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Geeky Comedy on YouTube

Now, we’re all familiar with the likes of Funny Or Die, and College Humour – who started doing D&D games online last year, Brendan’s a decent DM – and before I even start I can tell you that you almost certainly recognise a name or two from the short list below. YouTube has been a great space for comedy acts to get their ideas out there and appeal to a unique sense of humour that might not have reached a mainstream audience without it, and maybe that’s because network executives don’t understand, or maybe it’s that certain niche markets can’t get comedy that appeals to them any other way.

Here are some of my favourites, some of the geekier comedy groups and lesser known sketch channels that deserve a few more views… more accurately I want more people to know them so that I can reference their sketches in conversation, so help me I just want to share the joke!

And be forewarned, there are a lot of YouTube links here. Get ready to fill up your Watch Later list. (more…)

Top 10 – Governing Bodies

GeekOut Top 10s

While freedom is a noble thing to strive for, it is a matter for philosophers to debate whether we can truly be free without a force to control our actions. With so much to organise within a society it’s a full time job just to keep it all together, and it’s not a job for one person, no matter how much a tyrant might proclaim divine right or absolute power.

Join us dear readers, as we explore some of the greatest, geekiest examples of governments and governing bodies, from the courts of kings to the elected councils and the self appointed committees, and a few in between. Welcome to the Top 10 Governing Bodies. (more…)

Top 10 – Gratuitously Violent Characters

GeekOut Top 10s

It’s grisly, it’s over the top, it’s explosive, it’s gory and frankly it’s unnecessary. We love it! When a character’s heights of violence have become so visceral and excessive that it’s borderline funny in how exaggerated it is, then the character becomes something truly and ridiculously memorable.

Grab yourself a mallet and a big bag of dynamite, and join us in a blood party of epic and stupid proportions as we count down through our Top 10 of gratuitously violent characters, but be forewarned because while we try and keep things civil around here the characters listed do not. Some of the content may be bloody, brutal, and even unpleasant.

Don’tcha just love it! (more…)

Rewriting History

On Sunday, Tim discussed world building from a far more broad perspective than I did in my article DMing 101 – World Building. By and large we have looked at these things from the perspective of creating new worlds, fantastical, fictional, completely fabricated, when in fact we have our own rather stunningly rich history filled with incredibly weird and wonderful characters, places of incredible natural beauty, and complexities beyond comprehension. Many of the worlds we create heavily draw from the real world for inspiration for that exact reason.

I’m not a fan of reality, that’s why I play in fantasy worlds and devise new marvels, wonders and weave such rich tales as I am able, it’s escapism, a break from a world that annoys me, but sometimes you really have to sit back and acknowledge that there are parts worth looking into. If you – like me – simply cannot bear reality as it stands there are ways of making it more enjoyable with only a few little tweaks. (more…)