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Video Game Review – Killing Floor 2

Wanna get chased around by Zombies on a series of different maps? Thought Killing Floor 1 was too tough for you? Well Killing Floor 2 is here, but it’s no easier! Grab some friends, buy some guns from the trader and get ready for the next wave, as we’re looking towards the last wave, to fight any boss that comes our way – But how does this compare to its predecessor? Our full review is here!


Board Game Review: Welcome to the Dungeon

Welcome to the Dungeon logo

Co-operative to a point, Welcome to the Dungeon is a game about deceit and peril for one unlucky adventurer. But everyone who plays this game is the same hero, as you all vie to psyche one another out and enter the Dungeon. Timlah investigates one of the most recent additions to our collection of games.


Top 10 Bad Decisions in Games

Don’t judge me now. You’ve done it and I’ve done it, we’ve all done it, no matter how good or how bad we think we are at any game, we’ve done it. We’ve made a horrendously bad decision which has caused mass destruction, ended entire campaigns, caused things to just generally go wrong or even break the whole damn game itself. We’ve done it, so don’t delude yourself otherwise.

Oh what, you think I’m wrong here? You think this is a joke and that you’ve never made a bad decision in a game? Well I’m here to prove to you that bad decisions are rife in gaming and that you’ve likely made some of these too… Providing you’ve played the relevant games, naturally. So buckle up, this one’s a train wreck of a list, this is our Top 10 Bad Decisions In Games. For the record, these aren’t all going to be about specific games, but often the choices you make within games. A lot of these will apply to you.


Fathom Bristol – Live Immersive Room Escape Experience

Immersive live experiences are a form of entertainment where you get to be part of the action. Whether it’s paint balling, laser quest or something more extreme like zombie hunting, this is a lucrative market with much to do. I’ve actually been on a zombie experience and found it to be an exhilarating rush. Whilst it was a lot of fun to take part in that, a small bit of me has wanted to work through a series of puzzles in a live, interactive environment.

Lo and behold, a venue called Fathom Escape has appeared to solve this problem! I was lucky enough to be able to reach out to the owner of Fathom Escape, where I asked him some questions about the event, what players can expect and how it compares to other live experiences. Be prepared to use your intellect, rather than your reflexes, as you try to escape the room.