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Anime Review: Attack on Titan

When humanity is hunted, it’s time to fight back. Living within Walls, humans live a bleak life, living off rations, whilst the Titans come swaming in, feasting on humans – All whilst not needing to eat them to survive. A cruel, bleak world, with a really interesting overall premise, Attack on Titan is a gritty, brutal series filled with interesting characters. It’s been around for a while, but I’ve recently been checking it out for the first time on Crunchyroll.


Anime Review: How To Keep A Mummy

Hey everyone, cute mascots sell an anime right? Well, sometimes that may be the case. Take Kyubey, the cutest little creature which binds people into contracts for their souls! YEAH! Wait, what? Hmm, perhaps this cute mascot malarkey has a lot more behind it than I initially thought! Let’s turn our attention back to the focus of this review.

This Winter season, Crunchyroll have been promoting an anime called How To Keep A Mummy; a series all about a man and his struggles in keeping a tiny mummy. Except this isn’t an ordinary mummy, because I think I’d rather formalde-HIDE than watch that. Hah, I’m funny. Anyway, come read about how a dorky guy deals with looking after the world’s smallest mini-…pet?


Video Game Review: Typefighters (Steam Edition)

Do you think you’re a whiz with your keyboard skills? Perhaps you’re nothing more than a keyboard sloth? Then look no further, this is a game (that isn’t Typing of the Dead) which will see if your claims to keyboard stardom are right. Join Timlah as we look at this incredibly cheap and easy to play game on Steam, Typefighters.


Why I Use Google Apps and Why You Should Too

The web is full of really useful tools for productivity, but sitting up the top are Google Apps. Read on to find out why both Timlah and Joel have been using the web office tools so avidly and what benefits we’ve seen through using it.


Free Useful Webinars For Startups

Who says you can’t learn important skills for free? We’ve previously discussed MOOCs in the past, a free (or at least highly discounted,) way to learn new skills and gain certificates as proof of your completion. However, sometimes you’re less worried about the certification process and want to just learn an important skill. I’ve been reading around and found that HMRC give out for free.


Making YouTube Videos For Free

Are you the creative type who has been urging to create your very own masterpiece to go on YouTube? Perhaps you’re a gamer who has been looking to up the ante a little bit and take to the (small) big screen and go to YouTube? Do you want to learn how to make your own YouTube videos completely for free without fancy software? Then look no further, this is a beginners guide to making YouTube videos. All you require is your creative mind…

A common issue for people who are looking to start their journey on YouTube and other video sharing platforms is starting out. More specifically the finances required to set up a channel with good quality production. I don’t have a fancy computer and I certainly don’t have any high-value products for my recording. Instead, all of the software I got was for free and the equipment I have in today’s market must be worth no more than £100. So what will you need to begin your journey if you’re looking to make YouTube videos? How do I make mine since I’m on Linux? This is a journey into Open Source Software doing what it does best: Surprise people.


Video Game Review – Sonic Dreams Collection

The Sonic Dreams Collection, a game that became an internet legend overnight, thanks to videos from major video game YouTubers, such as the Game Grumps, Markiplier and many more. Yes, it’s this months flavour of indie insanity. However, I’m tired of seeing these games come along without observing the same scrutiny as others. They come along and get articles on them, without telling people how it really plays, how it looks and so on. So this week, I’m going to break tradition with these funky games and give you a serious review on a very-not-serious game.


Tabletop Games Industry event in Bristol

In Bristol, on Friday July the 24th, if board games are something you find to be highly fun and interesting, then there may be just the event for you. The industry is always in need of bright people to join in from an artistic point of view.


Information taken directly from the Eventbright page:

Creating art and graphics for tabletop games requires a very different set of skills and understanding that you may not be used to. Namely, as well as making sure the art looks amazing, the graphics in a game need to be functional and fit for purpose.

Join us on FRIDAY JULY 24TH (2PM-4PM) for a taster session in how to create practical and functional graphic designs for tabletop games, run by Chaos Publishing.

Board games, cards games and tabletop games are having a huge resurgence and we have many people calling it the Golden Age of gaming.

Sales are booming, more gaming shops are opening up all over the world, interest at events is growing exponentially and even more games are being produced each year than ever before!

So what does this mean for you, the humble artist? Well, the session is entirely free, so it’s time to find out!

This taster will cover a good introduction to how you can get involved in this industry and the best routes to take in utilising your skillset.

Afterwards, we plan on running a workshop over a number of weeks to delve into this subject in much greater detail. There’s only so much we can go through in just a couple of hours, so be sure to register your interest.

2pm: An introduction to the tabletop games industry.
2:30pm: How to seek work in the industry. An insider look.
3pm: What you need to consider when creating art and designing for tabletop games.
3:40pm: Q&A

You can find this event taking place in 51 Merchant St, Bristol, City of Bristol, BS1 3EE

See below for a Google Map of where the event is taking place. Oh and guess what the best thing about this event is? It’s entirely free!

If you end up going to this event, let me know how it goes. I’m reaching out to the event organisers in hopes that we can get some pictures of the event so we can keep you all posted. I’m really excited to know that a company such as Chaos Publishing are getting this active in recruiting more people to developing and designing board games. It’s an exciting time, as board games really have hit an exciting resurgence.

