Cosplay Updates – For Serious This Time

Guess what? There’s 5 days left and I’m not finished. It’s now the cosplay panic week! Hurrah! Read on for what I have left to do.

I’ll go through how I’m doing so far. I’ve been tracking my progress with a new app called Cosplanner, so if you’re a cosplayer who really likes to keep organised, check it out. It’s free, but the upgrades for it are really cheap, so I went and got myself the upgrades.


2015-07-16 10.31.33

Oskar is complete. It looks daft, it looks silly, but you know what? It’s a lot of fun to play as. Oskar is always funny to run around as, he even got some great responses over at Bristol Pride earlier this year (People just love to take pictures with the crazy skeleton). He’s got his scythe which is currently in 2 pieces I’m going to try and attach it via magnets rather than using foam or glue to attach it. The reason for this is that it’ll actually be stronger (in theory) by using some nice magnets. A little expensive, but worth it. So this costume’s left to do:

  • Get some magnets.

Deku Link

Deku Link

You’ll be pleased to hear progress has been made on this, but not quite enough yet. I’ve got it all of the “bits” done, including the mask, but it’s just not yet complete (which I know seems strange considering how I’ve been doing this one for so long. Blame work and other real life commitments.)

So far, here’s a list of what’s done:

  • Body Suit (Broken down into gloves, lycra shirt and lycra trousers.
  • Boot materials (Including my own homemade shoe bases and some leatherette). I’m cheating a bit: I’m going to get the shape sorted out with some Worbla that I’ve got. It’s cheating, but it’ll get the job done and it’ll look good!
  • Bracers
  • Mask base
My shoe bases - Cork and rubber. I might line it with a nice material so it feels better on the feet during the convention.
My shoe bases – Cork and rubber. I might line it with a nice material so it feels better on the feet during the convention. Some trimming has been done since this picture.

And here’s what is left to be done this week:

  • Make holes in the mask for the mouth and the eyes (30 minutes… There’s a lot of layers)
  • File/sand the mask (1 hour)
  • Paint the mask and make it shiny (5 hours)
  • Attach tunic to Body Suit (10 minutes)
  • The flower which will also be a straw! (30-40 minutes)

It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s all ‘done’, just not ‘finished’. We’ll see how well I do with it this week. If I get some extra time, I’ll also make the body suit more “wooden” by getting an airbrush and giving it some streaks of highlights. That’s a heck of a last minute job, but it would be worth it.

Apollo Justice


I’m toning it back a bit, as I don’t have time to make the blue coat. But this is fine, as the rest is almost there. The only thing I really have to do is make the suit itself. That sounds like a tall order, but I’ve already sorted out the patterns. I just need to cut, then sew. This should only take about 5 hours to complete.

Done so far:

  • White shirt
  • Formal black shoes
  • Hair extensions (I’ll explain this shortly)
  • Bracelet (I’ll do a post on this at some point!)
  • Attorneys Badge
  • Blue Tie

Need to do:

  • Red waistcoat with black back. (2 hours)
  • Red formal trousers. (3 hours)

That’s it. That’s all. I’m going to get on with this as soon as possible.


No pictures yet. Not really. But you’ll be kept updated. Will Timlah finish his costumes before Kitacon? Will he, for once, have 3 proper costumes? Find out next time on Timlah’s Cosplay Updates Z.

Let me know if there’s anything you think seems off with my timing. I think I’m looking at it about right – I’ve given some extra time for each piece, in case I mess up (which I will). I’ve got plenty of extra materials, so I should be fine with this. As always, let us know what you thought in the comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter.

Cosplay Images of the Week

Every week, Cosplay amazes and astonishes me. The amount of effort put in by hundreds, nay, thousands of cosplayers across the world is simply staggering. So, I thought I’d look through Twitter and share some Cosplay pictures with all of you as well as a few things I’ve been doing this week, since heck, cosplay progress is a thing I like to share with the world from time to time.

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Cosplay Updates – What I’m doing right now

Timlah’s at it again, as he’s been getting crafty and getting bits and bobs together for future costumes and upgrades to existing ones. Find out what he’s been busy doing!

Today is just a short post to explain where I am with my costumes and what else I’m up to in the realm of cosplay. From conventions and events, to meetups and general parading around the place, these are the costumes I’m mostly working on throughout this year and what else I’m up to in between. Hey, I never said cosplay was quick!

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Deku Link Cosplay Update

Have you ever thought about making a prop head? Yes? Try expanding foam. Read on to see why I’m now using wire and expanding foam to make more things!

