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Video Game Review: Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic

I remember being a child, wanting to go to Thorpe Park and ended up going to a different theme park called Thorpe Park, due to. Instead of ending up in Surrey, we found ourselves in a place called Cleethorpe. From that day, I vowed to create the greatest theme parks in the world – But I was a bit too young, so I played Roller Coaster Tycoon! Now, with the power of smartphones, Roller Coaster Tycoon is on our phones and tables – And no, this isn’t some dumbed down wannabe either..!



The Autopsy of Jane Doe – A Different Horror Film

Horror is an unusual genre, awash with trash made quickly with budgets blown on all the wrong aspects or so badly acted, poorly conceived, or just badly executed. Those gems where everything comes together are universally incredible, whether it’s because the film carries a message like the gothic monsters of old like the Babadook managed to do, or it does something radically different to your average horror like changing the nature of the protagonist or the methods of applying terror. Some manage to simply be good horror films without pushing the boat out very far, like Mr Jones. (more…)

Review – 2016

A lot of bad news this year, not just the deaths of beloved celebrities by the dozen, but one political farce after another made all the more painful by the rising availability of information, and the rampant spread of misinformation and the ever growing tirade of opinion drowning out fact.

But it hasn’t all been bad, and through the constant stream of bad news and doomsaying we’ve forgotten quite a few of the highlights. (more…)

Geek Out Christmas ’16

‘Tis the season to get geeky!



We’re fans of Christmas around here, and we really don’t care how or if you celebrate some holiday or other around about this time of year, or even if it’s even winter where you are (you crazy people in other hemispheres and ecosystems) we will continue to do what we do best, and what we hope all of you are doing every day of every year: Geeking Out as hard as we possibly can.

Here’s what you can look forward to…

Let’s Play

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about that YouTube channel of ours. It may have been a little while since it last saw activity, but don’t think it has simply been neglected, because despite all outward appearences GeekOut is a hive of activity; plans are afoot.

We begin this Sunday with “Quite possibly the worst game I [Tim] have ever played”. For this month you can expect a flurry of winter and christmas themed GeekOut Plays, if you have any suggestions of games we can sample, let us know in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter.


Not one, not two, but TWO GeekOut Bristol MeetUps. And yes, there is a difference between two and TWO, these ones are better.

December 10th, the first of our duo sees the return of Super Secret Santa, participants put there gifts in and get one back, with no way to know who you’re buying for or who’s buying for you. The thrills! Next week’s MeetUp features special guest, me! And if you’re a fan of the pre-meet-meal, the vote is live now to choose a venue.

The second is New Years Eve, information should be appearing on our Facebook page this week. This event will require the purchase of tickets, and spaces are limited.

Rise of the Guardians


As ever, our Saturdays will feature the weekly geekly Top 10 as chosen by you, the reader. Expect seasonal options to pop up on the vote to get us through the most wonderful time of the year. But of course, that’s not all we’ve got planned.

We’ll be reviewing those best loved geek classic films such as A Nightmare Before Christmas, and taking the time to appreciate those lesser loved greats like Rise of the Guardians and Krampus: The Reckoning.

Tim will be discussing how you can geek up your Christmas tree, and I’ll be discussing the power of cold weather in games.

All in all this month is shaping up to be a great way to wrap up the year, but you still have time to get involved, even if you can’t join as at a Bristol Meet. We still accept submissions for articles or article ideas, and we love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for the site, so get in touch via our contacts page or our social media pages. And because it’s December, and we can finally say it without fear of anyone declaring it “Too Soon”…

Get ready for a Merry Christmas.



Wales Comic Con 2016

Glyndwr University Wrexham has become the host to one of the biggest local geek events, a pretty heavily star studded comic convention that dabbles into most of those fandoms and fields that we hold dear.

I’ve been to a lot of MCM Comic Cons in Telford, a mini version of the ones you may know from Birmingham or London, basically a big pay-to-enter open market with everything you could ever want to buy, much to see and famous faces to meet, and yet I don’t think I’m quite so taken with MCMs efforts as I am with Wales Comic Con. I only attended a few hours of the Saturday, so there’s not as much to discuss about WCC as there is about a Kitacon or a Amecon, but…

Well let’s start by saying that two hours in the freezing cold, knees going rigid, nose numb, and all remaining body heat lost to the icy hands of a loved one, accompanied by a cold and dry bacon sandwich sold at an only slightly inflated price, watching as those who paid beforehand shuffle keenly into the embrace of central heating, it all serves as a valuable lesson to buy your tickets in advance and dress/cosplay warm. Still, not enough to put me off giving it a shot, especially with the help of a caring friend bearing hot beverages.


Inside the whole campus is unrecognisable, not that long ago I saw the entry foyer full of graduating students, now awash with cosplayers. Banners mark the lecture theatres as event halls for the live Q&A sessions scheduled constantly throughout the day filled with panels of celebrities from various TV shows. I made it to an hour with Ian McElhinney, Tom Wlaschiha, and Ian Hanmore, or Barristan Selmy, “Jaqen H’ghar” and the warlock Pyat Pree from Game of Thrones; lots of behind the scenes stories, wishful thinking, wild speculation and wishing certain characters weren’t dead (like Barristan Selmy and Pyat Pree for example), and absolutely no confirmation whatsoever that the Faceless Man would return for season seven.

