Review – 2016

A lot of bad news this year, not just the deaths of beloved celebrities by the dozen, but one political farce after another made all the more painful by the rising availability of information, and the rampant spread of misinformation and the ever growing tirade of opinion drowning out fact.

But it hasn’t all been bad, and through the constant stream of bad news and doomsaying we’ve forgotten quite a few of the highlights. Continue reading “Review – 2016”

Limitations of Choice

The issue with presenting players with a full selection box of choices is that it can often leave them paralysed at the metaphorical crossroads without a clue how to proceed. We’ve all experienced that feeling, like staring at a menu with perhaps a half dozen things you’d love to eat and you don’t want to pick one for fear you’d miss out on another, even though you know you can always come back.

Games can present us with choices that present us with more ways to play, more things to experience with every playthrough, but can also hobble our efforts to play and enjoy a game that we should love. Continue reading “Limitations of Choice”

Review – Dishonored 2

I was introduced to Thief with the X-Box release of the third instalment of the series, was immediately gripped by the announcement of a fourth game, and ended up buying Dishonored to tide me over while I waited for the for the project to be pushed back and delayed and mired down and ultimately released to a chorus of “Oh… really?”.

Conversely, take the Bethesda released spiritual successor, a story of corruption and deceit immersed into a stylistic, industrialised fantasy world which drew a lot of the artwork from a cancelled Knights Templar themed game. It had stealth, it had action, variety, choices, tension and a dark horror that make it sound like a near-complete rip off of the original Thief series with better graphics and cool magic powers. And it was so good! Continue reading “Review – Dishonored 2”