If I’m able to get myself to this event (Tricky as my day job sends me around the country), then I’ll gladly make my way over to get some pictures of the event (permission permitting) and report back what happens. Do you have anything like this in your area? Let us know in the comments below, over on Facebook and Twitter. Hey, whilst you head over to Facebook, check out our latest competition for a free copy of Goblins Know Best.

Web Wednesday – CSS Part 2

CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, are a wacky and wonderful part of the internet. Without it, we will not have all of the beautiful websites of the world today. Couple this powerful, beautiful styling language with our websites skeleton language, HTML, we’ve got an incredible combination. Here’s some more CSS tips and tricks before we move onto the next section of Web Wednesday.


Let’s catch up and do a quick recap of Web Wednesday so far. We’ve already covered HTML in our first lesson, where we were able to create a functional website. It didn’t have much going on, but we had a website and we were proud of that face.

Next up, we started to look into CSS, the stylish language of the internet! We started to look at these things we call Divs as well as using ID’s and Classes to define specific elements of a webpage. We’ve made them look pretty and made them look crazy too. We’ve smoothed edges and even made a circle just out of CSS!


CSS is cool!


So far, we’ve simply discussed how to change the style of an element, but what about whenever something happens with that element? What if someone hovered their cursor over a box which you wanted to have change into a different colour on mouse over? Introducing element properties into your website makes it feel that much more dynamic and responsive. To apply a pseudo-class to an element, you need to use a colon. So it is written like “Element-name : pseudo-class-name”.

Here’s a simple example:

<title>My test</title>
<style type="text/css">
  a:hover {
    color: #FF0000;
  <a href=””>Click me please!</a>

Save the above as test.html and open it up in your web browser. Then move your cursor over the link. What happens?

Link hover

You know that menu bar up at the top of this website? Whenever you move your cursor over it, this is what it’s doing. It’s registered a Pseudo-Class is there and it applies the element whenever the pseudo-class is called (I.E whenever you move your cursor over it.)

Most people use these purely for links, but you can do things like this to just about any element you see fit… Including this:

  <title>My test</title>
  <style type="text/css">
    .mydiv {
      background-color: #FF00FF;
      height: 200px;
      width: 200px;
    .mydiv:hover {
      background-color: #FF0000;
  <div class="mydiv" />

Go ahead and save this file, then open it. You’ll be presented with a pink square of 200 pixels by 200 pixels in size. If you move your cursor over this, it turns red. It is possible to do this to just about anything you want to, so it’s a neat trick.

Hover challenge

When hovered over, the above file should turn the square from pink to red.


We’ve gone too deep, so we must dig a little deeper. Now, it’s time for CSS to do some really funky things.

You know our favourite p tag? Paragraphs are great, but sometimes you want to put added emphasis on, for example, the first line of a paragraph. Well how can we do this? Here comes an example of a pseudo-element:

Changing the first letter ONLY

Do you know those fancy letters? You know the ones, the ones that are bigger than all other letters, look important at the beginning of a chapters’ paragraph in a book. It might be the first letter in an article. Well the way you can do that, instead of reusing a lot of annoying code around these letters, is with CSS Pseudo-Elements. The biggest difference with using a pseudo-element is to use two colons (::) rather than the 1 colon which is used for pseudo-classes.

  <title>My test</title>
  <style type="text/css">
    p::first-letter {
      font-size: xx-large;
      color: red;
    p#stylegraph {
      color: orange;
      font-size: 20pt;
    p.stylish {
      color: green;
      font-size: xx-small;
  <p> This is my first paragraph! </p>
  <p id="stylegraph">This is a stylish paragraph</p>
  <p class="stylish"> This is my small paragraph! </p>

And saving that gives us this result:

first letter challengeThere’s a lot to take in here, but the most important thing to take in is that on every paragraph, the first letter has been affected as we targetted the <p> tag, rather than a specific ID or Class. Those took on the extras from their parent tag (that <p> tag).

That’s it. No more. We’re done. No more need for styling our websites. But there is a need for you guys to be set a little bit of CSS homework. Why not take these slightly tougher challenges this week and share with us your results. If you found them all easy enough, then you’re on your way to being a Design Wiz. This wasn’t so hard, was it?!

  1. Create a div which has an orange background, is 100×400 pixels
  2. Create a really simple webpage with the following features:
    • A header picture
    • A header where the font-size is 42 pixels
    • A large box for content with a solid border
    • A footer, where all text inside of the footer is just 8px.
    • Some text that when you highlight it has a yellow background behind it.
      Think about how you would implement this one, as it’s tricky. I’d recommend thinking about how <Div tags> and Pseudo-Elements work.
  3. A website with 5 100×100 boxes of different colours (red, yellow, pink, green, purple – Or whatever colours you want) that as you hover over them change colour.

Let me know what you think about the challenges and until next time, I hope to speak to you all soon. As always, comment below, over on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll happily help out if there are any problems!

Merry Unbalance Christmas manga review

Since we’re so close to Christmas now, I thought it was time for me to look through and see if I could find any Christmas themed manga.

I mean, how hard could that be? Christmas is a huge topic, which has hundreds of products that sell very well. It’s a commercial success as well as being a culturally important day. So, how hard was it to find a Christmas themed manga? Very!

However, after much seeking around the internet, I managed to find one called Merry Unbalance Christmas.