Side rooms were open for gamers, one for traditional gamers, including a stall for local shop 4th Planet, and tables for anyone to come and bust out a board game or Magic deck. A full hall was filled with various consoles and PCs, including gaming tournaments and a well fenced off VR experience. Also of note, a couple of side attractions, including a mock-up of the Iron Throne and Wheely Big Cheese of the Robot Wars alumni.


A courtyard was filled with food stands including freshly made doughnuts, a double-decker gaming bus from Fragers and a shooting range, also a stand for the local owl sanctuary which got a lot of love. On the far side, a market filled with the standard memorabilia, artists and artisans, trinkets, weapons – larp and otherwise, and more. The walls were lined with stalls where guests could greet fans and sign autographs, in between photo opportunities and panels.

Then we come to everything not seen. I know there were halls I never entered, parties I didn’t go to, an entire day I didn’t attend, so clearly there’s still plenty more to do and see. I only went to one panel, but there were screenings of TV shows and films, chances to meet people that next time I think I’ll be making more of, for a start I’ll be paying ahead and getting in out of the cold. If this seems like a short review of such a huge event it’s because I squeezed as much as I could out of a short window and I feel like I’ve undersold Wales Comic Con in the process.

Still, there’s always next year. Might see you there.

Film Review – Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children


Ever thought about having powers? These kids had no choice in the matter, for they’re Peculiar’s, a group of people who have powers which make them different from normal humans. Directed by Tim Burton and written by Ransom Riggs, is this film as spectacularly different as we’d expect, or is it just not Peculiar enough for my tastes? Let’s take a look through Victorian England and take a step through a Loop.


Anime Review: Mob Psycho 100

Ah yes, remember only recently when everyone in the anime fandom were squealing over a delightful series known as One Punch Man? Well it seems like the team behind that phenomenal show are back with another show, which is set to blow your very minds. It’s wacky and silly one moment, then downright depressing and terrifying the next. This is a series which blends many emotions together and the result is all out insanity.


International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Could we be witnessing the beginnings of the worlds first truly international holiday? A day in which all peoples can unite, undivided by geography, history or beliefs?

Probably not. But International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a phenomena which has spread far and wide, and looks set to outlive creators John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap’n Slappy) who’s spontaneous antics during a racquetball game in 1995 have turned into an unstoppable event in which those of a swashbuckling spirit swap their modern day speech for piratical parlance.


And yet, despite being a recognised occasion fourteen years it is not quite so publicly celebrated as other occasions like Mothers Day or Independence Day, or the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling. Perhaps due in part to the ingrained sense of British decorum we’re even more reluctant to don an eyepatch and tricorn hat, or even address customers as Matey or Landlubber. Basically what I’m saying here is why am I always working during International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

And yet during certain “acceptable” events we are the weirdest people in the world, with the possible exception of Japan, you guys are awesome. Somehow it’s more acceptable for us to dress up like a cartoon giraffe for a marathon, immerse ourselves in baked beans for charity, or throw ourselves down a hill in Gloucestershire in pursuit of a wheel of cheese.

So why can we not set aside this globally recognised day to be just as weird as the rest of the world knows we are? After all some of the world’s most famous pirates are Brits, most famously Edward “Black Beard” Teach himself was a native Bristolian, much like our own Tim (although that is where the comparison ends). We knighted the scourge of the Spanish coast Francis “le Draque” Drake. Why not celebrate our questionable naval heritage with this American made holiday and festival of all things Pirate?

Well the simple fact is that the most famously celebrated holidays are the ones with the support of big business. There’s money to be made in greetings cards, chocolate eggs or the general desire to give gifts, not a lot to be made from threatening to keelhaul someone if they don’t put the kettle on, or crying mutiny your friends insist it’s your round. The only other way an event like it is going to get big is with media attention, and while we’re in no position to demand that the new Pirates of the Caribbean gets released on September 19th, there’s a few things we can do on a smaller scale.

Charity – Why not start an event, something of your own? Get people to sponsor you or even a group to talk like a pirate for the whole day, oh but you can’t just stay inside the whole day and turn Facebook to English (pirate), go to work or get up and do something, be loud, make a scene and raise awareness for something that really matters to you, and a charity of some sort. The official UK page is a great place to start as they nominate a specific charity of their own to focus on but there’s no reason you can’t choose your own.


Parties – Most venues will jump at the chance for an event to draw people in, this one is ready made. Consider approaching your local pub for a pirate night in celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day, drag some friends along in fancy dress and make a night of it. Be sure to tell the guys at the official TLAPD page about it t have your party mapped for all to see.

International Talk Like a Pirate day is the 19th of September which this year falls on a Monday, and yes, I will be working. Go forth and celebrate on my behalf.

Film Review: Suicide Squad

My opinions seem to not follow the status quo of many others, which is something I am getting accustomed to. So when I heard about the negative press Suicide Squad was getting, I didn’t mind. I means sure, it meant that I wasn’t going to be in for the blockbuster I hoped at the beginning of the year, but I wanted to see it. I knew that I would likely enjoy it – and enjoy it I did. But I am not afraid to point out the already well documented flaws of the title.


Film Review: Finding Dory

Just keep swimming folks, I went to go and see Finding Dory in the cinema this past week. Whether you remember the Pixar classic Finding Nemo, or whether this is your first venture into the great big aquatic adventures of these fishy friends, this film is a must see before it’s too late. Join Timlah as we look at Finding Dory and what makes it so great.