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Top 10 Angels

So elegant, so beautiful, so… angelic! Angels are a prominent part of both fiction and religious works. The two go hand-in-hand sometimes, when religion is blended seamlessly with fictional works. Other times, an angel is just a holy being, usually with some form of holy powers. Whatever your take on the word, there is no doubt that this week, we’re going to admire the divine with our Top 10 Angels list.

GeekOut Top 10s


Babylon 5 In Depth – Angels and Demons


Last week I discussed the alien races of Babylon 5, similarities and differences and how we’re not all that great at coming up with wholly alien life forms. Everything we create has some irrevocable grounding in what we are and what we know, and while a lot of that has a solid basis in evolutionary biology we’re still missing a little imagination at times.

There were a few races I noticeably omitted in the last in this series that stalwart fans may have wondered about (I know there’s a few die-hards reading), The First Ones. Humans are not the first to set foot among the stars, far from it. The Centauri found us first, the Minbari are the most advanced of the spacefaring species, except for the handful who came before. Creatures of legend, actual legends given shape. (more…)

Kickstarter Highlight – Eventide the Audiobook

After looking around all of the wonderful new projects that are out on Kickstarter, this one stood out as a little bit different and a whole lot more fantastical. Whether it’s angels, sci-fi or fantasy that tickles your fancy, you can bet you’ll get what you’re looking for with this Kickstarter campaign. This can only mean one thing: It’s time for Kickstarter Highlight!



Eventide – The Audiobook

What is it?


Eventide is the first in a series of books called the Sepherene Chronicles written by a Sci-fi/Fantasy writer from the South-West of England, Daniel Beazley. Interestingly, the books are written, so this isn’t a project about funding someone to finish something they’ve already begun: Instead this is a completed piece that is looking to now be expanded into new media. I was curious to find out more about Daniel and why he felt an audiobook was the right way to go for his series and as a medium.

I shot some e-mails off to Daniel who was incredibly easy to talk to and I had a nice, short interview with him.



Interview with the Author – Daniel Beazley

Q: Thanks for your time today. First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

A: I’m an indie author who writes Fantasy and Sci-Fi, hailing from the South West of Blighty in sunny Devon (honest, it is sunny sometimes). I started writing back in 1996 whilst living in Sicily where I was doing voluntary work and drinking lots of good quality wine. This continued from there and after leaving the army in 2004, I was bitten by the bug in a big way and scribbled down details of faraway worlds with charismatic inhabitants at every chance I got.

Some of my main influences have been Tolkien, David Gemmell, Raymond E Feist and Fritz Leiber whose works are completely enthralling and captivated me, prompting my own foray into creative writing. I would definitely recommend checking those authors out if you haven’t read any of their material before.

Q: As a writer, why are you looking to make the transition of turning your story into an audiobook?

A: As well as a writer I’m a massive fan of movies and gaming, though the latter has taken a back seat in recent years. Strangely enough one of things I love about them is a great trailer and I find that these can be very inspiring. When I’m writing a lot of the time I picture the scenes being acted out which I hope helps me promote a sense of realism and plausibility, as well as keeping the pace moving. Also, being a big fan of the Black Library audiobooks, it made me really want to create one of my own and after writing Eventide, I felt I had the perfect script for the job.

Q: Can you let us know a little bit more about Eventide and even more about the Sepherene Chronicles?


A: Eventide is the first in a four part tale entitled, The Sepherene Chronicles, that follow the angel Sepherene in her quest for redemption and to be able to return to the heavens. She meets and joins with a human called Lucius who has a dark troubled past of his own and together they set off on their journey of discovery. Along the way they encounter other fallen angels who have no intention of returning to the limitations of their previous existence and bask within their god-like status upon the mortal planes in a time where religion has become no more than a convenient commodity.

