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Reload, Relive, Replay – New Gaming Event in Bristol March 30th-31st

2018 has already been eventful and it looks as if there’s another contender on the market. At the end of March 2018, there is going to be a transformation taking place in the heart of the centre of Bristol, inside of the Bristol Hippodrome Theatre. The theatre will be turning into a gaming hub for the first time!

Sounds good? Read on for info on what the event’s about, how to get there along with parking information and more.


No Man’s Sky – What Is It?

Have you been looking forward to No Man’s Sky? I have been and in this article, I’ll tell you why: Is this a game you should buy or is it one you should just have a watch on YouTube for? Join Timlah through a discussion on the highs and the lows of the sky; the No Man’s Sky that is!


Mega Man

With all of the posts I’ve made about my next cosplay costume which has made very little progress this week (I was incredibly unwell at the time, oh woe is me), I thought I’d spend this time talking about the character behind the costume and have a quick look through the various franchises, looks and different media of Mega Man. It’s time to grab your Mega Buster and bust some robot masters!

whether you know him as Mega Man or Rock Man, there’s no denying this mega robots place in the history of gaming!

Mega Man (main series)

Starting at the beginning, the infamous bad-box art Mega Man. The original game of the blue bomber was a major hit, but it wasn’t until Mega Man 2 did these series of games truly hit their stride. Mega Man is now an iconic video game character, even though many fans seem to argue that he hasn’t been given enough love and attention as of late.

These original games were action platformers, with you controlling Mega Man himself to defeat 8 Robot Masters (usually), before taking on the big bad boss at the end (usually Doctor Wily). Jokingly, fans and detractors of the series alike mock Mega Man for the amount of times he has believed that Doctor Wily wasn’t involved in the schemes to kill him. I mean there are always Robot Masters involved for one!

Mega Man X

Developed by Capcom, the same makers as the original Mega Man series, this series was a little different to the original games. In this, robots (Called Reploids) and humans lived in relative harmony.

Because of how advanced these reploids were, some of them were prone to going rogue (Becoming Mavericks). This game series used much more advanced hardware and these games are high intensity action. You follow Mega Man X and his partner, Zero, as they bring the Maverick group Sigma to justice.

Mega Man Battle Network / Anime

Very different series and followed the story of Mega Man and his human friend Lan Hikari, as they go about different networks , fighting off powerful viruses instead of robots. There was an anime of this version called Mega Man NT Warrior.

These are super cheesy, which is probably why these are my favourite Mega Man games other than the classic Mega Man games. This series of games are RPGs, which is completely different to the standard action platformer that we’re accustomed to. Worth checking out if you are a fan of handheld games.

He has had his shares of ups and downs over the years, but each part of the Mega Man multiverse is unique in it’s own way. I personally loved the classic games and the Battle Network ones, as they were so different to one another and followed two different timelines. It’s arguable that these aren’t even the same characters, although we always end up seeing familiar faces.

What’s your favourite Mega Man franchise? As always, comments below, on Twitter or on Facebook. We’ll see you all soon!