On Your Left – The Importance of Falcon in the MCU

With the recent news of Sony’s reclaiming Spider-Man I feel like anything I write on the subject of the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now will feel increasingly post-mortem, but there’s nothing wrong with the odd retrospective.

I don’t know why I found myself dwelling on the character of Sam Wilson, but his introduction in The Winter Soldier I found to be one of the most important moments in the MCU. The ninth film, six years after the advent of the series, and up until that moment we were missing several profound elements that Falcon brings to the table especially in his introductory scene. Continue reading “On Your Left – The Importance of Falcon in the MCU”

Super Films

Not all super-powered people are heroes, nor do they always jump out of the comics to make it to the big screen. Some of my favourite super-films and series are not based on the classic comics, and these are a gateway into a world of literature and graphic novels that’ll take you way off the beaten path. Marvel has gone blockbuster, and DC – bless them – keep trying, so lets take a look at a couple of the off-brand supers. Continue reading “Super Films”


While I take some time to build up a backlog of DMing 101 ideas, I wanted to discuss one of my other great loves, films! Plenty of people on the internet talk about films, more than enough, but there are a lot of films out there that don’t get the love that they deserve. For one reason or another they fade into obscurity, or do not gain the international releases that they should.

These, however, are the days of digital distribution and regional blu-rays on Amazon, so let us not neglect fantastic films when they are made, just because copyright law and regionality are trying to kill the art form! So while I come up with a decent title for this new film awareness series, let me get it started with a new favourite of mine, Snowpiercer! Continue reading “Snowpiercer”