Phew. I’ve had a whole week off and the head is still being elusive to me. It’s honestly been such a tricky piece to get right –  But here’s a good sign: I’m actually getting somewhere with it. I’ve finally used some new materials I’ve not used before and I’ve managed to find some of my new favourites to use in costuming. We’ll see how far I go with these new materials, but these are what a lot of cosplayers are already using.

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Resuming a Forgotten Cosplay

As I’ve been going through my cosplays that I’ve wanted to make throughout my short time as a cosplayer, I’ve started a lot and put a lot on hiatus. The problem is, once a costume is on hiatus, it’s hard for me to muster up the enthusiasm to get back on with working on that costume again.

However, with Kitacon looming, I’ve decided that I’m going to work on one costume in particular that I really want to have made. So I looked into the costumes I have planned for Kitacon and decided the least likely to get done was Black_Star. That’s a costume that’ll go on the back-burner for now. Instead, I’ve decided to pick up and get back on with my Deku Link costume. I’ve still got all of the materials from last time, but this time I’ll be following the advice of a mascot head.

Deku LinkBecause of the complexity of this costume, I’m going to be getting back on with working on this costume as soon as possible. I’ve got a whole week off next week – Yippee! Expect some progress and some pictures as to how the costume is coming along over the course of the week.

Not only this, I want to improve one of my most loved costumes: Oscar. He’s always fun to take to events, but he’s sort of become something a bit different to the original Oscar Kass. As such, I figured I’d be inventive and rename him to “Oskar” and make him into an original character. Expect pauldrons, sickles, wrist bracelets/manacles and much more for this otherwise adorable skeleton.

I mean, he needs to redeem himself after this picture.
I mean, he needs to redeem himself after this picture.

Do you know of any inventive ways to get the head of Deku Link to be properly shaped? Are there any extras I should carry with me for this costume? More importantly, how likely am I going to be able to enjoy a few pints inside such a costume!? As always, comments below, on Twitter or Facebook.

Cosplay Update – Wait, what am I doing..?

So today I thought I’d just give you all a very quick update just to explain how well the Deku Link costume is coming along.

So, last time I showed off a few pictures of what’s happening, but to continue with that, I thought I’d actually give you a quick run down of… Um… Oh gosh.

Making the tunic thing skirt

So, Deku Link as you can see quite clearly here has a…

... Tunic.
… Tunic.


What am I doing with my time? Well, I made the skirt from scratch, the same as I did the hat. Quickly then, how did I make the skirt? How long did it take?

Did I ever mention that my mini sewing machine which I bought from Amazon is broken? It’s so broken, that even someone who uses sewing machines on a regular basis said “… Just go get a new one. A proper one this time.”

So, I’m going to be saving up a few quid each month to get me a proper sewing machine. I’m going to start with a basic Brother model and if I like it enough, I’ll probably be doing more sewing tutorials (… Not because I like sewing or anything, but for cosplay. Um… Shut up. I’m liking my sewing sessions now.)

Simple fabric for the simple guy.
Simple fabric for the simple guy.

So first of all, I got me a large piece of material and folded it in half. I’ll explain why shortly. The material I used is the same material as that of my hat. The reason for this is it’s quite hard to tell if the fabric is different. I decided it wouldn’t be, so all of the clothing pieces are made of some form of green felt.

Measurements taken: Waist. Widest point of hips. Waist to just below knee.

With this information, I knew the different measurements I’d need to work on this tunicskirt. I’m sorry, I’ll never stop insulting this piece because for crying out loud, I’ve just made a damned skirt for myself. I’m not Scottish, thus it’s not a kilt I’m afraid. Plus, it’s the wrong fabric. I’m doomed to be called a skirt wearing guy. But it should be for something adorable. I hope.


Why did you fold it in half?

I folded the fabric in half to save room mostly, plus to get the two sides even. As such, when I finished cutting it, I knew I had to just sew the two sides together.

I realise as well that many people would do two separate pieces of fabric for this, thus leading to a possibly neater piece of clothing, but I’ll be honest: I didn’t think of that at the time. I just wanted something that’d look the part and be sturdy enough to be worn.

I hope no one tugs on it on the day of début, mind. That would be incredibly embarrassing!


Back to making it

Okay, so with my fabric cut out, I needed to make the hemline. If you don’t know what a hemline is, basically, you fold fabric in on itself and sew it. You do this so you don’t get any nasty looking straggly bits and loose threads just poking out all around the place.

Once the hemlines were in, I had to sew the two ends together.

But wait, I sewed this on the wrong side?
But wait, I sewed this on the wrong side?

