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We’ve Gotta Get This Hotel Up To 88 Miles Per Hour

So here’s our last words on Kitacon 2015: Back to the Kitacon. A few pieces of news, some information that might be of interest to those who either weren’t there or missed bits. I’ll also go over some of my favourite moments in better detail because as you may have noticed, they were a bit rushed throughout the weekend.

Bear in mind too, that Kita is a convention for 18s and over, so parts of this article will be a little NSFW. And that’s where we’re going to start…  (more…)



Kitacon, Final Moments – Joel

Well, my Kitacon very nearly ended in a whimper, rather than the bang it deserved. During the day I began suffering with exhaustion and dehydration, and ended up leaving the Professor Elemental/Mr. B gig, combining my evening with sleep and water before emerging again at half midnight to find Tim getting a game of Cards Against Humanity together. I ended up finishing my convention experience dizzy, tired and sick but far more content at three in the morning. That’s the Kitacon spirit! Party until you drop, but stop somewhere short of medical attention. (more…)

Live from Kitacon – Joel, Day 2

I am writing this on my phone because I can’t be bothered to arrange anything easier. We have to pay for WiFi and I’m having none of it.

Day 2 has been awesome! The Q&A was a little tame because two of our guests arrive tomorrow, and as is always the way the voice actor Ashly Burch soaked up much of the questions, leaving the cosplay expert Naraku Brock to seize every opportunity to discuss her process and experiences. Still, they both entertained brilliantly and thanks to both of them for a really friendly chat.

The dealer room is as good (if not better) than last year. The centre aisle is filled with artists, and other stuff like DVDs, Manga, models, games, shirts ~breathe~ replicas, gear and whatnot have got decent spreads. Nothing is really dominating space as I’ve seen in the past, and I spent all my money!

Just… All the money…

Games, people, panels, Let’s Play of Borderlands, you guys are awesome, I have met so many new people, seen so many friendly faces, I feel like I never left.

Dissapointments: I cannot find anywhere quiet to run a role-play and record it! Tomorrow is looking too busy for me to squeeze it in and I already (foolishly) got people interested. To those of you who have heard about “The Plan”, my apologies, if I can’t do it tomorrow, ALcon is only a few weeks away.

Some bad news however. Last night the number of drink related emergency calls were excessive to say the least, and that was only the first party of a long weekend of parties. Please, keep the Con going, don’t jeopardise everyone else’s party by killing yourself! It’s 9:00 and already an ambulance has arrived.

Last thing before I go down to Rock Around the Clock and yell myself hoarse, if you’re here, come talk to us, we love you guys, this Con is awesome, and everyone have an epic last day.

Live From Kitacon – Joel, Day 1

The convention is just getting warmed up, and I’m on my way to the Karaoke so this shall be brief.

It is so good to be back in with the convention crowds, to be surrounded by like minded people, and I have no shame in admitting it’s even more awesome to have a press pass. Tim will be uploading the pictures we got from front of house during the opening ceremony in the place that was prepared for us. We felt like nerdy kings… In the company of somewhat larger press outlets.

As the name Back to the Kitacon suggests, the 80s are strong in the themes here, from the battery of film references in the opening video to the Crystal Maze style site-map (complete with animations).

Regulars on the convention circuit will be pleased to hear:

  • The Opening Ceremony started about 20 minutes late because…
  • There are already technical difficulties, from Chairman Phil (DJ Lastknight) messing about with the lights during the introductions and rules, to excessively loud speaker buzzing that sounded like Mothra trying to get some air-time.

So Kita is going smoothly.

Facilities for the con-goers at Birmingham Hilton have improved from last year. This year we have street food, a special menu being laid on by staff including nachos, burgers, hot dogs and Thai noodles. There’s also milkshakes of pretty much anything and cocktails (including some non-alcoholic, for those like myself).

Sure it’s junk but at least it’s being laid on special!

First panel attended, an almost complete list of anime pigs during which there were a great many pigs. Oh yes, just so very many pigs.

Tim has pictures, expect his first update this evening!

Talk to you tomorrow, gonna go sing until my face hurts!

Kita 2015 – We’re going Back to the Kitacon

Guess where we’re going to be in two weeks!

More to the point, guess where we will have just left. Kitacon marks my fifth convention, and second Kita and for the first time ever I will be carrying a press pass, so I will be looking to talk to everyone about anything! Myself and Tim will be packing Magic decks, I might bring another one-shot RP game for anyone interested in taking part in a podcast, but more to the point that’s IF we can squeeze it in between being very very busy… (more…)

Kitacon is approaching – Come say hi!

Yes, it’s now close enough to the time that Joel and myself travel across the land, searching far and wide for fellow geeks. We will be going back to Kitacon, which takes place in the Hilton Metropole, right next to the NEC. Here’s a look at what’s going down!

