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Kickstarter Highlight – IS IT A PLANE!?

I’ve expressed an interest in diceless role-playing games for a few years now, but I’ve yet to be involved in a game that is completely without some influence of chance, even the odd playing card based game which wasn’t wholly without dice. Is It A Plane!? by Psychic Cactus Games is something rather different… actually something very different. Now funding on Kickstarter is a role-play about interpretation, and is going to be a must have for those who are quick on the draw. (more…)


Interview with Little Nando

Sometimes you just want to read a good manga which is all about time-travel. Other times, you want to read a good manga about lawyers going at it. What about combining both of these to create a whole new manga? Well, somebody who goes by the name Little Nando already has. Let’s take a look at his manga-influenced comic book, Silvertongue 30XX.

Interview with Little Nando

Creating a comic in this day and age has gotten easier in the creation aspect, from the invention of the internet to the technology we can use. However, it’s getting harder to get recognised out there. Little Nando took the initiative to send me an e-mail, sending a copy of his manga and I read through it. I’m happy to announce I loved every second of his awesome story! As such, I wanted to share some of the awesome artwork and an incredibly enthusiastic interview I had with him.