DMing 101 – What You’ll Need

In DMing 101 I’ll be giving generalized advice on how to run a tabletop role-playing game. The articles will not presume any knowledge, except being able to read. And maybe knowing what dice are. And paper. And a computer. Maybe some other stuff. I’ll also presume that you can remember that DM means Dungeon Master. Some people call it a Game Master or GM, but I don’t. Suck it up.

There are a few quick start guides on how to DM out there, but DMing 101 will offer a fairly easy set of tips that a novice can follow to make his/her games something truly memorable.

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Kickstarter Highlight – The Dice Chest

Next in our Kickstarter Highlight series, we look at a seriously cool storage box for all of your DMing and dice rolling needs!

Do you like dice?

Do you like chests of the storage variety?

Do you like chests that are hand made for you and your dice storage and rolling needs? Well then look no further as we return to Kickstarter Highlight!


The Dice Chest – A High Quality Dice Box and Rolling Tray

What is it?

It’s quite hard to make anything up about this one, so instead let’s give you the cold hard facts. These storage chests for your dice can hold up to 96 dice. The chests have been expertly crafted and look beautiful.


These chests are made out of high quality, sturdy woods. One important point is that with the custom made chests from $50 and up, you get to pick your own wood. As it stands the lower priced chests are made of white ash. The standard chests contain a natural finish and they look phenomenal! With a felt interior, you are guaranteed a smooth roll for your dice. But these chests are able to do more.

The chests are not only awfully convenient for carrying your dice around and rolling your dice in, they are perfect for making them sneaky rolls in, for all you Dungeon Masters and sneaky roguish players out there. The lids double up as a great screen guard against your dice rolls. Plus, you get a lovely looking emblem and the corner pieces. I honestly don’t see my DMing campaigns being so cheap looking any more! What’s more, the designers of these boxes are promising to have the boxes out by Christmas. So, this is especially good for those of you who want a present for your dice-loving maniac friends and family.

How much do they need?

Dice Box 2

They are asking for just $500.

… What I didn’t tell you reader is that at the time of writing, these boxes were already up to $13,064 with 32 days left on the clock! There’s no real surprise here as the designers, Dog Might Games, are already on their third campaign with this dice box set.

Couple their knowledge with the quality look and feel of these ergonomic chests of dice-rolling glory, you can be sure we’re nowhere near the finish-line with these boxes.


What are the rewards?


You don’t get many “cheap” options here for good reason:

Dice Box 3

CLASSIC DICE CHEST $30 – Strength and quality without the frills. This Dice Chest is made from White Ash with natural finish, and green felt.

CUSTOM DICE CHEST $45 – Epic and unique. This Dice Chest is made from White Ash with your choice of finish option, felt option and corner option. See all available options below.

DICE CHEST & SYMBOL $60 – Add a custom hand cut metal symbol to your Dice Chest. Symbols are available in brass, and aluminium. This Dice Chest is made from White Ash with your choice of finish option, felt option, corner option, and hand-cut metal symbol option. Use one of our designs or submit an image and have one made specifically for you. See all available options below.

These are the three more affordable options and I admit, I am going to dig deep into my wallet as I know one of these are perfect Christmas presents for a few friends of mine.


So, what do you think about the quality of these rolling and storage boxes? Do their looks entice you to play more tabletop games? Have you got a storage box that looks anything like this? Does the concept interest you?

As always, please drop us a comment and we will see you all again for another awesome Kickstarter Highlight!

Kickstarter Highlight – Rogues to Riches

Do you like rogues?

Do you like riches?

Would you like to be going from rogues to riches?

Look no further, we’re back once more with another inexplicably imaginative Kickstarter Highlight.

Kickstarter Highlight


Rogues to Riches – a Game for the Criminally Imaginative

What is it?

With this Kickstarter campaign launched by Sam Fraser, Rogues to Riches is a storytelling card game for a small group of 3 to 5 players, where you have to basically create a story as to how you were able to steal the riches. Who owns these riches? Your opposing players do, of course – But they also have Trap cards!

I’m sorry, I really couldn’t resist explaining to the world that this game contains trap cards.

To overcome the trap cards, you have gear cards and you have to devise a believable plan as to how you’d get into your opponents base and how you’d defeat the Trap cards. Furthermore, the person who is being stolen from has to decide how to defend their lair with their Trap card.