Yeah, you should always do the sewing on the bit of the fabric you don’t want to see. See, when you finish your project, you’ll then turn it inside out to show what you actually want on display. In my case here, I didn’t want to be showing off the side of the fabric above, but instead the smoother side of the fabric. So, you should always sew on the wrong side of the fabric.

You can see how much of a ham job I did of sewing this, eh?

The last thing to do is to make an elastic waistband. That’s simply done by cutting some elastic to about 92-94% of your actual waist measurement from earlier. So, grab a calculator if you need to and type your waistsize in either centimeters or inches (depending how you work, I guess!) * 0.92 or * 0.94. In my case, my waist size was 34″ at time of writing. So I did 34 * .92 which gave me 31.28. I rounded that to 31.5 – Just because I could.

My rather cunning waistband.
My rather cunning waistband.

I cheated when I made this band! You might notice that not only is it quite a thin band, but it’s… got this black thing around it. What is that black thing? It’s duct tape. Seriously, that’s what that is. I duct-taped the band together and it’s held it together incredibly well. I’d not recommend you do this for your project, but that’s what I did.

So I sewed the elastic to the wrong side of the fabric once more and then I pulled over a bit of the fabric that was above the waistband over it. Then I sewed that again. Do you realise how much sewing I did thanks to this project!? I’m seriously finally getting the hang of sewing thanks to making this from scratch.

So how does it look?

This was as good a picture as I could get. I apologise. Seriously.
This was as good a picture as I could get. I apologise. Seriously.

Well, it’s… a skirt.
I won’t get picked on. Ever.


Well, there’s been a bit more since then… But I thought I’d actually explain how everything was done so if you ever felt like getting into cosplay and think sewing is a hard thing to do, it’s not. But what I’d seriously suggest is YOU GET A GOD DAMN SEWING MACHINE.

Sewing just the hems took me a good 25-30 minutes on each part! Seriously, it’s so tedious, but it is pretty relaxing in the long run. Just have your earphones in, sit down and get on with it. That’s what I did.

Oh, right…


Costume Number 4.

What is my 4th costume now going to be, now that I’ve dropped Felix? I thought I’d gather the bits and pieces for the costume. But the most important piece of the costume is this:

Oh crap, the camera almost saw me properly then!
Oh crap, the camera almost saw me properly then!

Yes, that is just an orange beanie hat. So, what do you think this is going to be for? I can tell you, that’s a pretty big give away, as it’s one of his main features. Other things to note, he raps. No, I’m not cosplaying as Eminem. I don’t know if Eminem has ever owned an orange beanie, but if you’re reading this Eminem – Don’t worry, I’m not going to do a dreadful cosplay/impression of you. That’d be downright disrespectful on my part.

Another thing about this rapper with an orange beanie hat, he’s gotta believe.


Have you all guessed what costume 4 is yet? What did you think of my quick but pretty useless “tutorial“? Let me know what you thought as ever and of course, I look forward to showing you more cosplay updates in the very near future!

Cosplay update – Deku Link

Well then, as some of you might be aware, Joel and myself will be attending Alcon 2014 which takes place in less than 2 weeks now! Since we’re getting so close, I thought I’d start to update people about one of my costumes which I hadn’t yet mentioned: Deku Link.

I’ve been working hard on my Deku Link costume but a lot of the hard-work isn’t actually to do with progress of the costume: Rather figuring how to make the damn thing!

This fellah is far too cute.
This fellah is far too cute.

When I started, making this costume, I wanted something rather realistic and the more that I think about it – The more I realised just how impossible it would be at my current skill level. Crafting isn’t my forte even though I adore it. Yeah, I said it – I’m a cosplayer who isn’t very good at making things. Yet.

This weekend is succeeded by the bank holiday Monday here in merry ol’ England! Horray, an extra day to work on my costumes this weekend!

So far then what have I done?

These are the basic form of the wristguards
These are the basic form of the wristguards

I’ve made the shapes for the wrist-guards. Here they are – They simply need to be sprayed and coated in a layer of gesso before being sanded down. Those ones are nice and simple, thankfully.

Next up I’ve made my hat!

To make the hat, all I did was make 2 pieces then stitch them together on the two sides. Simple is as simple does, but it gets the job done. It’s not the best hat in the world but heck; it’s a hat. It reaches as far down as my backside, so not quite as long as what this fellah has, but not too far off either.

There it is! That's my hat! It's huge, so it's half draped over the chair!
There it is! That’s my hat! It’s huge, so it’s half draped over the chair!

