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Top 10 – Forgotten Memes

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Memes – They’re the reason a lot of things happen on the internet these days. From the adorably funny Doge meme which created the DogeCoin, to the legend of the Numa Numa man, memes have come and gone over the years. We look back at some of our favourite memes that were not only fun when they were around, but we’ve actually come to forget about them in general.

This list isn’t to say that nobody remembers these memes, that’s far from the truth. A lot of these memes will be remembered always – However, the majority of the people who were on the internet probably saw this, laughed about it and promptly forgot about it. Join us in our nostalgic fuelled Top 10 of internet frenzy. (more…)

Top 10 – Weird YouTube Videos

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The real beauty of the internet is the power to upload whatever you like, no matter how low the quality, how niche the target market, or how weird, and weird is exactly where the internet went. Dark, outlandish, wacky, surreal, eccentric, or just completely outside of the normal, we’ve seen it all and yet we can’t help but feel there’s still more to come. Weird is getting less and less weird to us and yet we still keep finding new and interesting ways to creep each other out or make us stop for just a moment so that our brains can catch up to what we’ve just seen.

YouTube is a one of the most inundated platforms for human oddness, and we’ve gone through some of the finer examples that fulfil various categories of weirdness BUT we’re trying to keep a tight lid on our family-friendly content, so any weirdness with too much nudity, bad language or gore… well, up to a point, we can’t get too tame in this category, so be prepared for things to get a little messy. (more…)