Re-Introductions Required

With the new year approaching, this is a time we reflect and look forward all at once. Today I found myself considering that this year I have not discovered much, no new bands, I’ve played almost no new games, and I don’t think I’ve even read a new comic, let alone any new books, and it’s not for lack of desire, in all cases I either lack the time or can’t find anything that captures my attention so utterly that I simply have to know more. A few great films have come out, and T.V. series, but nothing truly original, mostly remakes or Marvel properties.

But really it’s not been a wasted effort. On looking back I find that most of my experiences this year have been about remaking, and about shedding new light on things I’d already experienced once before, revisiting things I know and finding that I could still discover more. Continue reading “Re-Introductions Required”

DK Multimedia

I’ve had a long-lost memory uncovered, and suddenly I remember exactly what I was doing between the ages of about 5 and 10 aside from hoarding lego and running more than I can now. The Dorling Kindersley publishing company moved into educational software in the early 1990s as accompaniment to their book series, such as the Eyewitness Guides. I admit I don’t know how well spread these things are, but in the UK they were prolific, but I rarely hear it spoken of much. Maybe it’s just one of those things that’s so endemic that we don’t notice it any more, or feel it worth remark.

Well here I am remarking! Continue reading “DK Multimedia”