I’ve also grabbed some old foam I had lying around which will be for the hair. However just before I wrote this article, I went onto my old favourite Coscraft and I looked up wefts of hair. For £5, I was able to buy 30 inches long and 100 inches wide wefts of hair. That’s plenty – I say hopefully! As such, I’m going to be trying a “Yellow” hair to make it a bit more “realistic”.

Them eyes have been designed and I have created a circuit which will be built into my costume. It’s a very simple circuit which probably won’t last very long. I will need to take some back-up AA batteries as a just in case. No more breadboards: This is the real deal! When designing the eyes, I had many different ideas in mind. I’d have a giant head I said and I said “I’ll look out from the mouth” so I could have very bright eyes. This has changed since then. Now, my head is an over-sized mask, but I’ll be able to see out of the eyes. I’m going to have to time my eyes glowing, so’s not to blind myself.


Here's the very simple base of the mask I'm going to use.
Here’s the very simple base of the mask I’m going to use.

I also begun work on the mask, which is currently rather flat. But at least the mask is in progress. Once I’ve got the hair weft along with the foam hair-holders set up on the top of the mask, I’ll be able to sew the top of the hat to the mask and around my ears and the likes, which will be another huge step towards creating the spherical effect for the head. Although you can’t see it in this picture, there are clear positions for the eyes to be placed in and I just have to heat it around a bowl to make the shape take effect.

The last thing to work on will be the body piece. I’m in several minds on how to do this: Make a body piece out of foam. Make a body piece out of strips of cloth (most likely right now) or make a mould and cast liquid latex to make a full blown body suit of sorts. See, the important thing to note is I want to take this costume onto the masquerade itself. As such, I want to try and make everything with this costume.


So there you have it – You’re now up to date as to how far I am on this costume. It’s been an exciting project so far and later down the line, I’ll be soldering electronics together. That I’m very excited for, so stay tuned for more on that!

Sorry it’s not much to show you all yet, but honestly – Keep watching this space. Over the coming two weeks, you should see a more bits and pieces about my costumes appearing as well as new/extra things to the other two costumes (Edward Elric and Deku Link.)

I’ve scrapped Felix for now, as I feel my sewing skills aren’t yet up to scratch (Evidenced by my Deku Link hat). That’ll just have to be a costume for another day. Hey; are you interested in learning a few crafting skills as a cosplayer? Do check out the awesome Cosplay Tutorial website, which has been showing me how to do just about everything! Go on internet, give me some love or hate for my works so far. More detailed breakdowns on how to do everything for this Deku Link costume will come in as time goes on.

Next Cosplay Projects

So, I thought today, I’d share with you what my next project(s) are for cosplaying! Oh yes, I don’t have just one, this time around.

With Kitacon over and the “Con Blues” being over (That’s when you get home and realise that you’re back to the realm of normality), I decided to get more involved with my craft of Cosplay. So, last week, I took to the shops and got myself… PVA glue?


Costume 1 – Link

Horray, a character that everyone would recognise! So, here we go, this is the reference I am basing most of my research on.

Wait, what happened to you Link!?
Wait, what happened to you Link!?

No, this is not a joke. For my next costume, I am planning on going as a variant of Link; Deku Link. Now, a very quick bit of background about this character!

Deku Link is only seen in one game, which is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Now, Majora’s Mask, I would say is one of the darker Legend of Zelda games. In fact, it’s pretty bleak! It’s filled with doom! When suddenly:

You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

Oh gosh, the Happy Mask Salesman. I hope someone will cosplay you and join me in a convention!

Of course, this is also the same Legend of Zelda game with -the moon-.

ARGH! What a pretty face! I’m in love.


Costume 2 – Oscar Kass

During Kitacon, me and some of the others decided: Perhaps we should do a group cosplay. We’ve got 3 of our characters sorted. I get to be Oscar Kass from the lovely figurine game: Krosmaster Arena.

Seriously, isn’t this the most adorable figurine ever?

So, I intend to eventually get myself a proper set of Krosmaster Arena. Instead, I’ve opted to play through the online version! Hey, are you interested in having a game with a complete noob at this? Go ahead and give me a message in the comments below. I’d love to play with one of you!

So, I thought Oscar Kass was just adorable, thus I decided he’ll be the second of my costumes. Heck, 2 of the group we’ve formed decided they wanted to do Krosmaster Arena, so I didn’t feel mean enough to say “NO!”

I don’t know much about Oscar Kass, but I’ll be learning more about him over time so I can do a good cosplay of him. Yes, the personality of a character really does make a difference in how you make your costumes.


Costume 3 – Felix

What!? No! Not the cat!

Golden Suns Felix, the Venus adept!
Golden Suns Felix, the Venus adept!

