Cosplay update – Deku Link

Well then, as some of you might be aware, Joel and myself will be attending Alcon 2014 which takes place in less than 2 weeks now! Since we’re getting so close, I thought I’d start to update people about one of my costumes which I hadn’t yet mentioned: Deku Link.

I’ve been working hard on my Deku Link costume but a lot of the hard-work isn’t actually to do with progress of the costume: Rather figuring how to make the damn thing!

This fellah is far too cute.
This fellah is far too cute.

When I started, making this costume, I wanted something rather realistic and the more that I think about it – The more I realised just how impossible it would be at my current skill level. Crafting isn’t my forte even though I adore it. Yeah, I said it – I’m a cosplayer who isn’t very good at making things. Yet.

This weekend is succeeded by the bank holiday Monday here in merry ol’ England! Horray, an extra day to work on my costumes this weekend!

So far then what have I done?

These are the basic form of the wristguards
These are the basic form of the wristguards

I’ve made the shapes for the wrist-guards. Here they are – They simply need to be sprayed and coated in a layer of gesso before being sanded down. Those ones are nice and simple, thankfully.

Next up I’ve made my hat!

To make the hat, all I did was make 2 pieces then stitch them together on the two sides. Simple is as simple does, but it gets the job done. It’s not the best hat in the world but heck; it’s a hat. It reaches as far down as my backside, so not quite as long as what this fellah has, but not too far off either.

There it is! That's my hat! It's huge, so it's half draped over the chair!
There it is! That’s my hat! It’s huge, so it’s half draped over the chair!

I’ve also grabbed some old foam I had lying around which will be for the hair. However just before I wrote this article, I went onto my old favourite Coscraft and I looked up wefts of hair. For £5, I was able to buy 30 inches long and 100 inches wide wefts of hair. That’s plenty – I say hopefully! As such, I’m going to be trying a “Yellow” hair to make it a bit more “realistic”.

Them eyes have been designed and I have created a circuit which will be built into my costume. It’s a very simple circuit which probably won’t last very long. I will need to take some back-up AA batteries as a just in case. No more breadboards: This is the real deal! When designing the eyes, I had many different ideas in mind. I’d have a giant head I said and I said “I’ll look out from the mouth” so I could have very bright eyes. This has changed since then. Now, my head is an over-sized mask, but I’ll be able to see out of the eyes. I’m going to have to time my eyes glowing, so’s not to blind myself.


Here's the very simple base of the mask I'm going to use.
Here’s the very simple base of the mask I’m going to use.

I also begun work on the mask, which is currently rather flat. But at least the mask is in progress. Once I’ve got the hair weft along with the foam hair-holders set up on the top of the mask, I’ll be able to sew the top of the hat to the mask and around my ears and the likes, which will be another huge step towards creating the spherical effect for the head. Although you can’t see it in this picture, there are clear positions for the eyes to be placed in and I just have to heat it around a bowl to make the shape take effect.

The last thing to work on will be the body piece. I’m in several minds on how to do this: Make a body piece out of foam. Make a body piece out of strips of cloth (most likely right now) or make a mould and cast liquid latex to make a full blown body suit of sorts. See, the important thing to note is I want to take this costume onto the masquerade itself. As such, I want to try and make everything with this costume.


So there you have it – You’re now up to date as to how far I am on this costume. It’s been an exciting project so far and later down the line, I’ll be soldering electronics together. That I’m very excited for, so stay tuned for more on that!

Sorry it’s not much to show you all yet, but honestly – Keep watching this space. Over the coming two weeks, you should see a more bits and pieces about my costumes appearing as well as new/extra things to the other two costumes (Edward Elric and Deku Link.)

I’ve scrapped Felix for now, as I feel my sewing skills aren’t yet up to scratch (Evidenced by my Deku Link hat). That’ll just have to be a costume for another day. Hey; are you interested in learning a few crafting skills as a cosplayer? Do check out the awesome Cosplay Tutorial website, which has been showing me how to do just about everything! Go on internet, give me some love or hate for my works so far. More detailed breakdowns on how to do everything for this Deku Link costume will come in as time goes on.