Top 10 – Inspiring Leaders

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To be inspired; to be led by someone you can look up to. Sure, their goals might not be noble, their vision might be distorted, or they might literally have light shining out of their butts, it doesn’t matter. These are people that should be looked up to, whether or not they are actually an effective leader, or a good or a bad leader makes no difference to us. They inspire their people to the best of their abilities.

So join us as we count down our Top 10 inspiring leaders. This is going to be quite a hard fought list! Continue reading “Top 10 – Inspiring Leaders”

Top 10 – Tearjerker Moments

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We are caring people, and we have a nasty habit of getting over-invested in fictional characters, and their plight often becomes as dear to us as our own. When they suffer, do we not suffer? We explore the depths of our emotions with them as our guide, feeling their pain as keenly as we would our own, and when they die as all things must then we mourn them as profoundly as we would our flesh and blood.

In games, in anime, in film and television we find ourselves as easily brought to tears as we are by the struggles we encounter in our every day life, and those who have it far worse. So here we gather, once again, to elevate those moments to glory, our Top 10 tearjerking moments.

Have tissues to hand. Continue reading “Top 10 – Tearjerker Moments”

MCM Expo Telford

On the 14th, many of us not constraint by partners with bland and ordinary ideas on how to spend Valentines day together were in the Telford International Centre getting nerdy in our hundreds.

MCM is a huge market filled with games, memorabilia, art, replica swords, minis and action figures, and real Pocky (not this Mikado farce). There are stands to try demos of upcoming game releases, watch exclusive new film trailers, celebrity guests, and an arena for robots to bash the ever loving exhaust out of each other. This is the first MCM I’ve been to in a while, and it’s the first one I’ve seen where they’d opened two rooms for us. This was an absolute pleasure, the place was less cramped, flow was a little easier around stands, and I didn’t over heat within the first few minutes.

We arrived at around 11:30, by which point the queue was out of the building, over the road, and up to the far gate approaching the town centre. Oddly, in spite of the fact that it then took over an hour to get our tickets and get in, this wasn’t all that dull. I spent the time with Mike from Quotes from the Tabletop, and our friend and fellow ginger, James. We occupied ourselves collecting Mini-Avengers, and in spite of clocking better part of a Mini-Justice-League, I was disappointed to have not spotted a tiny Hulk.

Not pictured but also attending were Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf, and also Rob Maythorne, whose collected works can be found here, and whose own (far prettier) gallery of this years event can be found here.

Were you there? What did you see? Us? Surely not, else you would have said something. Come find us at conventions and expos. We want to meet you.