KitaconlogoThe guests this year are largely the same as last year. We’re going to have Professor Elemental giving another spectacular live performance, but as well as the very British professor, we’ve got his rival: Mr.B, the Gentleman Rhymer. Click here for an example of his music. Joel’s secured himself an interview with Professor Elemental, so hopefully we’ll be able to have a word with Mr.B as well. As well as the two musical guests, Kitacon is host to even more guests, such as voice actress and YouTuber Ashly Burch and the Cosplay guest Naraku Brock. With such varied guests at this years Kitacon, I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing what each of them have to bring to the event.

This year, Kitacon is supporting three amazing charities that you should go and look up if you’ve never heard of them before. Attitude is Everything, a charity that is looking to help improve deaf and disabled peoples access to live music by working closely with the music industry. Next up is Marie Curie Cancer Care, a charity group who support terminal ill patients pass on in either an environment they feel most comfortable in. Finally we have Special Effect, a charity made to support anyone have access to video games, regardless of their disability. They use video games not just for entertainment, but rehabilitation and boosting self-esteem. Click one of these images to be taken to the respective charities.

logo-specialeffect MarieCurieLogo attitude-logo

Whilst these conventions are always fun, they usually do work towards a good cause. I hope we can raise a lot of money for the three charities this year. As well as guests and charities, there will be the usual gaming rooms, one for traditional games and one for video games. There will also be a dealers hall, where people (like me), can splash out and buy as much geeky swag as they want. Finally, there’s a huge range of panels and of course, the famous Kitacon parties. Since I’ve now got my camera, expect to see some from the party videos!

I may or may not have trash talked Joel on Facebook. So we’re going to have to lay the smack down on one another, as we will be bringing our very best Magic: the Gathering decks. Last time we played against one another, I was triumphant. Many times. Joel, mark my words – Nothing will change. My deck will still trounce yours! But now that I’ve been so brash and bold, here’s where my decks just cannot perform against his. If you’re coming to Kitacon and you’re looking for some friendly competition, come bring your decks and play with us. Alternatively, I usually have a few decks, so we would gladly show you how to play!

Joel Learns

Last year, we made some brilliant friends thanks to the amazing Kitacon. It’s a convention that seems to bring together some really good people and it helped last year that EGX Rezzed (which I saw for myself this year), was literally right next door. Because of that, we bumped into Kim and Phil of 1001Up, so go check out their works if you get a chance. We also did a rather funky game of that terribly card game I cannot post results of on this website… Because we keep it PG here on GeekOut South-West. So there. We’re spoil sports.

Last time at Kitacon, we first met 1001Up

Last time at Kitacon, we first met 1001Up


With this in mind, Joel and I are going to be attending Kitacon for all three days. If you’re going to be at this awesome event, please come grab us – We’d love to just chat about whatever! Also, I am working on some masks currently which I plan to be taking to Kitacon. I’ll be giving some updates about the masks throughout the coming weeks, but I’ve got several different ones planned. So if you’re a fan of Assassination Classroom… Or you really like my Oskar mask… Keep your eyes peeled for future mask pictures along with the creation process and the likes. I’m excited to be able to work on these and I will be taking them to the Bring & Buy.

That’s it – Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little look at Kitacon in a nutshell for me. I’m excited to be going Back to the Kitacon and I hope all of you are excited to see this years festivities in quality much higher than my silly camera phone. I’ve not mentioned this before, but I’ve now got me a second hand laptop. This means I will be able to provide articles during the day time events too. I hope to share some awesome content throughout the days so keep your eyes peeled. Until next time – Leave us a comment!

Kitacon Registrations

On the build-up towards one of the most highly anticipated conventions in the UK convention scene today, Kitacon announced that they had to delay their scheduled registration date from the 1st of January at midday until the 8th of January at 6pm.

If you expected this to hold back the fans of Kitacon, Joel and myself included, then you would be wrong. You would be very wrong, indeed. We received a statement from Joseph from Kitacons’ committee with regards to the phenomenal turn around this year:



Happy New Year from Joel

Tomorrow I’ll be booking tickets to go to Kitacon. In the mean time, there is a great deal to be done.

There’s a lot I’ve unfortunately had to set aside over the christmas period that have gone on a list to achieve in the next few weeks, but putting that list together I’ve settled on a few other things that I’ve been putting off, neglecting, or completely forgetting over the last year. I’m not a man for new year’s resolutions, of the last two years I simply decided to be more awesome, turned out to be a surprisingly effective attitude to take, but now perhaps I ought to get a little more specific.


The Week In Geek – 17/11/14

This week we’ve had a much better week for news, I can tell you! From browsers making some interesting partnerships, to Valve becoming a lot tougher on their criteria for certain things, oh… also we talk about the return of a major UK convention that Joel and I adore. So come join us as we relive the Week in Geek!

The Week In Geek