The game is won by logic being dictated by the remaining players, who vote up or vote down the plans.

It’s a very simple game logic, which is basically a stripped back storytelling game, not giving you quite as much freedom as some games of this type, but for good reason. There are limitations to what you can do: But it’s your imagination that’ll see you through.

Look at these wonderful, criminal masterminds just having a right old jolly together!


How much do they need?

They are asking for $16,500 Canadian Dollars. At the time of writing, they are up to $6,883 with 27 days to go, pretty impressive if you ask me.

They have actually made a lovely graphic showing what it is they need the money for, which is broken down below!

Well, that’s a good enough breakdown!

Inside of the box you’ll receive:

– 56 Gear Cards,
– 48 Trap Cards,
– 22 Riches Cards,
– 12 Lairs,
– Blank gear & trap cards- 2 dice


What do backers get?

  • Pledge $1 or more

    Thank You Email and Downloadable Rogues to Riches lite – You’ll get a link to download a Print and Play (PNP) version of Rogues to Riches. You’ll be able to check out the artwork and the gameplay. It will have fewer cards and Lairs than the manufactured version, but it will be enough to play at least a few games.

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
    Pledge $10 or more

    Signed Card – I’ll send you a Rogues to Riches card in the mail, signed by me and artist Julianne Harnish. Your card might be one that’s not available in the PNP version. You can choose a Trap, Gear, or Riches card. Includes PNP files.

    Estimated delivery: Oct 2014

    Pledge $43 or more

    Game reward tier – One pristine copy of Rogues to Riches. May it brighten your days. Canada, the US, and Western Europe only. Includes PNP files.

    Estimated delivery: Jun 2015
    Some of the awesome gear cards you can play. I especially need me a Beast of Burden!

There we have it then, for just $1, you can get a downloadable version of the game! Excellent, huh? Plus it’s an extra $1 towards the official release of this game. You can’t beat that for value, right?

What do you think of the concept behind a storytelling card game? I’ve played one before at Kitacon and it was absolutely incredible – So this to me is an exciting game and yes: I don’t mind being criminally inventive just for the sake of a card game!

So, what do you all think of this weeks Kickstarter Highlight? Come join us again next week and as always, please do keep talking with your comments in the comments section below!

Kickstarter Highlight – Limited Edition Every Round Counts Boxset

Do you like things that are limited edition?

Do you feel like every round counts?

Do you like box sets?!

Then look no further, we’re back once more with another Kickstarter Highlight.



Limited Edition Every Round Counts Boxset

What is it?

First and foremost I would like to explain that I am a fan of games of all kinds. Be it a video game, a card game, a dice game or a general board game. So this seems to be a card/dice game which sounds pretty fun. It comes in a nice wooden box with great interiors and the design of the game alone looks brilliant.

The premise of the game is simply to collect as many coins as you can. It’s a game about being a bartender and whoever sells the most drinks is the winner, hence these coins.

The coolest thing about this campaign is that not everything is just about the game itself; At one of the lowest tiers, you can get the dice the game uses by itself, but at the higher amounts you can get the full game. It’s not even that expensive either, especially considering this is a limited edition.

Want to learn more about the game? Check out the rules (in PDF format) here.

How much do they need?

They need £1,000 which they have already smashed. With 11 days to go as of the time of writing, and over £1,700 already pledged, this game is going to be released for sure.

I’m mostly excited for how the box itself looks. It looks like a game that you’d be proud to display on your games shelf, which is part of my interest towards this product. Plus, the game itself seems pretty simple to pick up and play.

Yummy, a drink from the Golden Tankard will put any man or dwarf right!


What are the rewards?

  • Pledge £1 or more

    Tipping the Bartender A big thank you, everyone who pledges will get there names listed on our website (or not if you wish)

    Estimated delivery: Dec 2014
    Pledge £10 or more

    A set of Custom dice from the Game (UK backers)

    Estimated delivery: Dec 2014
    Ships within the UK only
    Pledge £12 or more

    A set of Custom dice from the Game (EU backers)

    Estimated delivery: Dec 2014
    Pledge £14 or more

    A set of Custom dice from the Game (Rest of the World backers)

    Estimated delivery: Dec 2014
    Pledge £25 or more

    A copy of Every Round Counts Limited Edition Boxset (UK Backers)

    Estimated delivery: Dec 2014
    Ships within the UK only
    Pledge £30 or more

    A copy of Every Round Counts Limited Edition Boxset (EU Backers)

    Estimated delivery: Dec 2014


Heck, these dice alone could be used for another game which I shall call: “Beer, Shot, Not!” I should make dice games, see?

