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Riot Games Go All Out For 10 Year Anniversary – New Games!

Riot Games have gone all out for their 10 year anniversary, which is a pretty exciting thing to be able to say. Riot Games made the Free-To-Play giant, League of Legends, which is a major title in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre. For years, they’ve run just the one game but this year, they’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and show how much progress they’ve made in their world.


Video Game Review – Killing Floor 2

Wanna get chased around by Zombies on a series of different maps? Thought Killing Floor 1 was too tough for you? Well Killing Floor 2 is here, but it’s no easier! Grab some friends, buy some guns from the trader and get ready for the next wave, as we’re looking towards the last wave, to fight any boss that comes our way – But how does this compare to its predecessor? Our full review is here!


Tower of Guns – Rogue FPS done right

Tower of Guns logo

I remember saying during my review of One More Dungeon that rogue games may not work for first person shooters, then I reminded myself of the fantastic Heavy Bullets which made me backtrack on this statement a bit. I also forgot about the game which I am going to talk about today and that is Tower Of Guns. The game is available for OSX, Windows and Linux from a number of different online retailers, which can all be found on the developers’ website.


Top 10 Rehashed Ideas

Creative minds are constantly finding ways to make a new story, or to tell something in a brand new, highly imaginative way. Except for these guys who have decided to use the easiest cop-out in the world and just rehash an idea that’s already out there. Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad, rehashing an idea is a sign that either something was such a good idea it had to be done again, or a lack of an imagination.

With this in mind, we’ve had a long and hard think, then we had a long and hard think and then we had a long and hard think. Now that we’ve thought about it a few times, we wrote a list then we wrote a list. We compared our new list to the original list and boom, we made our Top 10 Rehashed Ideas list. Be warned, we’re not on about a series that’s happened time and time again, but rather a concept that has been reused. Read on to see what makes it in. (more…)

Killing Floor


Possibly my favourite horror game of all time, Killing Floor is a Co-Op Horror Survival game, where you alone or you and a group of others try to survive the Zed apocalypse.


Oh, these guys. (Credit to PC Gamer for this one)

I guess it was more fun to call them zed’s than zombies. No, there is a reason for it, but without going into too much detail, this game is about the following:

– Oh dear, England is being savaged by zombies.- Darn it, guess whose job it is to clean up the zombie mess?
– That’s right, you and your rag tag crew of would-be zombie killers.

The reason they’re “Zeds” not “zombies” is because the zombies are basically mutated experiments. From the standard Clot to the way overkill Fleshpound, these guys become nastier the longer the waves go on and don’t think a standard clot is no problem, oh no. You’d be silly to dismiss the normal ones. They come in numbers!

I’m a lonely gamer

That’s fine! This game is a co-op survival horror game, however it is also playable solo. In fact, that’s how I perk up for the most part, alone. Very alone. :'( I feel sad now.

I would definitely recommend this game as a way to get some friends together to play a game together. If you all like a little bit of action in your games yet don’t want to be killing one another for points (WHAT!?) then this may very well be the game for you.


Viewer discretion advised for the above video, but it’s a good idea as to what this game can do when you’ve got a group of gamers who have no idea how to play it! (Not a bad thing! Fun galore!)

How did this game come about?

Killing Floor started as a mod of one of my all time favourite FPS titles, Unreal Tournament 2004, arguably one of the most exciting FPS titles released. Of course, I use the term arguably because it is a subjective opinion and yes, even I do get carried away with opinions. Heavily. Do not talk bad of UT2k4! Please? :(

After being a very successful mod, Tripwire Interactive bought out Killing Floor and turned it into a fully fledged game! Arguably one of the more successful horror games on Steam, Killing Floor makes a lot of it’s money via DLC. No wait, wait, don’t switch away now. By DLC, I am not on about special maps or new game play modes, I mean mostly cosmetic. There are some weapons you can buy via DLC, but ultimately, the most part of the available DLC is cosmetic.

All of the DLC is relatively cheap and the game itself isn’t too badly priced (At time of writing, on Steam it costs £14.99)

This is well worth a look at if you are a fan of horror games. If not, but a fan of FPS games, this could still be for you. If you want a game to play with friends, this could STILL be for you.

(Credit to Pixel Smashers for this one.) Even during a zombie apocalypse, humans like to weld things.