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Sci-Fi – What The Future Holds

When I was growing up, the science fiction I watched painted a fairly clear picture of how the creator thought humanity should be. Star Trek and Babylon 5 showed versions of humanity who were united in a universe full of creatures who showed us that we were not so different to one another compared to the aliens that surrounded us, and we could reach out to those races with our newfound acceptance of one another to form stronger unions with them. (more…)

GeekOut South-West: Our Story So Far

You know, this may seem like a relatively simple article to write about, but it’s made me think back and reflect a lot. We’ve been going since 2013, meaning that in September of this year, we’ll officially have been around for five years; half a decade. In this time, we’ve had to learn a lot about producing content of all forms. We’ve written regular articles, we’ve produced videos, we’ve made little in-jokes, which have become more (see Gordon the GeekOut Goat). However, in our time, we’ve had to learn how to bring about a balance of being content creators, community organisers and being our own tech teams. If you’ve ever wanted to do something similar, here’s a reflective post on what we’ve done over the years.


The Future of Pokemon Go

A work which becomes a genre in itself. Worth noting that this is not Niantic’s first outing with a game of a similar format, but when you use one of gaming’s biggest names to shine a spotlight on your core concept of course it’s going to explode. The problem we have is a fairly common issue in the modern gaming industry, we have been presented with an incomplete product. We’ve not paid for it of course, and the advantage of its freemium style is that you only pay money if you’re already enjoying what you’ve got. (more…)

Super Films

Not all super-powered people are heroes, nor do they always jump out of the comics to make it to the big screen. Some of my favourite super-films and series are not based on the classic comics, and these are a gateway into a world of literature and graphic novels that’ll take you way off the beaten path. Marvel has gone blockbuster, and DC – bless them – keep trying, so lets take a look at a couple of the off-brand supers. (more…)

World Book Week & World Book Day

Every year around the same time, there is a World Book Week. A lot of people will remember this from their school days, where for some reason there was more emphasis on books during these days… I certainly remember it!

As an avid reader, I thought I’d help celebrate World Book Week and more importantly World Book Day. So if you’ve never heard of this before, or if you wanted to know a little bit more about it – Read on!