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Making A Private Wiki

Making a wiki has never been easier in this day and age; all you have to do is start to write a new wiki on a website such as Wikia (now known as Fandom). Great. But wait, when you make a Wikia page, it has to be public. I first made this mistake, as I was looking to make myself a private wiki. I’m sure you may be wondering why anyone would make a private wiki; isn’t the point of them to share information with others? To have other people help moderate and update information as it comes in? Whilst you’re right, you may want a private wiki to keep track of your stories, your adventures, your games, you name it… And just because it’s private doesn’t mean it has to be a one-person wiki.


Pride: Being A Proud Gay Geek

The past month, people across the world have been celebrating Pride month, a moment for the LGBT community and allies to celebrate all that makes up diversity. We here support people to be free to be who they want to be, so long as they’re not cruel to others. Except Joel, you can be mean to Joel if you want*. I thought I’d use today as a way to close off Pride month by talking a bit about myself… What? I’m proud of being a geek. Oh and I’m also proud of being an openly gay geek.

*P.S: Please don’t be mean to Joel, I was kidding.


Steampunk: A Beginners’ Guide

If you’ve ever been fascinated about the wildly popular theme that is Steampunk, then this is a quick look at what Steampunk is and isn’t, as well as all the do’s and don’ts of the fandom. Join Timlah as we delve deeply into the fascinating world of Steampunk, an old bygone era mixed with modern day technologies and theories. It’s truly a wonderful, bizarre world, so be prepared to hold onto your bowler hats!



Creativity and nerdity tend to be an explosive mixture. Art is an expression of emotion through various media, and geeks tend towards extremes of emotion regarding their particular fandoms and passions, the two make for a happy and productive union that produces a great deal of beautiful and thought provoking material, and many of the works we know and love today were originally the product of fan art in it’s own way. (more…)

On Trial – The Nightmare Before Christmas

We got into something of a debate recently. Votes were called, arguments levied, there may have been name-calling. If you read our Top 10 Alternative Santa list last week you may have noticed Jack Skellington got busted down to honourable mentions. That was not the end of the debate, so we come to you, fair readers, with a burning question.

Is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Geeky?



Good afternoon all,

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m working on an Edward Elric cosplay. It’s going quite slowly right now, as weight is still my biggest hurdle. It’ll constantly be my biggest hurdle for years to come, the same with many people, I am sure. I am not unique to enjoying food, however, I need to get through this for my own sake, I say.

I was planning on doing (roughly) 3 months of no drinking (Ending on March 28th, so just under 3 months). Now, now, this doesn’t mean there’ll be no GeekOut socials, I’ll just be drinking diet coke and can even potentially be a designated driver (Beep, beep!)

Once the New Year is in, I will be without beers (again) until Kitacon. This is all well and good, but I have seen that there is a “Dryathlon“.

The Dryathlon is a fund-raising event by Cancer Research UK, where the participant is to not drink booze for the whole month of January. Hey, this is pretty cool and all, as this is what I was going to do anyway – and this way, my drink-free lifestyle will also be to raise money for charity. So this is a plea to all of you… And I do apologise for taking to the blog for this, but if just one of you donates, it’s a small step towards the small goal I have on there and my real life goal. I’m the type of person: If I say I’m going to do something like this, it’ll happen done.

If I exceed my goal, I’ll keep updating everyone of the booze free lifestyle until Kitacon instead of just a weekly update during the Dryathlon month. That’s right, Kitacon will be the time I can enjoy some booze once more.

The goal is a modest £150, which is what the site kind of suggested to go for… So I’ll go for that! If this is exceeded, then fantastic, as I say, I’ll keep this site updated with a weekly post about what I did instead of going to the pub to drink booze. Even the times I go to the pub, it’ll be booze free.

Thanks for reading everyone, if just one person clicks on the link, it makes a big difference.

Any donation is better than no donation, though there’s no obligation to donate!


To cover all bases, I thought I’d just mention: the usual GeekOut posts will still happen throughout January and beyond. I’ll just do an extra post every Friday to say what I did throughout the week and even give you extra facts such as: Weight loss for the week (if any), personal targets smashed (if any) or what I’m working on.

Thank you very much for reading – Now back to the usual GeekOut content.

GeekOut posters

Hello once again,


So, today’s post will be on the GeekOut social group. I already know that this time there’ll be more people than the last time.

Well, to get more people into the conversation, I’ve gone ahead and splashed together some posters which will be put in various geek outlets. I’ve already spoken to Excelsior (With thanks to the first GeekOut session!) and they have agreed to put these posters up. For people who are interested, the poster in question is below! Horrah! Check out those reds, surely a colour that’d catch your eyes.

If you make note of the lack of pictures, that’s because: GeekOut is about all things Geek… If I were to go ahead and put pictures over it, it might give a wrong impression. Heck, it might just attract geeks who are solely interested in video games, anime, manga and cosplaying. That’s not what GeekOut is about. It’s a conversation with all different aspects of geekdom!

With this in mind: Comments are still appreciated. Anything missing? Let me know!I’m still very new to all this, so if anyone has done anything similar with a get together group for geeks, then if I’ve missed anything critical out: I’d love to hear from you!

GeekOut poster - Simply understated?