It is set in the future where science fiction is the theme however the story is underwritten with a firm sense of fantasy and so will appeal to fans of both. It is ultimately a tale of unity and righteous endeavor, where adversity lurks in every shadow and the line between good and evil becomes ever more blurred.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge to date as a writer of fantasy and what did you do to overcome your obstacles?

A: As an indie writer I would probably say that one of the biggest challenges to date has been exposure. Getting your work out there into the hands of readers who you know will enjoy it but who have no idea you even exist, can be difficult. There is a lot of advice around for authors, some of which is very useful, but it is tough to find the time to promote your work as well as continuing to write, especially when you have your day job and a family who quite rightly take precedence. I’m not great at putting myself out there but I’m gradually trying to build a platform where people can find me.

I think Hugh Howey sums it up nicely with the following words of advice: “The key to making it as a writer is to write a lot, write great stories, publish them yourself, spend more time writing, study the industry, act like a pro, network, be nice, invest in yourself and your craft, and be patient.”

Q: TAG TEAM! You have to form a writing team of yourself and one of your favourite fantasy writers, past or present. Who do you team up with and why?

A: Hmm, that’s an interesting one. I think it would have to be Fritz Leiber. He created two cracking characters called Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser who are sword and sorcerer heroes. Fafhrd, a seven foot barbarian and the Mouser, a thief and swordsman with a slight aptitude for magic. They were very much the inspiration for two of my own creations who feature in my humorous fantasy, Goblins Know Best, namely Gorag Bather (a muscle-bound orc) and Bogrot Blistertooth (a highly intelligent goblin chef).

I think that together we could come up with an incredible duo that people would love to read about; a pair more dynamic than Batman and Robin, and with slightly more satirical charm than Blackadder and Baldrick.

71thFJRqgAL._SL1500_book 2

If you want to know more about the writer, he’s more than happy to be approached via Social Media and via his website too:

What does he needs the funds for?

He needs the funds to be able to pay for the professional voice acting, being provided by a wonderful UK based studio called Media Music Now. He requires £2,700 to pay for the services for this project to be a success.

What are the rewards?

A key part of a good Kickstarter Campaign, as readers of this site will be aware, are good rewards. The rewards that come with this campaign are quite simple ones, but instead of being flashy, they are so well priced that I think they make a great sell. Here is a sample of the Kickstarter rewards.

  • Pledge £5 or more

    Receive a copy of Eventide in eBook format and if you share this project on facebook or twitter get a wallpaper of the cover art!

    Estimated delivery: Aug 2015
    Pledge £15 or more

    Receive a copy of the audiobook production via digital download as well as a copy of Eventide in eBook format and if you share this project on facebook or twitter get a wallpaper of the cover art!

    Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
    Pledge £35 or more

    Receive a limited edition audio CD compilation of Eventide, a copy of the audiobook production via digital download as well as a copy of Eventide in eBook format and if you share this project on facebook or twitter get a wallpaper of the cover art!

    Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
    Ships anywhere in the world
    Pledge £35 or more

    ** Early Bird Special – Grab it now and get your limited edition audio CD compilation of Eventide signed by the author! You will also receive a copy of the audiobook production via digital download as well as a copy of Eventide in eBook format and if you share this project on facebook or twitter get a wallpaper of the cover art!

    Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
    Ships anywhere in the world

As with all Kickstarter Campaigns, the author is using the service as a launchpad and hopefully to start producing his series in audiobooks. They’re already available as eBooks and he’s received great reviews for his literature to date.


I was keen to know more, so on it’s way to my place are copies of his humorous fantasy book, Goblins Know Best. I’m really excited to have a read through of his works and to do a review on it, as well as a potential give away competition associated with the article, so do look out for that! I always love supporting local authors, so I hope he finds his way over to the always awesome BristolCon happening later this year.

What do you think of the project? Have you listened to many audiobooks? What have been some of your favourite pieces of prose in audio format. As always, comment below, over on Facebook or Twitter and remember to keep the geek spirit going. The geek scene is alive thanks to the wonderfully creative minds that inhabit the scene.