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Spider-Manuary – Amazing Hate


I really enjoyed Amazing Spider-Man, I really did, it was not without its flaws, and it took a spin on the character that split opinions, but was respectably set apart from the Raimi/Maguire rendition, with a villain we’ve wanted on screen for quite some time realised by an actor who could compensate for the… odd choices made in the script. I left the cinema with questions, a handful of doubts, but with hope for what a sequel might bring.

Then the hype train starting rolling, and what we saw was a modernised version of Electro with none of the daft yellow spandex in the hands of a very capable actor, Jamie Foxx, and the Rhino in a questionable but ingenious casting choice in Paul Giamatti, in a rhino-shaped tank which looked cool, and we had a Goblin set-up that looked slick and who was obviously going to kill Gwen Stacey. (more…)


2014 in Tech

2014 was an exciting year wasn’t it? Now that it’s over with though, why don’t we have a quick look back through some of the awesome technology that happened as a result of that year? When we think of technology, some of us get a bit obsessed with computers, video games, toys… This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what happens in technology.
Allow me a few minutes now to indulge you with the very best technology advancements that took place in 2014.


Merry Christmas – Timlah

Merry Christmas ladies and gentlemen, readers of GeekOut South-West and new readers alike. You’re the very reason why a post even exists today; We thought we’d reflect on what was good about this year so far. So whilst Joel looks to make years the best he possibly can make them, what did I think about 2014 in general?

It started with a bit of a whimper if I were to be honest. I just set GeekOut up and I was already nervous about where do I go from here? How often should I post? Will people care or even enjoy what I have to say? Then I realised: This is blogging, if people don’t like it, they’ll generally respond by not responding at all – Which was great news for me! I was ready for whatever the world threw at me then… But I never expected to have the year I had.


Merry Christmas – Joel

In 2013 I decided to have the best year ever. It may seem like a ridiculous concept, and that it’s not just a choice to be made, and that fate inevitably gets in the way of such things, assuming finances don’t stop you in the first place. I had just lost the first job I’d had since dropping out of university for personal reasons, and it was a job that I’d really been enjoying. A lot of things seemed to be falling apart around me, and I stood amongst the wreckage and decided to rise above it.

As it turns out, it worked, and by the end of the year – in spite of a hell of a lot of drama and assorted hardship – I felt like I could conquer the world. I decided I’d start working on that in 2014…


Blogversation – Conventions

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We travel for miles across the country to wait in queues longer than the trip to stay in rooms with hard beds only to be kept awake by the party outside and rudely awoken by the fire alarm. We get lost, we get rinsed of all our cash, and we get bombarded with more smells than anyone should endure.

Conventions are great!