All in all then, this game looks like it’ll be a bit of fun. I don’t think it’ll be a game you’ll bash out every waking moment of the day, but it appears to be a nice, friendly game of chance. Get a few friends together, throw some dice and play some hands – Trust me; this game will be good fun.

I’ve backed it at the £25.00 mark as I’d like to get my own set to review on here some day.

So what do you think of this great looking little card and dice game? I’m really excited for my box to arrive and the video shows off how easy the game is to play. Until next week, take it easy everyone!

Kickstarter Highlight – Rollable 4 sided dice

Kickstarter Highlight

Have you ever played a tabletop role playing game and picked up a four sided dice and wondered: Is there a better way?

Have you ever had the awkward situation of explaining to someone about how to “roll” a D4?

Do you just like things that break the conventional norm?

Then look no further, it’s time for another Kickstarter Highlight!


Rollable 4-Sided Dice

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign!

These are pretty funky looking!

So it looks like a small ball of kinds with little edges in them which helps them roll around and fall on a face, helping people determine what the outcome of the D4 is.

Now, this isn’t groundbreaking technology by any stretch of the imagination, however it does look very nice. Something about their visual really pleases me and hey, this is a nice cheap Kickstarter campaign to back too.

You can get a whole rainbow of different colours with these dice, which look in the pictures to be very simple, yet very nice.

What do they need the funds for?

They are asking for £2,500 which at the time of writing is already past the £4,000 mark.

The funds are to help pay for the manufacturing and to secure all the shipping of the products once they are made. All of the tools are already bought, so this is almost like a trial run of kinds.

I do sometimes wonder if it’s easier to just make a product, test it quietly and locally, if there’s interest then put it on Kickstarter as a first batch. It seems like a good idea, too.

Since this project seems to be happening regardless, what are the rewards?


  • Pledge £7 or more

    LUCKY 7 – (d4 + 3) – Pick a set that you like and then I will role a d4 and you have a 75% chance to win 1, 2 or 3 extra randomly selected dice. ( NO OTHER BONUSES from Stretch Outs) FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY

    Estimated delivery: Oct 2014
  • Pledge £10 or more

    4 + 4 Dice + Bonuses. You pick a set of four and we will pick a set of four and you get all the stretch out bonuses. ( FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY )

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
  • Pledge £12 or more

    8 Dice + Bonuses. You pick 2 sets of 4 and you get all the stretch out bonuses. ( FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY )

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
  • Pledge £15 or more

    8 Dice + Bonuses. EXPRESS DELIVERY – YOU SHIP FIRST. You pick 2 sets of 4 and you get all the stretch out bonuses. ( FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY )

    Estimated delivery: Jun 2014

    So I was just excited to share this one with you all. What do you all think of it?

    Honestly, I think it’s awesome. I’m all for the D4s as they are right now. I adore the pyramid designs however, they really do not roll very well. Also, I’ll be going for the £12 pledge so that I can get one of every colour. What? I like colourful things! Colours are fun, seriously, but they can sometimes make a table look messy when they’re scattered all over. At least they’ll be easy to find and easy to roll at last!

    What do you all think of these colourful, clean and outright cool dice? It’s nice to see the D4 get a bit of a design makeover and with so many different colours, these will happily spice up your otherwise ordinary looking dice boxes.

Why tabletop?

Incredible leaps have been made in the computer gaming industry. Never before have we experienced the rich levels of immersion, the rich and well-developed worlds, the tremendous cast of characters and personalities that turn games into works of art in their own right.

And yet, more and more people are discovering a love for the classic tabletop RPG games. When we can spend hours wandering Tamriel or Hyrule, living their rich and detailed histories, we just as readily flock together to hear someone describe in broader strokes, a world that they’ve cobbled together. We can experience the rush of sneaking or rushing through a city in pursuit of a dangerous mission, but still enjoy grabbing paper and dice and describing our actions.

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