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Stats For Santa

If you have not read the Christmas Encounter Table, it may be worth having a quick look before proceeding, as this is not the Santa Claus you’re familiar with, and far from the 5th edition homebrew versions of Kringle you might have seen elsewhere. My Santa, the Santa of my long-running annual Christmas Campaign is a villain, a wicked courtier of the Fey, a master of his own Wild Hunt. Tooth Fairies feed him information on the children of the world so that he can enslave their minds, ensuring his power is never challenged as those children grow into meddlesome adventurers, Baron Klaus, mad tyrant of the candy folk. (more…)


Making Masks

Sometimes you do something that people just for some reason or another absolutely click with. For me, I’ve noticed I’ve not really had any criticism of that foam mask I made. You know, the one I made way back when for Alcon?

My Oscar Kass mask didn’t quite end up right. I made the forehead too big for one, but what it became was something far greater: It has ended up as my go-to mask for events. It survives most conditions and it looks good in photos and can handle a bit of roughness from people. So, I thought about it and this is a simple announcement post: I will be making masks.

This truly is 2spooky4u

This truly is 2spooky4u

What’s so special about making more masks?

I will be making some masks which I’ll display on here; all of said masks will be for sale. They will be oversized masks, much like my Oscar mask, from the same materials but to a much higher quality and standard.

They’re going to be original designs, too. If you see one you like, let me know and we’ll work something out. I’d probably not charge that much for any of them, as I’d probably find it unreasonable!

Tah tah! Fooled you!!

I’ll also take commissioned over-sized masks. If you have a particular design you want made, just get in contact with me through this website and I’ll do what I can!

But before we take this any further, I will be making a collection of at least 5 masks before I start selling them. But stay tuned, there’ll be a page coming soon which will feature the masks I make. Further to this, eventually, Joel will have something on offer to the public. We can’t say what, but Joel and I are both intending to offer our services to you guys!

Do you have any ideas for masks that you’d love to see made? Do you have anything in particular you’d like to see made out of foam? Let me know and I’ll see if I can make it. Heck, anything that’s said right now will likely just get made to see if I can make it!