Who are Mayamada + Samurai Chef review

Mayamada are an awesome clothing company that have ventured into publishing and distributing their very own Manga comics! Come check out who Mayamada are and what they offer!

This past week, Joel and I took to Alcon 2014. It was 4 days of action packed fun and I can’t wait until next years’ Alcon. That’s right, you all know where I’m going to be in a years’ time now: Back to Alcon! I will also be attending several other conventions throughout the year, so do come grab me for a friendly, geeky chat!


During Alcon, we went through the dealers’ hall. I only went there on the Sunday and although there weren’t as many goodies to get through as Kitacon, there were still some stalls that were actively pushing their products. I almost walked out with a brand new bag, but I figured my bag had lasted me for nearly 10 years now and wasn’t looking weak. So I didn’t get a new bag… But instead: I found a wonderful stall from a company called Mayamada.

Mayamada sells geeky clothing, but the guys at Mayamada also worked on their own manga, called Samurai Chef. The story features a monkey who is a chef, but instead of cooking, he slices his competitions dishes down. The tougher the dish is to slice down, the higher the chef scores. The concept amused me greatly so I wanted to quickly share with you all some of the wonderful artwork and how you can get a hold of Samurai Chef for yourself!

Mayamada Logo

You can buy a copy of episode one of Samurai Chef from the Mayamada website and hey, perhaps they’ll have a stall at another convention sometime soon – I hope the guys at Mayamada keep in contact with us so we know when they’ll be at another convention that we’ll be at! You can also get a freebie from this link.

You can buy clothes featuring the zany characters of Samurai Chef, as well as some awesome beanie hats and accessories, so please do check them out. Heck, even their businesses cards were amazing – I’m oddly infatuated by their card. An air of professionalism that really helps the company!

Seriously, this card rocks!
Seriously, this card rocks!

The guys at Mayamada have been kind enough to share some of their art and pages with us!

Follow them at:

Mayamada’s Facebook page



Samurai Chef – Issue 1

In issue 1 of Samurai Chef, we see the Samurai Chef in a televised competition acting as the “judge”, as he cuts through the competitions dishes. The dishes get tougher and tougher throughout and some people from the different cooking schools think they can beat the Samurai Chef.

However he’s one tough monkey! He is constantly able to cut through the competition and gives them a grade. People seem more eager to beat the Samurai Chef than they are to beat one another as heck: this is still a competition! But the contestants are eagerly trying to beat the Samurai Chef.


The art style of Samurai Chef is very appealing, with all of the animal characters being incredibly easy to identify. The expressions are captured perfectly and you can see just by expression alone who is on what side and what purpose each character serves.

The story has been a little confusing at first, but it’s just the right level of “am I reading what I think I’m reading!?” Yes, you really are. This is about a monkey, who’s a master chef and who also happens to be a samurai. Yes: He cuts through the competitions food. It’s zany and it’s fun and there feels to be a big story building up.


See? I wasn’t kidding about him cutting through his oppositions dishes!

I’m enjoying this so far and issue 2 will be out soon enough. I’m excited by Mayamada’s works and I hope to be reading more of it soon. If Mayamada read this, good luck on your venture with Samurai Chef and let’s keep in touch about it!

A sneak peak for all you wonderful readers!
A sneak peak of issue 2 for all you wonderful readers!

What do you think of this story? Have you heard of Mayamada before? Let us know what you thought of this preview in the comments section!