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Kitacon Quest 2017 – Cosplay Masquerade Gallery

WARNING: This article is image heavy.

We love to focus on the amazing work of the geek community – So when we were given a chance to sit near the front of the Masquerade, I knew I had no choice but to say “Let’s do this”! We’re here to celebrate the amazing work behind the huge community, where I took pictures of as many people as possible who entered themselves into the Masquerade. Come have a look and enjoy the artsy craftmanship of these talented geeks.



Kitacon Karnival – April 1st to April 3rd


Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls of all ages, gather round for an exquisite spectacle of curiosities and courageousness on the centre stage. We’re pleased to welcome you all to read on about the upcoming Kitacon Karnival!


Kitacon, A Summary

Back To The Kitacon has been a fantastic experience, rivalling Kitacon 2015. From the wonderful world of anime to the creative cosplayers roaming the halls of the Hilton Metropole, even a trip down to the video games room. Yes, Kitacon 2016 had it all and now it’s all over for another year. Well, not quite. We’ll get onto that later in this article, but for now, let me summarise and recap all that happened and why YOU should go to this event next year.


Live from Kitacon – Timlah, Day 2

Most of the photography of day 2 went to the Cosplay Masquerade/Cosplay Competition… And you’ll notice there was a distinct lack of article from myself about day 2. Don’t panic! We have actually uploaded all of the photos over on Facebook as there were so many of them (!!!!142!!!!) and I really didn’t want to ruin the quality of the photos.


Kitacon – What Timlah’s Looking Forward To

Ah yes, it was last year that I was introduced to the hilarious antics of Kitacon. This year however, Joel and I will be attending the convention as members of press. We’ve checked out our hotels, we’ve seen the schedule of activities and we’ve been following the Facebook and Twitter feeds closely. Today, I’m going to look through the events that excite me the most and perhaps you’ll join in with my excitement!

This marks my tenth convention since I started attending conventions in 2013. Those who don’t know the history of this site may be surprised that the very first convention I went to was the motivation for making GeekOut South-West. The community was such a diverse, embracing spirit that I knew I needed future fixes of convention goodness, as well as an escape from the monotony of life when I’m back in Bristol, through the working weeks. Basically, without attending conventions, I’d probably still be working towards a career. Umm…



Getting there

This’ll seem like a really bizarre thing to actually look forward to, but I’m really excited about travelling to the convention. There’s something so pleasing about leaving your home, with your bags and your costumes in hand, then making that long journey to wherever your convention is. I’m driving to this convention, as I drive to many of them, with my friend and fellow Kitacon goer Dave who has helped us write on our Top 10’s in the past.

I’ll be leaving my house at around 7am so we can get there nice and early. Dave is looking to play a few games of Magic: the Gathering with me whilst we wait, so it’ll be a good way to refine our decks and how we play as we wait for the event to start. This time, we’re not going to be about 2 hours later than expected. We’re going to be at the event way before it starts so we can get our passes and get the event off to a great start (including Joel and I having to sign the waiver to explain we’re acting as press).

Make, Code, Glow: Microcontrollers 101

Something about making things glow is just damn fascinating to me. Whether it’s rather simple programming that does it, such as the little LED USB connected microcontroller we backed on Kickstarter, mBuino, or it’s a full scale Arduino board – Whatever it is, it’s fun and it’s exciting. It’s time to light ’em up!


Opening Ceremony

Yes, the opening ceremony of a convention is really a rite of passage. If you don’t sit through one of these, you lose a fair bit of context for what’s going down at the convention. From Charity Auctions, to Cosplay Competitions and even the Video Game Competitions, the opening ceremony covers them all. It also introduces you to the guests for the convention and allows you to just have a bit of a laugh from the very start of the event.

Quantum [BLEEP]

I’m taking part in Quantum [BLEEP] so I’m excited to see what this is all about. It’s going to be an improvised RPG session – But that’s about as much as I know about it. I’m excited to play the game and find out what mysteries are in store! Hosted by the brilliant Mr Purple who attends many of the UK’s conventions, Joel and I are looking forward to this introduction to Kitacon 2015.


Prop Making For Beginners

Okay, so I’ve made a scythe. It’s not great, but it’s a scythe. I’ve also made a large mask. It’s not great, but it’s a large mask. I’m hoping that by attending this panel, there’s going to be a few tips and tricks I can pick up to make prop making easier and all around better.

