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Whitechapel – An Unexpected Horror Series

The Ripper returns to Whitechapel, the London district in which the almost mythological serial killer eviscerated five women, possibly many more. A new straight-laced detective inspector joins his new team in time to catch the start of the investigation, struggling through the mistrust of his down-to-earth sergeant even as he tries to sell them on the notion of a new Jack the Ripper, as a noted “Ripperologist” and street-tour guide shares everything he knows.

The series ran on ITV between 2009 and 2013, four short seasons of one of the best procedural crime dramas I’ve ever seen, but not merely because of the subject matter. The show began with Jack the Ripper, moved on to London’s gangster family the Kray twins, and goes darker and darker as they introduce more stories into the later seasons. Tension, fear, and paranoia run through the show, and the viewer is hurled through an experience more akin to a horror film marathon rather than Law and Order or The Mentalist. (more…)


J-Drama Review: Ultraman Orb

To us Westerners, we think of this genre as “The same one that Power Rangers is in”. Known as Tokusatsu, this style of highly specialised special effects makes for a striking viewing experience. Regardless of what you think of Power Rangers, join Timlah as we take a look at Ultraman Orb.


Anime Review: ReLIFE

Arata Kaizaki was down on his luck, when a night of drinking with some friends led to meeting a stranger on his way home. Being offered a years worth of household expenses paid for and potential to have a job at the end, Arata accepts the strangers offer to under go an experiment. But will the experiment offer him what he’s looking for in life, or will he be yet another NEET? Join Timlah as we look at this latest offering from Crunchyroll.


Adult Cartoons

Let me start by saying not that kind of adult cartoon!

To the ill-informed cartoons are still for children, despite the uproarious success of the Simpsons which has some jokes that are clearly not intended to get the kids laughing, or South Park which – frankly – if you’re letting your children watch it then I hope you’re prepared to have a long discussion about what language is permissible at school.

While the 90’s also gave us King of the Hill, Ren and Stimpy, and a smattering of lesser known others we seem to have seen one hell of an upswing in animated series designed for an adult audience from somewhere around the mid 00’s onwards. This upswing has brought about a change in the way the west percieves animation, and it’s due in no small part to the influence of anime and its international popularity. (more…)

Anime Review: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Featured

Are you a fan of performing arts? What about an anime fan? Then this might just be the anime for you; an intriguing blend of drama, comedy and outright strangeness. Join Timlah as we look through this little hidden gem.


Comics: Silvertongue Issue 2 Review

Last year, we reviewed a comic called Silvertongue – It was a really fun read, so I implore you to go and check out our review from last year ASAP. This year however, the creator of the comic Fernando, has come back to me with Issue 2. Does the second issue meet the expectations set from the first? Join Timlah as he reviews this indie comic!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens – A Non-Star Wars Fans Opinion

This is the second post on Star Wars this week! Those who know me well know that I’m not a fan of Star Wars, so why on Earth did I go to watch it on Boxing Day? Well it was a family outing, but never mind that, I went and saw it: This is how I felt about the film.



Out Of Character

Typecasting is a bit of a dirty word. Some actors are good at what they’re good at, that’s not a weakness, it’s a strength. I like actors that can display a bit of range, but excelling in one field is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s nice though, when actors demonstrate exactly what they can do when taken out of what we would assume to be their “comfort zone.” Amongst my favourite films are the ones that subvert my expectations of what an actor is capable of, and show me that despite their proficiency in one particular role that they also have the power to surprise.

Advanced Warning: This article goes dark fast and stays that way. The films in this article are mostly rated for adults, but they are also perfect examples of actors at the height of their talent. (more…)