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Top 10 Hard to Describe Skills (that we will describe)

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You know, I can’t quite place my finger on it. I mean, I know what it looks like, but what is it exactly? Well, I mean, it’s like that time when you umm…

No wait, it’s like that thing that uhh…

… Wow, this Top 10 are full of skills that are really quite hard to describe. Today, we’re going to try and describe some skills that, really, do need a bit of explaining. They might not be the most complex of skills, nor necessarily the most powerful, but they are definitely hard to describe. (more…)

Top 10 Action Anime

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Everybody was kung-fu fighting; sometimes strikin’ with lightnin’; in fact demons are a lil’ bit frightenin’, ah yeah, but they gunned them down with expert timin’! I should stick to writing articles…


Top 10 Goofy Protagonists

We love being a little bit silly here on GeekOut, so because we’re in the spirit of the season, we thought we’d have a list that was equally as silly as the season itself. Wait a minute, that’s not right – Christmas is a time of love, good will and cheer. Ah well, for the most part the list we’ve comprised of features some silly characters who would spread some Christmas cheer.

Not all of them though. Just because you’re a little bit goofy doesn’t mean you’re always a happy go lucky kind of character. Goofy comes in many shapes and sizes, as you’ll see below! In this weeks’ Top 10, we’re counting down our favourite 10 Goofy Protagonists, whether they’re happy, slimy or simply silly. (more…)

Assassination Classroom

Recently, I was at Waterstones, just looking through all of the books that were available. As part of World Book Week, I thought to myself: Hey, no one said anything about reading manga during World Book Week! This manga has only recently (as of December 2014) came out to the UK, thanks to Viz Media. But how does this comic series stand out from other manga and is it worth reading?

First and foremost, as the title suggests, this is about a classroom for assassinations. Literally, they are teaching kids to become better assassins, in order to stop an alien who can travel at Mach 20. This alien is threatening to destroy Earth, but he doesn’t just want to destroy earth. The “loser” kids of class 3-E are the only ones who can know about this alien, along with the military. The alien has struck up a deal with the military – He won’t destroy the Earth until the loser kids of 3-E finish term.


Top 10 Crazies in Anime

GeekOut Top 10s

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In this weeks Top 10, we step away from gaming and move out to another subject of ours that we all enjoy – Anime!

But me and Joel couldn’t compile this list ourselves. It’s time to enlist the help of two friends of ours who also enjoy a great anime… Or ten! We’re joined today by Kevin and Dave. Dave’s written a piece for one of our Top 10‘s before, so do check out his post on Half Life’s alternate worlds. Kevin is well versed in anime, so check out his really cool favourite anime lists.

WARNING: People of a sensitive disposition is advised to use viewer discretion when looking through some of these… You have been warned.

Top 10

10) Mio – Nichijou! My Ordinary Life

Amusingly, one of the most insane characters in anime is a total representation of how some people think and react in the real world.

Mio is this blue haired girl who is an exceptionally great artist of manga art, making her a manga-ka. But she doesn’t want to share her work with the world. It wouldn’t be right to. After all, her manga artwork is quite personal to her…

… She draws Yaoi (Also known as Boys’ Love).Just watch the clip. What’s beautiful about this character is how simple this is. There are some artists who would react like this in their heads. In the real world, they wouldn’t attack people and goats over this.

I hope.

9) Envy – Fullmetal Alchemist


Yes, he is crazy.

What, so a guy who hates what all humans have isn’t crazy? He hates that humans can feel pity for a creature like him? He’s not mortal: He’s a homonculus who probably confused most teenage boys and girls with his androgynous looks. He can take the form of any character, learning what makes his victims tick and using it to his advantage.

Plus have you heard him laugh!? If that isn’t crazy, nothing is. He’s egotistical, sadistic and down-right sick. He’s smart and he’s witty. He’s almost perfect, if he wasn’t so envious of humanity.

8) Lina Inverse – Slayers

Lina is a dangerous cocktail. One of the most powerful sorcerers in the known world, a prodigy by all accounts, but with a short temper and a vindictive streak; get on her bad side and she’ll blast you to pieces, with little regard as to the consequences. Even as a hero, she’ll go overboard, using one of the most powerful black magic spells, Dragon Slave, to solve most situations. The spell will kill whatever she’s targeting…and destroy everything around her, including your town if that’s what she’s protecting. Don’t dare to call her flat chested and if you’re a dragon, make sure not to step over her, she’ll take your refusal to stomp her as an insult and then you’re screwed.

7) Don Patch – Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo

Okay, there isn’t a single sane character in this insanely Japanese humoured show but I chose Donpatch as the most insane character in the anime. Ha, I would say the most insane character in anime personally!

