John Carpenter’s Apocalypse

It’s funny what you learn when you do research for other things.

In the process of putting together last weeks article Lovecraft, Films and TV I looked a little into John Carpenter’s The Thing, a classic mixture of body-horror, paranoia and cosmic horror. The concept of an immensely powerful creature descending from the stars with the power to devour us all has some rather eldritch horror elements, and while the origins for this story are more strongly tied to John W. Campbell’s “Who Goes There?” there’s no denying the impact of the Lovecraft contemporaries from a few years prior.

Did you know it was part of a trilogy?

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Bearlands issue 1 review

During my visit to AniMangaPOP! this past Saturday, I had the pleasure of speaking to the mind behind Subversive Comics who were situated right next to the guys at Mayamada. This was an excellent opportunity for me to see another style of comic, a more western influenced style.


Subversive comics are a brand that focuses on bringing horror to teddy bears. This seems to be a recently rising subject, what with the swarm of zombie teddy bears in the world now-a-days. Well, no one said the teddies were safe from a zombie apocalypse. Taking influence from a variety of sources, the bearpocalypse is ready and waiting. So with this in mind, let’s take a look  at the first comic in a series revolving around the zombie apocalypse… In cuddly teddy bear fashion.

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