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CSS: A Beginners’ Guide

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is one of the most important elements of the internet. Whilst HTML provides the barebones, CSS is the style of the website; the presentation and layout. CSS has a few other nifty features, such as custom styles for when an event happens. In today’s article, I look to show you how easily you can edit your WordPress site, or indeed any website, with your very own CSS code.


Beginner’s Cosplay Guide #3: Basic Cosplay Materials

Cut Worbla

Cosplay is a crazy craft; cosplayers all begin somewhere and the question is where? How does someone start cosplaying comfortably? Who can cosplay? What are the etiquettes behind cosplay and what does a cosplayer need to know? Can someone with an unsteady hand become a cosplayer? Can someone who has never sewn-up a hole create stunning works of art? What do you need to get started? In a series of mini-guides, I hope to quell some of these questions and more.


Review – Cosplay Basics by Yuki Takasou & Rumine

We’re a website that’s dedicated to bringing you all within geek culture. Now, we get to combine two of our favourite fandoms on this website in just one book. Cosplay Basics is a beginners guide to the world of Cosplay. But what can this book teach you and what is the intent? Stick by us as we delve into the brilliant world of Cosplay Basics.

But first, some information about the book!

Published 16/07/2015
ISBN 9781935548812
Illustrations Black and White
Binding Paper
Price £13.99


Magic: the Gathering Beginners’ Guide

Have you ever seen people sitting around in places, such as coffee shops/cafes playing these strange card games? Don’t you ever just think that they look peculiar playing these strange card games? You do? How dare you, I am one of these strange grown men with an affiliation of playing card games in coffee shops and cafes. In fact, come to think of it, I normally play these at places such as the local Starbucks (or in my case one of the other coffee shops that are jotted around Bristol, such as the Coffee King in Cribbs Causeway).

Whilst it’s all well and good that people like me will sit around and play these card games, if you’ve ever been swayed by them in the past then you’d realise they seem incredibly complex to get into. Especially the one we’re talking about today – Magic: the Gathering.

Garruk Gone bad