Yes, Felix from the Golden Sun franchise. Felix is awesome.

The best thing about the Golden Sun franchise was whenever you updated your armour, the game would recognise it. Your powers changed depending on the Djinn you had ready and even your class. The game was very dynamic and impressive. You play as Felix in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, which was my favourite of the Golden Sun games.

If you’ve never played this series, I’d recommend you do so if you are a fan of RPGs. The game is an absolute treat!

After Mt. Aleph erupts and a boulder comes tumbling down to the town of Vale, Felix falls into the river. The boulder crashes down through the town and it causes Felix to be swept away by the river. Without going into too much detail, he then finds out what he must do and sides with the antagonists of the game. Dun, dun, dun!

A silent protagonist (Didn’t I just say he sided with the antagonists?) who uses the powers of Venus against his opponents. A brute-like style of damage.



So, I’m hoping to attend a convention and an expo in September! That’ll be one busy month, but I’ve not yet finalised with my group whether or not they want to do the convention together. The expo I am interested in is the Eurogamer Expo in London, hopefully joining the team over at 1001-Up! (Did you know I am do some writing for them? If you’re reading this: Hi guys!)

I’ll not yet give details of the convention, however I will say that I should have information if I will be attending these events soon.

How will these costumes be made?

  • Deku Link

    Deku Link will be, in my opinion, one of my easiest costumes! How crazy is that?

    I will be using Papier Mache to make the head, which will basically be a whole head. I’ve also decided, after attending an awesome panel at Kitacon, that I will attempt some electronics within this costume, to try and make the eyes glow. I’ve gotten some orange perspex plastic for the eyes, 500 orange LEDs, some battery packs, some wire, resistors, my soldering kit – and much more stuff.

    The material for the clothing is simple: I’ll just be sewing together a green “Tunic” – Well, basically I’ll be wearing a skirt… … … What?

    For the hat, that too is quite simple, but I’m considering having the hat stuffed so that it won’t just lose shape. I’m also going to sew some yellow “hair” (This I haven’t sussed yet! Maybe felt? Maybe actual hair?) to the head, so that the whole piece is together. I need to get myself a 2 foot balloon to start working on this head, however. That’s my next step!

    Don’t believe me that Papier Mache can hold true for the head? Check this out! Papier Mache is awesome.

    The gauntlets I am thinking of making out of epoxy putty, though I’m going to do a lot more research on this subject before I dive in to this! Epoxy Putty hardens up with heat and is quite a lot like worbla in that respect. I’m hoping for this costume, the epoxy resin will be a better choice than Worbla, although I know I could use Worbla if it comes to it. I was thinking of making the boots as a cover rather than actually as boots. I will get some older boots and just create this large padding around the surface, before putting plastics or something shiny over it. I’ll be researching this more as time continues.

    Finally, the body itself will be a brown Morphsuit.

    I have to say – Thanks to the Slenderman cosplayer (Sam) we saw at Kitacon on Sunday afternoon for the idea!
  • Oscar Kass

    So, the head of Oscar Kass will basically be done as a mask. A simple papier mache mask… (Oh, not again!) Me an my papier mache, I want to see if I can make this stuff as durable as I need to. I hope I can.

    The clothing, however, will simply be a blue dressing gown. I will need to also make a brown belt with a lovely little skull belt buckler. This might be where Worbla will shine through, but that’s still undecided. Worbla, I noticed, is incredibly stiff after it has hardened up. Moving my arm in the Edward Elric arm I had made wasn’t easy.

    The blade will likely be a thermoplastic of some kind, or I could make it out of cardboard then put plastics around it. The hands and feet will likely be bare hands and feet (Or wearing sandals that don’t look like much for the feet. I heard there are some “invisible sandals”? I’ll have to investigate this!

    Although how could I find that? That’s like searching for Carmen Sandiego (Hi, American viewers!)


I’ll admit, I’ve not yet looked into the Felix cosplay as that was the most recent idea. Have you got any thoughts on how I should or could do the Felix cosplay?

Well, that’s me done sharing my cosplay ideas for now. So, it’s quite exciting. Next month, I will be going to Bristol Comic Expo. I kind of hope I have the Deku Link costume done in time. I think it’ll potentially be a costume I reuse, many times. We’ll see, though. I might need to start making more space for my cosplays. Perhaps it’s time to clean out my room with all the junk that’s in there and start replacing it with costume pieces. Hopefully, they’ll keep well.

Do you have any ideas for cosplays that you just want to share with the world? Great! Share them here with us and if you’re looking for advice, why not ask us? I’m sure someone would help out!