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Review – Penny Dreadful

I’ve raised Penny Dreadful as an example once or twice, but what am I going on about here?

More than one film, book or television series has brought together the mythologies of gothic horror masterpieces of Victorian England with varying degrees of success. Werewolves and vampires are easily pitched against one another, and when the matter of life versus death, humanity versus primality are put to work invariably the works of Victor Frankenstein and Henry Jekyll are rarely far behind. Demons, witches, and a smattering of magicks and lores from colonial America and Africa blend to make an interesting take on the dark, bloody and profoundly philosophical imaginations of some of the era’s best remembered authors. (more…)


April TV Hype

I can talk forever about the approaching war, and the theories of DC’s potential demise. And Spider-Man, and Apocalypse, and a thousand other things coming to the cinema over the next little while but there are other, equally exciting things afoot on the small screen.

Daredevil Season 2

Or maybe The Defenders Season 3 if you prefer. The staggering successes of the first season led to an almost immediate renewal, but it’s being shoehorned into a pre-planned structure to include the recent series Jessica Jones. It’s not certain yet as to whether or not Jones has been renewed but with Luke Cage on the way later this year that should account for that, and the presence of Electra and the Hand suggest tie-ins to our final team-member Iron Fist. (more…)

Lady Parts

This is something I’ve had on my mind a lot lately. I’ve said it a few times now, that there are some fantastic female actors in the industry but sadly very few are receiving the opportunities to play the kind of characters they deserve. I’ve heard the role of female characters described as “being there for men to talk to”, being treated as the subject of exposition rather than the object. It’s something I observe infrequently, but I do find myself thinking that I rarely see a female character who stands apart, someone that I want to discuss at length after the film is over.

So I present a few quick case studies of the portrayal of female characters, good and bad. (more…)