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Top 10 – Elephants

GeekOut Top 10s

Bah, we’ve been doing these Top 10’s for years – For peanuts. Nevermind, if it can make these giant gentle beasties happy, then I’m sure these peanuts must be delicious. Don’t take this out of context, because today we’re going to be celebrating the huge, floppy-eared creatures with their trunks and tusks. So buckle up, we’re in for a rampage through our Top 10 Elephants.

Please note, Mammoths count, they’re in the same family. We never said “Elephants” had to be limited to Elephants, but their whole family definitely should be on the list. (more…)

Rick & Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons

Funny how something labelled as a “versus” really shows great coordination between both sides.

That’s basically the whole story here, if you like Dungeons & Dragons & Rick & Morty… then it’s a good comic, as one would expect from a story penned by Patrick Rothfuss, fantasy author and famed D&D player with the PAX team, occasional guest star on Critical Role, and he’s a standy-up DM like me. Jim Zub co-penned the piece and has a back-catalogue of D&D comics under his belt. (more…)

Hidden Bath Geek Gems

Bath is a city that is so close to Bristol and yet in the three years that I have lived in Bristol, I have only been there a few times. I decided to go and explore the city in search of a good destination for geekery and after some searching, I found such a destination. So, I persuaded Nathan from LevelUp to come along with me on a miniature adventure.

GeekOut Bristol Meet – May 12th: Timey-Wimey Doctors

GeekOut Cosplay Competition 1302 23

18+ Event

Jump into your TARDIS and make your way to May’s GeekOut Bristol Meet, where we get all timey-wimey with the good doctors of Bristol! This month will be filled with dangerous Daleks, Cruel Cybermen and some curiously fine scarves! Join us for another 10 hour long event (exclusing our 2 hour pre-meetup), where we’re going to enjoy some good food and drink, followed by some excellent games and geeky conversations.


Review – Rat Queens (Vol. 1-3)

Let us begin with a disclaimer:

The nature of this comic and any links included herein are NSFW

With that out of the way, allow me to invite you all to sink your teeth into an ongoing favourite of mine, albeit one that’s still in its relative infancy. Rat Queens is a comic book series that follows the journey of the titular adventuring party through a world of fantasy, excitement, magic, war, sex, drugs and bardic music. The first issue published under Image Comics in 2013, so this review may be a little late in the game, but the third volume was released a few days ago and it is incredible. (more…)

Top 10 Clowns & Jesters

Shaco the Demon Jester

Top10 Banner

Roll up, roll up! Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s my astute honour that today we’re inviting you into our fine tent to show you a menagerie of mind-boggling clowns and jesters, all for your entertainment. Some of these are naughty, some are nice, but if you’ve got Coulrophobia then this might not be the Top 10 for you.


Comics: Silvertongue Issue 2 Review

Last year, we reviewed a comic called Silvertongue – It was a really fun read, so I implore you to go and check out our review from last year ASAP. This year however, the creator of the comic Fernando, has come back to me with Issue 2. Does the second issue meet the expectations set from the first? Join Timlah as he reviews this indie comic!


Old Websites on the New Web

Have you ever sat there, read through a website and thought “my god, that’s an old/bad looking page”? But why aren’t these old sites updated to look more modern? Today’s topic is a discussion on old vs new in internet technology.


Vigor Mortis – Comic Review & Interviews

Ever felt like the cold grasp of death was something that could only be delivered by those whom were already dead? Then you’re probably going to like this wonderful web comic by the name of Vigor Mortis. Join Timlah as we speak to Ella and Jennie, the writer and artist, as well as a review!


Crownroot Publishing

Publishing is hard to get into, especially for brand new artists who are looking to have their first proper shot at getting seen. But could there be a new way for artists to be seen, for comics to be read, for writers to be exposed to the world and media to be consumed.

Bristol and Cardiff Anime and Gaming Conventions are now both over and there was a lot of cross-over between the two. One of the crossovers was within the guests, where some of the guests from Cardiff were also a guest at Bristols event. They are Crownroot Publishing, a small group who are bringing small artists, comic artists, writers and more together to bring about magazines to those who want to get their voice out there.


It’s a great premise too. They will publish peoples works for free. In return, these aspiring comic artists and writers get their pieces seen by many. It’s a great cause and I’m glad to know that a publication such as these guys exist. They wandered around the convention and for just £5, I was able to get a hold of a brilliant array of artists and writers stuff. It was a great read and there are some truly talented artists and writers with Crownroot!

This piece was simply just to highlight the work they do – I’ve yet to find them on Twitter and Facebook, but once I know more information, I’m sure we’ll be able to share more information about their services.