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Top 10 – Hard To Watch Moments in Games

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Games can sometimes be a little bit tense; or they can be so gruesome that you can’t bare to continue staring at it. There are lots of reasons why you may struggle to watch something unfold, be it grounded in reality or absurdity. Whatever the reason, you chose this one, you strange people, so here are our Top 10 Hard To Watch Moments In Games.

Oh and small warning; there’s a lot of horror in this one. (more…)

Video Game Review – Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Horror is the name of the game, especially when it’s so close to Halloween. Earlier, I spoke about the newly released Five Night’s At Freddy’s title, Sister Location. Today, we’re looking at a horror game that really shook the nest. It let people see how seriously good indie horror games could be and without this game, perhaps we’d not have many other horror titles today. However, when I first played it, I really didn’t get along with it. Will all that change as I look back at it in the build up to this year’s spookiest night of the year?


Top 10 Disgusting Enemies in Games

Yuck! Some enemies in video games are just downright disgusting. Sticky, smelly, slimy, grotesque… You name it: They’re at least one of these! But never fear, we thought we’d delve into the realm of the ugly and the vile, the gross and the gruesome.

Just to make the rules of this list as clear as possible: The enemies in question must be disgusting. This can range from being visually disgusting, metaphorically disgusting or even disgusting in flavour (no, we’re not on about their actual taste but what stories they may have behind them). This weeks Top 10 was chosen by you, so join in with choosing our next list at the end of the article!