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Returning To Games You’ve Not Played In A While

Years ago, you played a game and you loved it. It was arguably the only game you spoke about during that time. Perhaps you were massive in Overwatch when that first came out, but now have drifted away? What about Magic: the Gathering Arena? Minecraft, anybody? Ultimately, you were really into that game for a long time and you’ve sinced moved on. Something’s happened and now you find yourself booting the game back up. Video games are pretty fluid like that; one moment you can be sick to death of a game and another day, you want a rush of nostalgia to hit you again. This has happened to me recently and I have a few thoughts on the process behind it.


Top 10 – Fan Created Products

GeekOut Top 10s

You may be wondering how much content genuinely has been made by fans that we wanted to make a list about and the truth is – There’s a lot. We could get specific by saying best “fanart”, or best “fanfic”, or even best “fan made game”… But the truth is, there’s a lot of great content out there by crazy talented individuals. This week, we dedicate it to the fans who make their mark on the world, by taking something they enjoy and running wild with it.


The One Liner Challenge

The One Liner Challenge is a blog challenge set up by The Awkward Book Blogger, which actually is a little bit different. Instead of answering questions about yourselves, as a blogger, you try to make one-liners, either funny or as a summary of at least five books, manga, anime or games. I’m not huge on these blog games, but considering the types of articles we write here at GeekOut South-West, I thought it was a rather good idea. So for once, I’m taking part in a blogger challenge – and this is going to be a lot of fun.


Clone Hero: A Story About Plastic Guitars

In the midst of the 00’s, the gaming world gained one of the most popular, iconic rhythm games of all time. Of course, I’m on about Guitar Hero, a title which is synonymous with clunky plastic guitars. The games were fast paced, sometimes overly difficult on some songs; I’m looking at you, Through The Fire And The Flames. But even though the franchise as more or less fizzled out, with the last instalment deviating completely from the norm, some people wanted to see the once mega-star of rythm games rise from the grave. So along came Frets on Fire! But since then we’ve had more and more titles to help people repurpose those plastic guitars once more. Today, I’d like to take a moment to talk about how much I’ve enjoyed Clone Hero.