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Top 10 Underappreciated Superheroes

GeekOut Top 10s

As many of you will be aware, news of Stan Lee’s death spread last week. We’ll miss the industry legend, a term we don’t use lightly. Instead of us wallowing in misery however, we figured we’d celebrate the man. As such, today’s Top 10 is around Superheroes. These are our Top 10 Underappreciated Superheroes – As these guys could definitely do a lot more, if only people would believe in them. (more…)


Top 10 – Super Tiny Characters

GeekOut Top 10s

It doesn’t matter if you’re ten sizes too small, when your heart is ten sizes too big. Good lord, that’ll give you chest problems. Yes, heroes come in all shapes and sizes and we’re here to celebrate those who reached optimal size. Some of you may call them small, others may call them super tiny, whatever you call them, we’re here to look past all the boring small characters and find the Top 10 Super Tiny Characters. Please, watch where you’re stepping for this one… (more…)

Review – Ant-Man

Season 2 continues!

It’s been a while since we had a “normal” Marvel introduction film. Guardians Of The Galaxy was a bit more full-on sci-fi (what with being up in outer space and all) and Daredevil getting a full TV series to his name, that means it’s been fully four years since Captain America: The First Avenger, and that’s about the closest comparison I can make here.

Let me start by saying that I find Ant-Man is perhaps my new middle point for quality in the film series, sitting snugly between Thor: Dark World and Age of Ultron. It was, by the standards I now find myself holding them to, exactly medium. Here’s why: (more…)


Summer must be coming, as YouTube is awash with rather awesome looking film trailers, so as we prepare to retreat to air-conditioned halls devoid of sunlight let us take a gander at this season’s offerings.

The Fantastic Four

It occurred to me recently that if this film is awful, then that will be a complete set. The 1994 film, the recent attempts from 2005 and 2007, and finally this one. I have to say I am less optimistic having now watched the new trailer, and not because of the weird Johnny Storm thing (I mean Reed Richards would have made so much more sense, unless you’ve got a plan for the whole “adoption” idea… that’s another rant though, one that other people have beaten me to). (more…)