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Top 10 – Internet Cartoons

GeekOut Top 10s

Media as we know it has changed, for better or for… No, better! The internet has provided us with countless hours of amazing content with flash games and of course our favourite, the animators, who are highly underrated in what they do. Yes, the internet is really, really great – For a lot of things, but this Top 10 isn’t the best things the internet has produced: It’s the best cartoons it’s produced.

So whether you’re sat there spitting out dank memes, or just thinking about how the internet has provided you with some of the most nail-biting, fear-induced sweats you’ve ever had, it’s time to face this week’s list: It’s GeekOut’s Top 10 Internet Cartoons. (more…)

Top 10 Hilariously Bad Things

Life is full of great and wondrous things. Some things you know are great, worthy of our laughter, our applause and our support. There are some things which are so bad, that we just don’t talk about them. But what about the things which are so bad that they’re actually pretty damn funny? There’s a lot of things like this out there and that’s why we’ve been so vague. Join us as we have a look through our Top 10 Hilariously Bad Things.

We’re not limiting ourselves to anything in particular here. This isn’t an anime, or a video game, or a technology list. This is a list of all that is hilariously bad. I think you’re in for a treat if you’ve not heard of some of these.

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YouTube and you

YouTube is a video sharing platform that has captivated me since its inception back in 2005. It has almost been 10 years since YouTube has been on this earth and I can honestly say, I can barely remember what I did with my time before YouTube was around. I think I was a lot more productive.

Is YouTube the biggest time waste imaginable?

Hear me out on this one.

I’m not criticising YouTube or anything, as it’s down to the content creators. I find I do not watch much television. Most of the television I could ever want is on YouTube and I intend to get a media streaming service over a service such as Virgin Media or Sky when I get my own place.

It’s with this in mind, that YouTube has for me almost entirely replaced TV. I have had a few discussions with others and a lot of people seem to still say “I prefer to watch TV than YouTube clips”, yet a bunch of these same people know about what videos have recently gone viral and a lot of videos I never knew about before speaking to them!

With this in mind, I’m here to share some channels that honestly, I find just darn fun to watch for whatever reason. Here we go into the wonderful world of YouTube.

WARNING: Some of these channels may be Not Safe For Work (NSFW). As such, I’ll clearly mark each channel that is generally deemed NSFW.


(I realise how this turns out on the background of these articles. One very stand-out “Tube” logo, that is! I couldn’t leave that out!)

Game Grumps (NSFW) – I have eluded to these fellows a few times before. The idea came about of just two guys to play video games and do a running commentary on the games. Those two were relatively famous internet personalities: Egoraptor, who is well known for making some very decent animations and JonTron who was well known for his over the top video game YouTube reviews. JonTron has now left the Game Grumps, but with Danny having taken his place and with another member of the cast in Ross. These guys feature some ridiculously funny moments as they often forget to review the game and just talk about life in general.


Danooct1 – Seems silly, but recently I had a bit of a “fan boy moment” thanks to this YouTuber. I have seen Danooct1s videos for some time on YouTube. I had shared some of his videos with Phil from 1001-Up and Phil messaged me on Twitter talking about how he had spent hours watching Danooct1s videos. I then sent a message back to Phil and mentioned he had a Twitter. Danooct1 then responded via Twitter. He might not be an international mega star, but boy, as a tech-inspired geek who has seen many of his videos, it felt great just having a single line of dialogue from him. His videos have kept me fascinated for quite some time.


penguinz0 (NSFW) – A well known YouTube gamer who does reviews in a somewhat sarcastic and silly style. Whilst keeping a near monotone voice, Cr1tikal (the gamer in question) will play some rather peculiar games as well as some of the latest and greatest. When I say this one is NSFW, I mean it is very NSFW. It will offend people. You have been warned.


Brentalfloss – A musician and a comedian who writes lyrics to classic video game themes. My personal favourite of Brentalfloss is his rendition of Mega Man 2 with lyrics. Some naughty words but not enough in my eyes to make him NSFW. The same as listening to songs with a few swear words! So long as you don’t blast it out to everyone, it should be okay!


TheFineBros – These guys run several series of “x react to…”, these series range from with Kids React To, Teens React To and Elders React To. There are some more, such as their animated “Emo Dad” series and much more. These guys are generally Safe For Work (SFW) but there are a few that would be NSFW. Keep to the Kids React To for SFW videos. They give their target audience a video to watch from the wonderful and wacky world of YouTube and record their reactions.


Now that I’ve shared just a small selection of my favourite channels with you all, I’d like messages back from you. Do you have a favourite channel that I should check out? Trust me, I procrastinate with YouTube enough, that one more channel really won’t hurt. Let’s be honest, there’s only so many parody videos you can watch before becoming infected with the YouTube bug!


Speaking of parodies!