really want to go, now what?

Our group is made up of all walks of life. A few of us come just to play games with others. A few are more sociable one week and less another. What’s most important is that you feel comfortable so just be yourself.

Venue Questions

I’m coming from [Insert other city here], is there parking?

As a rule of thumb, we say there isn’t any official parking for the Old Market Tavern. However, Cabot Circus NCP is nearby and we would highly recommend you check out Parkopedia for the local area.

I’m coming from [insert city here] is there somewhere to stay?

For this we recommend looking for a place to stay with AirBnB or grabbing a cheap room in a hotel. Although most of us at GeekOut live somewhere near Bristol we cannot promise to be able to put you up. However, we can probably help you get back to where you’re staying if the beer monkey has decided to all of a sudden turn on your drunk switch.

Game Questions


I want to bring a game, what do I need to know

Be aware that anything you bring to play will be handled by others and GeekOut are not responsible for your game. We like to think that our community will treat games with respect, but if you don’t experience this, speak to Tim about it and we might be able to do something about it.

What games are usually available

We have a good selection of board games, which include the following:

  • Bucket of Doom
  • Cards Against Humanity (UK Set + 3 expansions)
  • Cash ‘n’ Guns
  • Chess
  • Dixit Odyssey
  • Star Trek Catan
  • Pokemon Monopoly
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game (2 basic sets + rules)
  • Zombie Fluxx
  • Zombie Munchkin

And many more, this game list is always updating! If we get too many games, we will start to rotate the games we bring, as we’re not a big company.

That’s all we can think of right now but we intend this to be a living document, we will always have the most up to date FAQ on the wiki which comes with our Subreddit. If you feel like a question needs adding to this then please get in touch via the comments below, Facebook Twitter or reddit.