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Top 10 Fictional Languages

GeekOut Top 10s

We here at GeekOut South-West like to use words. We like to write words down and share words with you. Sometimes other geeks like to share words that don’t even exist – Not until they’ve put them down. There are plenty of made up languages out there which are awesome to listen to, or are downright ridiculous. This week, we’re going to check out our Top 10 Fictional Languages.


GeekOut Bristol Meet’s Tech Toy Infosheets

Today is GeekOut Bristol Meet, taking place from 2pm at the Old Market Tavern. One thing we love to do here at GeekOut, is provide some unique themes for the events. This month’s theme was more to get people chatting about technology as a whole. As such, to get people chatting, I started to create some very basic little infosheets about a couple of pieces of tech throughout history. Check out our pieces – and let us know if there were any amongst these that you didn’t know about!


Top 10 Creepy Toys

Not going to lie here, I’m beginning to be a little bit worried about our lovely readers. Just the other week, they chose the Top 10 Death Noises in gaming and this week, we have to delve deep into the 90s and earlier (realistically) for a pick of creepy toys? Jeez guys, you sure do know how to pick the topics. But I mean this could have been a lot worse – At least they’re all toys, which means we can play with them and love them and cherish them… Right? Not these freaks.