So Donpatch is this little sun-fellow. He and Bobobo often find themselves trying to “Wig Out’ one another, as well as their opponents. Together, Bobobo, Don Patch and crew can fuse together to become such ingenious beings, like the powerful(?!) PatchBobo. Don Patch however goes one step further than Bobobo does: He thinks he’s the real star of the show!

Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo stands at the top of the charts in terms of crazy anime, so therefore it was a simple decision to put a character from the series in our crazies in anime list. Why not the most self-obsessive and delusional of them all?

6) Father Alexander Anderson – Hellsing

So utterly consumed by his need to destroy those the catholic church dubs “unholy monsters,” Alexander Armstrong of the Order of Iscariot has become a monster himself, capable of untold and sickening abilities that make him beyond human, and yet he will not see his own hypocrisy. If only he would listen to his greatest nemesis, “Only humans can kill monsters.”

Now, delusional psychopathy and reckless abandon to the point of compromising his own ideals and principals would be enough to get the Judas Priest onto the list, but that laugh….

5) Ali Al-Saachez – Gundam 00

Ali isn’t a nice guy by any stretch of the imagination. He likes fighting and killing and thinks peace is a ridiculous concept. Before even making it into the plot, he’d already changed the lives of some of the protagonists, killing their families or in the case of protagonist Setsuna, turning him into a child soldier and then forcing him to kill his own parents. Ali fights for the highest bidder but will go out of his way to kill and commit any atrocity he can, only because it’s FUN.

4) Lucy – Elfen Lied

From Elfen Lied, Lucy is a diclonius girl who was shunned as a child and kept locked away in a science lab which would make anyone a little crazy. One day she manages to escape in what can only be described as a complete massacre of anyone that stood in her way. Unfortunately she is injured along the way bringing about her split personality called Nyuu (Named because it’s one of the only things she can say at the time).

Nyuu is the complete opposite to Lucy, she is almost childlike in her behaviour and needs looking after by Kouta after he finds her injured from her escape. Don’t let Nyuu’s personality fool you though, when she is feeling threatened she snaps straight back to being Lucy, who now has a serious grudge against humanity.

Lucy is certainly not someone you want to be on the bad side of. Throughout the series she shows a complete lack of empathy towards people and will often severe limbs or blind her enemies and just leave them to die. And to make things worse she is aided by having razor sharp invisible extra arms called vectors that come with being a diclonius.

3) Kogarashi – Kamen no Maid Guy


Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed as a French maid. If that doesn’t sound crazy enough for you then how about this: as a Maid Guy he has a variety of powers ranging from levitation to desiccating things with his bare hands and having 37 senses. But it’s not the powers that make him part of our list, but his complete disregard for personal space, secrecy, privacy and social norm. He will serve you and protect you, but will do so going to such extreme lengths you’ll probably die anyway. Poor Naeka has to deal with him publicly assessing her measurements, waking her up with a hose and cold water and even come to her school and reveal her darkest secrets.

2) Yuno Gasai – Mirai Nikki

She may not be the main character of Mirai Nikki But she’s what makes it awesome and of course she had to be high on the list of crazies!

As soon as Yuki joins the future diary competition he becomes the target of almost all the other competitors, this is something that Yuno cannot allow. Yuno is the stalker to shame all stalkers, fanatically infatuated by Yuki to the point where her future diaries secret power is knowing everything that is happening to him. She will do anything she can to protect Yuki and make him love her, no matter who she has to kill or what danger she has to put herself in.

From the second she reveals she is part of the competition you can tell Yuno is going to be a crazy character and she certainly doesn’t disappoint. Every episode you see a little more of Yuno and every episode she seems to get a little (Or a lot) crazier. You really have to watch to see for yourself just how nuts she can get.

1) Excalibur – Soul Eater

For those of you unaware, in Soul Eater, weapons take human (or at least humanoid) form because at one time they were – in fact – people. Of course legendary weapons such as the Reaper’s Scythe and Excalibur are people too, but the latter… Well, look:

There is just no connection to reality, or other people! I’d also like to mention that the English and Japanese voice both perfectly capture his level of… insanity. No words can be put to him, and that, I think makes him particularly noteworthy, and deserving of our number one spot in our top ten.

Honourable Mentions

We need to show the world the craziest characters in anime, but these two really aren’t far off the mark in our opinions! They deserve the mention as they are both slightly oddballed!

Well, one isn’t an easy one to mention at all, as one isn’t one what-so-ever! Still, check out our two choices for honourable mentions for craziest characters in anime.

The whole cast of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

No one Higurashi character can go on the list without including all of the others! The series retells the tale of a group of village-school students succumbing to a mysterious insanity that drives them to kill remorselessly and, at times, creatively! Kidnap, torture, mind control, aggressive bludgeonings, and rivers of blood! Not your average day at school.

