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Top 10 – Elves

GeekOut Top 10s

Elves are a strange category to cover, when you think about how much difference there is between the term. Some people just see the pointy ears and immediately call them an elf. Other people believe there must be some innate magical property in order for them to be elves. Whatever you believe, today we’re going to look at our Top 10 Elves in film, literature, video games and more. (more…)

Dungeon Situational – 20 Travelling Partners pt. 2

Right, where were we? Travelling companions eleven through twenty. Here’s one through ten if you missed them.

Matoban Riverwheel

Halfling, female

The softly spoken halfling dresses in soft leathers and expensive looking silks, but without much by way of ornamentation or showy colours. Her hair is a thick bundle of dun dreadlocks tied with a chord, and she goes barefoot most places while travelling. She’s hard to hear in the midst of heavy conversation, but happy enough to listen and participate only when she feels it’s her “turn” to speak, waiting for lulls where she might be heard clearly. (more…)

Review – Disenchanted

As The Simpsons draws to a much needed close and after the moderate success of Futurama’s reboot, in many ways I’m glad to see Matt Groening try something different, although in a handful of ways I’m trepidatious. On the one hand we’re applying the beloved comedy that took cartoons in the west to prime time television for decades, to a genre that I have always had a weakness for. On the other hand, that comedy has been getting a little tired after three decades of dominating television.

Nevertheless, I sat and watched Disenchantment. At just a handful of episodes, the whole thing took me less than a day, and gave me a respite from the constant – and I mean constant – marathon of Critical Role I’m currently on. And it also took me by surprise, because I genuinely laughed. I shouldn’t be surprised that a Groening creation makes me laugh, and yet I can’t remember the time I had to double back to watch something because I laughed out loud through some dialogue.