Cosplay Masquerade


Who doesn’t love to watch all of the wonderful costumes come to the stage and show their stuff? It’s part of what makes these conventions so damn fun to go to. The effort a lot of people put into their costumes is simply staggering. More than I can ever say for my costumes! Still, I’m hoping to check this out!

Dealers Hall

Another great element of conventions are the awesome selection of dealers you get access to. It usually works out cheaper to buy things at conventions than it does in the shops, as it’s a chance for the dealers to showcase themselves. Perhaps one day, we’ll be able to set up in a Dealers Hall for ourselves? Hey, take note Joel!


Speed Cosplay


Build a cosplay costume in a short amount of time, using limited resources? Sounds like my idea of heaven! I’m all about making cheap and easy costumes and on Sunday, I’ll be running around as Oskar! Muwahaha, let’s see if I can make something great in a short amount of time!

These Boots Were Made For Walking OR Intro To Mold Making

Both of these panels are taking place at the same time, so I’d ideally like to go to one of them… I’m just uncertain as to which one I should attend! Both would be incredibly useful for me, but we’ll see when I get there, I guess..!

Kita’s Got Talent?!/Closing Ceremony


Who doesn’t love a good talent competition? These are usually great fun events and I remember some of the skits fondly from last year. I wonder if there’ll be anyone who can truly take everyone’s breaths away like last year?

This then leads into the very sad closing ceremony, when it’s all over and it’s time to wind down the activities. Having seen what goes on behind the scenes after a closing ceremony, I can tell you now that the staff will be working their behinds off during and after this to make sure everything gets packed away properly. Not all events close after this mind, as we’ll then be led into…

Professor Elemental and Mr. B live set


I think enough said here, Professor Elemental makes his return and Mr. B makes his debut at Kitacon. I’m hoping for a jolly good rap off between these two gents of ‘chap hop’! Bitter rivals, yet also great friends, these two will put on one hell of a show!


And of course the most important things to Kitacon – The parties and the people! Also, this year, Karaoke! Hopefully Joel and I will be hitting up the Karaoke and embarrassing ourselves. If it happens, expect a bonus video to be recorded of my ‘particularly drunk antics‘ here on GeekOut… or Joel’s so say masterful singing. I think I can see the glass shattering now.

That’s it. That’s what I’m looking forward to most at this years’ Kitacon. I’m really looking forward to it and it’s only 3 working days left as of the time of writing this. Hopefully you’ll not mind seeing all of the posts we do during the event, as we’re all eager for it. My body is ready, my wallet is not… and my cosplays… Well, there’s still time! Buckle up everyone, it’s time to go Back to the Kitacon!

Bristol Comic Expo

So the next event we will be attending a GeekOut session for is the Bristol Comic Expo. Here’s quick run down of what’s going to happen at Bristol Comic Expo and why I’m really looking forward to it!

Bristol Comic Expo is a mere £10 entry for the whole of Saturday. Spanning across two days, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th (For £16.00 for the two days), Bristol Comic Expo is looking to incorporate different elements of geekdom under one roof. Honestly, this is set to be an excellent event!

You can buy your tickets from here. If you intend to come along to this, please note, it is an online pre-booking event only.

What is there to do?

There is going to be a live performance by Professor Elemental who was phenomenal at Kitacon.

A lovely portrait for the professor. He’s pretty British.

Along with this, there will be a vast array of comics to browse and lots of great merchandise (or swag as I like to call it) to pick up and get through.

Then, for the gamers who are attending the event, there are some video game areas where hopefully there will be little tournaments of kinds held and there is going to be a Magic: the Gathering room. I might have to take some of my cards with me!

Disclaimer: This is not one of my cards.

Finally, there is also a section for the cosplayers of the world.

There is a cosplay masquerade on the Saturday, which should be fun! I hope to be in costume for the event. If I can’t finish one of my newest costumes in time (It’s almost finished, folks! There will be pictures and a breakdown of how I did it soon), then I will go as Edward Elric once more. I’d better brush the wig, as I decided to go headbanging with Ed’s hair on the last night of Kitacon. Long story short, it’s pretty knotted!

So please feel free to join us if you’re in or around Bristol on this day. We’re going to then go for some drinks once the event is over, but the location of this is still undecided. It will likely either be the King William once more, or we might try our luck with The Stag and Hounds.

Now, I shall leave you with a video of the Professor himself.


Them be his fighting trousers, see? Everyone has to have a pair of those.

Have you got any events like this near where you are? Why not share them with us and tell us about how they excite you? We’d love to hear what geeky events you’ve got planned!