The school of slaughter makes it into our honours list because they are no single individual, and the actual crazy-person changes with each resetting of the story, but when you’re talking insanity and anime, there was no way I was leaving them out.

Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass

Lelouch is the exiled prince of Britannia, a world super power that has conquered Japan and stripped its citizens of their rights. Lelouch is determined to find out who killed his mother and make a better world for his injured sister Nunnally. One day while he stumbles into the middle of a terrorist attack Lelouch meets a strange girl who offers him the power known as Geass. This new power lets him give one command to anyone he has eye contact with to do as he says.

As a brilliant strategist Lelouch takes no time to start using to get his dream of a better future and joins the rebellion against the Britannian empire. Lelouch gets an honorary mention in this top ten for his unwavering commitment to his goals and his complete disregard for the lives of everyone around him, seeing them as merely pawns in the bigger game of the rebellion.


Thanks goes to our good friends Kevin from The Mental Attic and 1001-Up and one of our personal close friends Dave, who joined us as one of our earliest Top 10 guests!

We thought these characters were pretty crazy but we realise we’ve missed a shed-load of crazy anime characters. Why not let us know who your personal craziest anime characters are and join in the debate: Did we number our crazies well? We went with the same idea as we did in our Top 10 Craziest Characters in Gaming post, where “just because you’re a psycho, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re also crazy“. Our distinction was that psychopaths could be hell-bent on revenge for a cause: but if they are also into licking windows, then they are basically crazy.

Join us again next time for another exciting Top 10!

Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo

Bobo what?

This series is a mouthful to say, along with an eyeful to watch. Not that this is a bad thing.

Having the plug pulled in Japan for being too weird (Please, someone confirm this for me!) after 70+ episodes, you have to ask, how weird is too weird and how viewable is it? Allow me to introduce Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo and how I, actually enjoyed it.

Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo is just all out weird. I usually explain this series by saying “Within the first ten episodes, you see a guy who has the best blonde afro ever fight with nose hair attacks, he asks one of his faithful sidekicks in a slightly later episode to carry him on a big ol’ platter as he wants to know what it feels like to be a burger… You see the intro is full of things such as a man made of jelly and a man with a whipped strawberry ice-cream head (Or “pink poo” as some people tell me his head looks like)… You know you’re in for a long night when describing this anime. This is exactly why I want to describe this to you all. I love a challenge and to open minds to something new.


Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo is primarily an anime with a very simple back story: Tsar Baldy Bald the Fourth wants to take everyone’s hair. Rebels, including Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo, is fighting for hair everywhere. That’s the most basic premise of this story available. There’s a lot more to it, but basically the story is easily forgotten from time to time.

There’s a narrator (who is definitely my number 3 in the series for his rather silly comments) who can remind you exactly what’s supposed to be going on. With “fusion” characters, vehicles, ridiculous journeys across even more ridiculous lands, this is a show and story not for a serious view. I blasted my way through this series, just so I could see how it ends. With this being said: There are moments where I lost interest momentarily.

The story follows and continues nicely each and every episode, but sometimes the episodes feel like they side-track so heavily, that when it remembers “Oh, right, the  main story”, it is hard to remember how the story got side-tracked to begin with! Thankfully, a memorable cast of characters makes up for this.


This is a hard one to deal with in Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo, as the art isn’t extraordinary.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

The cast of Bobobo in a typical day.

With this being said, there’s nothing wrong with the art either. It’s nice, but nothing that will make you go “Wow”. Well animated, well drawn but the best feature of the art of this show to me is the exceptional character designs which shines through. Every characters personality shines through with their design and facial expressions. That’s what makes the art of this series so good.

General Jelly Jiggler

Oh Jelly Jiggler, don’t be so surprised!


As with nearly all anime, great opening theme, but other than that, most music was forgettable I’m afraid to say.

But that opening sums up the anime very nicely. This is a fast paced, wacky, zany show. I’m all for it.

Overall then?

This is a fun show, albeit very childish in humour. I love the idea, be it true or myth, that the next season (Which would have been inevitable with the way the last episode finishes) was scrapped as it was “too weird”. If this is not true, please correct me in the comments below, but darn, what a story that’d be!

This series gets 4/5 from me.

This isn’t comedy gold. This is pure silly slapstick and if you don’t like it, you’ll know very quickly. This series is great fun, but only if you allow it to be a fun series. Be forewarned readers, if you venture into this, this is anime Marmite. I know people love it because of how stupid and over the top it is. I also know people who hate it for that exact same reason. The characters are endearing, however. The only character I wasn’t a big fan of, was OVER… But his alter ego, Torpedo-Girl, is sure to… Hit the mark. Oh gosh, she’s going to get me for that one.


Torpedo-Girl, she's a torpedo.

You’re cool though, Torpedo-Girl. Please don’t hit me, I’ll try not to make any more jokes around you.