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Robot Wars – Season 10, Best Final Ever

Spoilers let’s just get that out of the way now because I have to talk about this in detail. (more…)


Apollo Justice – Attorneys Badge

There are much better ways of doing this, I’m certain of that, but I thought I’d try my hand at using Foam Board and Worbla to make this badge. Over all the effect has turned out okay, but the effect is from a distance.

So how did I do it? First of all, let’s cut some foam board.

Foam Board Pieces

With this cut, I stuck these two pieces of board together with a hot glue gun. I probably could have done this with a Pritt Stick or some PVA glue, but never mind! I wanted it done quickly.

Next up, I took a large cut of Worbla, big enough to not just cover the two pieces, but to completely melt over them. This would mean that the worbla would sort of melt into the nooks and crannies of the top piece (the one with the bits cut out). Needless to say, the Worbla happily contorted with some persuasion from a heat gun.

Worbla on Foam Board

Now what? I stuck some cork on the back, making pinning easier later.

Finally, I added the detailing of the scales of justice. They’re not the most perfect scales in the world, but hey, they’ll do.

All that’s left is to cover in one or two layers of Gesso, paint the correct colour (a somewhat golden colour), then cover in some more gesso and we’re done! I’ll put up pictures of the shiny badge later.

Time taken: 30 minutes.

Material cost total: Approx £1.50.

OBJECTION! Could I not have made it ‘better’?

What would I do differently in future? I’ll probably do this at some point, actually…

So I could make a silicone mould for the badge and cast it from that. That’d give it the absolute smoothness that you’d expect. The mould could be made simply by the method shown above, but instead of putting Worbla over the foam, I’d cut a hole in the middle of the top piece, then make  the scales stick out of the foam. Possibly the scales could be done in Worbla. Then, The silicone should be able to pick up the details of the scales and thus leave a little imprint inside of the badge.

Once this is done, spray in the correct colour and gesso it up.

If anyone thinks this should be my first experiment with silicone, give us a Like!

If I get more time at the end of the night, I might completely remake this and make it look a bit more “Sunken in” like the actual badge.

Apollo Justice – OBJECTION!

It’s late, I know, but I wanted to share with you all how my Apollo Justice costume is coming about. Did I even make it? What was the silly delay all about? It’s time to talk through not just the hows but the whys of how this costume has come about. It’s time to put on our wristband, point with our arms stretched outright and accuse the prosecution of lies and slander – Here’s my Apollo Justice cosplay, with a full walk through on everything I am doing for this costume.


Firstly, the easy bits:

Buying things

The things that I bought were the white shirt and the blue tie. I wanted this costume to have a homemade suit so I could get that just right, but I also wanted some level of professionalism just in case something went pear-shaped. The white shirt cost me £6.99 and the tie cost me £2.50. I’d recommend checking out eBay for this level of offer and I’m not going to lie… I really like my shirt and tie!

Along with the shirt and tie, I also bought a pair of smart shoes.

The hair

I am actually using my own hair. I didn’t want to get a wig for this, I wanted to use my real hair. So I grew my hair out to be nice and long and I’m going to head off to the barbers, before I get myself some hair gel and boom. I’ll have myself a proper Apollo Justice hairstyle. If you’ve got long brown hair and want to do this look, simply use some thick hair gel to slick your hair all the way back and don’t forget to get a big clump of hair from your fringe for the antenna.

Of course, that doesn’t explain why these antenna seemingly defy gravity and logic, but that’s a simple explanation. That’ll be wire that’s keeping the clumps up! Just two small bits of wire. I’m going to be wearing a really thin wire piece around my head, burying it somewhat into my hair. It will be done in such a way that you shouldn’t be able to see it, but if you were to go behind the antenna, you should be able to see the wire.

The suit

The suit was of course the most daunting piece of the whole costume. From start to finish, I was worried that I’d never get this suit made and that I’d ruin the fabrics I bought for it. For my first ever attempt at sewing a suit, however, I think I’ve done an alright job. However, I didn’t make the patterns for this entirely from scratch. I modified one pattern and the other pattern was basically spot on for Apollo’s trousers.

For the trousers, I used Burda style pattern 6933 which is a really basic formal trousers pattern for men. I think this was a nice one to work with, as everything was included within this pattern. Seam and hem allowances, a belt hold area, zipper, etc. It was pretty easy over all, once I read through the instructions in the pattern. As such, would I recommend using shop-bought patterns? Absolutely. I made a few pairs of trousers using various materials, since I have so many… But honestly, most I won’t wear out. The Apollo one however, I may be tempted to use again in the future at least!

For the vest again I used a Burda pattern, this one was simply called “Men’s Waistcoat 04/2013 #136”. That’s not very inventive, Burda, but I get it! Anyhow, I looked over the pattern several times and it wasn’t spot on to what I was looking for. I needed to modify this pattern. First, I needed a lapel (the bit where the jacket comes in over itself, if you see it?) and I needed some more slit pockets. Nothing to worry about! The slit pockets were already included, so it was a case of adding in the lapel and just copying the slit pocket designs. Once I had everything drawn out, sewing it was not that tricky.

Overall, I don’t know why I was panicking. What do you think of my first proper sewing job?! Let me know!

The Badge and The Bracelet

The Badge was actually quite simple and I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this before…

The Badge in the Ace Attorney series is a staple of making Apollo and indeed Phoenix. All I did was took some foam board and… Get ready for this… I will be heat gun melting some Worbla over it. This gave that sunken effect. All I had to do was pierce the back with a pin, add the pin into it and boom. I’d have the Defence Attorneys badge.

The Wristband you’d think would be tougher, but actually, it wasn’t so bad at all. I got a lot of ideas from Cosplay Tutorials, where the very first accessory in the list is Apollo Justices’ Bracelet. Check out the tutorial I was looking at.


I couldn’t help it. I’m making myself a super goofy OBJECTION! sign, so I could hold it up to object people whenever I was out and about. Why will I be doing this? I’ll never know, but hey – It’s a funny extra piece to carry around with me. It helps to cement the character for who he is, as we’re all familiar with Ace Attorneys use of the word.

To make this, all I’ll be doing is getting a picture of it up on The GIMP, then blow it up. I’ll blew it up to an A4 size, stuck it to a piece of foam core and cut carefully. That is literally all I have to do for this, but just in case you’d like to make your own OBJECTION! sign, stick around as I’ll be documenting the whole day of crafting.

Fun-extra uses for the OBJECTION! sign

Why not stick it on a spring? Get a way to attach this to a spring and go for it! Let it bounce around with you, or you can keep it down and activate a trigger to let this pop up outta the blue. I’d be curious to see what sort of contraptions people could come up with for an OBJECTION! sign!



That’s it. Apollo should be complete today and will ready to be taken out to the world. In the future, I will likely add to the list of Apollo Justice stuff. I might go so far as to make the blue jacket I shown in the design I was originally going for. The blue jacket doesn’t belong to him, but is a pivotal part of his character development in Dual Destinies… So if you’ve not seen it, don’t worry, I’ll spoil nothing about that.

Stick around through the rest of the day for updates on the costume. Let me know in the comments below, over on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for baring with me on this one. I’ll have some more cosplay progress pictures and stuff in the coming weeks! I will be test-wearing Apollo out tomorrow for the GeekOut South-West August ’15 Meetup, but I’ll also be wearing this for one day in Cardiff Anime and Gaming Convention when I’m off staffing duties.