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Top 10 – Oddly Adorable Critters

GeekOut Top 10s

For fairly simple reasons, this is a pretty video game heavy list. However, other media may get through as well. Critters are small creatures that, typically, aren’t all that harmful. However we decided that there were two lists; one for conventionally adorable critters and one for oddly adorable critters. Today we’re focusing on the latter, where we look at slightly weird critters who you can’t help but smile at, so let’s get all fuzzy in this week’s Top 10. (more…)

Top 10 Depictions of Satan

GeekOut Top 10s

Satan, a name that strikes fear into all foolish mortals who should choose not to follow his command. What he commands is final, so don’t you dare think you can get away from this week’s list, the final in our series of scary, spooky and downright silly Top 10’s from recent weeks. Now that Halloween is around the corner, what better time is it than now to revel in delight at our Top 10 Depictions of Satan.


Top 10 – Old Games Companies We Loved

GeekOut Top 10s

Ladies and gentlemen, geeks and nerds, we are gathered here in memoriam of those we have lost but not forgotten. This is a sad Top 10 to have to write, because the games companies we have assembled below have all contributed titles to history that have inspired and driven creative minds world-over to go into games design, or in some other way create incredible works. For reasons beyond their own control these companies have fallen by the wayside to create no more.

Join us, one and all, as we mourn the Top 10 games companies who are no longer with us. (more…)

Let’s Play: Dungeon Keeper!

It’s good to be bad… That’s the motto of the game, as we delve deeper into another dungeon game, but this time – Instead of defeating enemies in the dungeons, we are the bad guys. We’re running our own dungeons, from Imps and Demon Spawn to the simple Fly and the legendary Horned Reaper, we’re playing the classic Bullfrog dungeon building title, Dungeon Keeper. Join Timlah through this new Let’s Play series!


Top 10 – Orcs

GeekOut Top 10s

Lok’tar Ogar! Victory or death to you scrubs, we had a tie during our last Top 10 poll and we knew we needed to make a decisive call as to which of the lists we would be doing. We had Armour and we had Orcs and we did the most decisive thing of all: We tossed a coin and it said we’re writing our Top 10 Orcs this week!

Orcs are big, they’re strong, they’re downright scary and sometimes they have really bad breath. They’re ferocious fighters with natural fighting instincts; some go as far as to being pretty adept at magics as well. But one thing is for certain: Orcs aren’t a pushover, no matter how many Orcish Peons you smack. So without further adieu, this week we’re looking at our Top 10 favourite Orcs in all media. (more…)

Replacing the Mighty Keeper Part 3 – War For The Overworld

So if you have not read Part 1 or Part 2 I suggest you go and do that first, go on I’ll still be here when you get back, take as long as you like…

Have you read them? Good. So let’s have a look at War for the Overworld (WFTO), once again running on my slightly ageing Mac I had to turn everything down to minimum for it to run at any sort of playable speed but that’s more the fault of my old and not very 3D friendly laptop and not the game. Time to tell you the vital statistics

main+logo (more…)

Replacing the Mighty Keeper Part 2 – Video Game Review: Dungeons II

A small disclaimer before I start this review. I don’t have a huge beast of a machine, in fact I awkwardly run a Mac and an old(ish) one at that. It has an Intel HD 3000 video card built in and is definitely not built for running intensive games. Saying that, I was quite surprised at Dungeons II and how it ran, of course I had to turn everything down to low but it ran. First of all some vital statistics.

dungeons-2 logo


Replacing the mighty Keeper – Part 1 of 3

When you were little did you ever get really upset if you were expecting something and it didn’t happen? I did. My level of expectation has been one of the harder things I have had to get a hold of in adult life and I’m not quite there yet but I know just how much better I am. I bet you’re wondering what has this got to do with GeekOut? Well I can remember one such situation about the breakup of the Bullfrog team as they were consumed by EA and then Dungeon Keeper 3 got shelved. Ever since then I have always wanted that game to happen and I know that whatever they may of made back in the day may not of lived up to my expectations.



When I heard about this fantastic game, I immediately started to think about how I grew up through gaming. I thought back through some of my earliest games on the PC, the amazing games made by the British development team, Bullfrog Productions. These guys had some of the pioneers of gaming behind them, including the very popular Peter Molyneux and Stuart ‘the Balrog’ Whyte (most recently Studio Director of Lionhead Studios).

Whilst they made some great games such as Populous, I am right now focusing in on two of their greatest games: Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper (I and II). When I attended Rezzed this past week, I was able to play some alpha builds of some truly phenomenal indie games that are coming our way.