GeekOut poster – Simply understated?

Please note: This is a low-quality copy of it in order to keep the file size low on here! Don’t want to exceed some limits nor make it take 200,000 years to load this post now, do I?

The power of fans

Hello one and all to an article that I’m calling “The power of fans”.

This is going to discuss (briefly) the power and even in some cases “responsibilities” that fans of a series or fans or an art has. Yes, fans are important and yet, some companies choose not to draw on the power of their fans, instead drawing on money! This doesn’t sit well with me.


I’d say about 35W…

Okay, now let’s seriously get into it.

What’s a fan?

No, it’s not a bunch of blades around an electrical motor spinning right round, baby. A fan in context of a company/interest is someone who actively promotes their products/hobbies in a good way. Fans also kind of have a two way process. You are a fan of something, you feel you are entitled to an opinion about what you are a fan of. If you disagree with something your particular company, artist, developer, celebrity (and so on) does, then you’re more likely to say something about it, or sit back in a rather submissive way. If you agree with something, equally so, you promote it!

Most fans do not want to sit back and let the thing they are a fan of turn into something they don’t want to see, so fans start petitions or just want to get in contact with whatever they are a fan of. At the same time, fans like to celebrate the successes of what they are a fan of.

I present to you, exhibit A) An article about a fan. Please note, exhibit A is about a “Brony”. If you feel you would take any offense to reading about how a “Brony” got into his fandom of choice, leave it. Simple as that, I’d say. I’m not a fan of the series myself, though I truly see the appeal through the fans. The fandom… The geekdom!

I was watching the series on “Bronies” quite happily. Why? Mere curiosity and nothing more. They are also well written and simple. All they need to be.

“Brony” is an extension of a fandom, however. He is a “Brony”. The same as there are people out there who’d call themselves “Bieleibers” (I doubt I spelt that right). Also, people who’d call themselves “Gamers”. “Otaku”. Whatever your fandom is, you’ve probably got a name for the fan base of which you’re a part of. But this is where all the power comes from!

The power of equality fandoms

I apologise, I do enjoy Red Hot Chilli Peppers and find myself quoting songs a lot. It’ll never happen again. Until later.

So a fandom as we’ve now established are a group of people who are united by a common interest. This leads nicely to the social group of “GeekOut” which is, in fact, an extension of fandoms. Rather than having segregated groups, why not have an umbrella groups for all geeky interests to unite and talk in a free and open atmosphere? Why not, indeed. That’s why I set GeekOut up, to appeal to multiple fandoms. To spread their fandoms message to other fandoms and to hear from other fandoms. Wow, the word fandom has been mentioned here a lot.

I now present exhibit B) An anime convention.

Now, I don’t agree with “Cosplayers being the most important and fun” part of an anime convention, but they are an extension of a fandom again. Notice I’ve mentioned “Extension” a few times? This is because geeks, as an umbrella group of people, have many interests. Some people go to an anime convention purely to buy some merchandise. Other people, like to Cosplay. Some people like to play some “Vidya”, or video games.

Any convention is about bringing fans together. Be it an anime convention, a Sci-Fi convention (Thanks again to BristolCon for a wonderful day and many books! I’m still reading through them all.) or whatever the convention is. It brings fans and casual observers together, to discuss in an open environment. Why hide what we’re proud of being a fan of!? Why not show the world we’re here and we’re excited to show off our interests.

What do fans and fandoms do for my interest?

I’ll take my major interests of anime and video games for this, but trust me when I say, this applies in most interests.

In anime, we have anime conventions. Anime conventions as mentioned before bring together everyone from the hardcore fan to the casual observer. They allow us to explore and to find like minded individuals. But what does it do for, say, a manga artist?

In some cases, an artist can gain exposure at conventions. If they take their time to talk to people, their message will spread amongst many others.

Artists at an anime convention, exposure to a group of their core demograph!

Then you have industry figures. For anime conventions, they get voice actors, artists, animators, internet celebrities, professional cosplayers, etc. They come by, promote what they do and do a sort of Q&A session for their fans.

The point is, none of this would happen without those fans to take their fandom further by having conventions set up!

Many charities are set up as non-profit organisations, too. Their profits can go towards charities which is another power of fandom. When people get together, we can achieve anything. This is why I adore fans and fandoms of all kinds. This is why all sorts of companies need to embrace their fans. Please the fans and the fans will support you.

Of course, sometimes, there are those unreasonable fans in the world that demand perfection every time. I think, the closer the interaction between fans and their interests, the less likely the vocal minority hurt the rest of the fans. My favourite example of there being some unreasonable fans are with a web series called “Game Grumps”. Most of the “Lovelies” are supportive. But then you get the vocal minority shine through because people let them shine through.

This is an example of how fans can have a powerful voice.

So, the next time you go to take part in a group meet-up or you go to see an act live. Perhaps you go to a convention, or perhaps you just go for some drinks, take a step back when you express your disapproval. Think about it from both points of view, sometimes: It pays more to see the positive, rather than the negatives. We, as fans, have a powerful role in our interests. We’re the reason they’re there in the first place.

Let’s remember, we’re fans… FOR THE LOVE OF OUR INTERESTS!

Now, to finish this post off in a nice geeky way,

Geek proud, GeekOut!