eCollectica Games Day and 9th Birthday

I’m busy writing the most elaborate one-shot game I’ve ever made, using D&D 5th edition as my basic format. In keeping with the season I’m going for a horror theme with a shamelessly childish twist, but I take pride in my work! No matter how childish my source material I’m working hard to keep it as traumatising as possible. When I play for fear, I go for the throat, and everything I can bring in to build atmosphere I will be using. It’s the kind of work I only put into an event-grade game.

2576159-jabberwocky1e-Collectica Games Day is upon us, and we’re pulling out all the stops. Along with a battery of new and old games including some Star Wars X-Wing and Armada, it’ll also see the return of Viking Tomato, the ever popular fruit and vegetable based roleplay based on Quotes from the Tabletop‘s very own Mike/Bassios.

More importantly, if this games day goes well, then next year the event can get even bigger! There are speculations on taking the 9:30 – 4:30 event into the evening, and at next the next birthday party – the big 1-0 – even a mini-cosplay competition.

This is how bigger events are born, they grow from the support of the good people like you. People are coming from all over the country for this so if you’re anywhere in or near Shropshire, come down and join us. There’s still time before Saturday to get your ticket for £2.50, unless you want to pay the full £3 on the door, hey we don’t mind. Games start at 9:30 in the Morris Hall on Bellstone.

Anyway, enough of this shameless advertising. Back to work…

AmeChibi and e-Collectica Games Day

At the start of the month I said that my April will be full of plans and doings. I give you plans! And doings!


Where to begin…

Well let’s start with a quick reminder of what AmeChibi is. Ame and Kita have joined forces to cycle their conventions, one small (-Chibi) and one large (-Con), and suffice to say that Ame have taken the lead on the smaller conventions. On that score let me say that AmeChibi did very well, there was about as many events, panels, and parties as one could expect of a convention labelled “Chibi”.

I can’t honestly say that I met many new people (one or two for certain will be memorable additions to my Facebook) but a lot of faces that I already recognized from previous Cons now have names attached to them. Now, and only now do I feel that I’ve properly joined the community, and I took the opportunity this weekend to make sure that I shall not want for friendly faces at future conventions.

The panels on offer were limited, that’s true, but there was enough to fill the weekend, leaving enough time to get to know people, maybe squeeze in an anime screening, a game of Magic or a drink. It was an odd balance to strike, but I think a little more could have been done. I never felt rushed as I do at a regular convention, but at the same time there were some long pauses where rooms were left empty.

Now I know a lot of you guys have some ideas for things you’d like to do for panels, and nothing but nothing is lost by asking around for support and even help running a panel! Get involved, look for KitaChibi next year, AmeChibi the year after and again and again. They want your help, and we want to hear you get involved. Just like I did…

Warning – Plenty of Swearing and I made a few rookie mistakes like putting the map on top of my tablet, and putting the Haribo a bit too close. By the way when I say a lot of swearing, I mean a lot of swearing, I am a cruel DM.

My thanks to Dan, Chris, Gemma and John for playing!

Ahh, were it only happy times all round.

The Britannia Hotel in Nottingham. If you spot that name listed as the venue, avoid the convention, at least until you hear that they’ve done some work, and I mean hard work.

I heard about previous cons held there where the staff had been rude, and that has changed, the staff were quite polite to us over the weekend, one or two even joined in with a round of the theme from Duck Tales. But the rooms have no WiFi, and a CRT TVs without a digital tuner. The rooms themselves are reasonable but not particularly comfortable for the price paid. There were other matters concerning the hotel that I shall not go into here, suffice to say that a complaint will be made, and until I hear otherwise there is a black mark in my book against the Britannia of Nottingham.

Also I forgot to take a camera with me. That was stupid, that was very stupid…

e-Collectica Games Day

By being in Nottingham I may have missed out on the best Games-Day yet, alas I can only live it vicariously through photos sent to me via the e-Collectica Facebook page and by my friend Mike, co-owner of Quotes from the Tabletop.

e-Collectica Games Day

My local games shop host regular events where people can come and play board games, take part in events, meet new gamers and try something different. They’re a lot of fun, and I’m not just saying that because I’m on the committee who runs them. Helping to manage events is one hell of an opportunity for me, and I’ve learned a great deal in the process, and though it’s been a long fight for us to make games days a success, they get better every time, and everyone who comes enjoys themselves, and ultimately that’s what is important.

We are Shrewsbury’s biggest games event, and we are still rising. In fact e-Collectica itself is currently looking likely to move from it’s current stall in the local Market Hall and into a high street premises, and next years’ events are going to be bigger and better than ever.

If you’re local to the area, keep an eye on Facebook and GeekOut South-West for updates on when the next games day should be. For now though, take a look at what you’d be missing out on:


A huge thank you to everyone who attended and an even bigger thanks to those yet to attend! We look forward to seeing you.

And once again, a huge thank you to e-Collectica for every opportunity they’ve given me.

The Week in Geek – 06/10/2014

We’re back once again ladies and gentlemen for another awesome edition of The Week in Geek. We’ve been intrigued by a few articles that appeared throughout the last week and now is the time to recap over the week. Come join Timlah and Joel as we look through The Week in Geek.

We’re back once again ladies and gentlemen for another awesome edition of The Week in Geek. We’ve been intrigued by a few articles that appeared throughout the last week and now is the time to recap over the week. Come join Timlah and Joel as we look through The Week in Geek.

The Week In Geek

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The Week in Geek – 29/09/2014

The week in geek is back with more news, the latest in the two announced campaigns from last week and two, yes two, events coming to the UK in the next few weeks. Come check it out!

The Week In Geek

We’re back once again ladies and gentlemen for another awesome edition of The Week in Geek. This week, we’ve had a bit of a slow one, but it’s also been an exciting one for a few reasons. Here’s last week’s geek happenings and what there is to look forward to!



GeekOut South-West’s next meetup

GeekOut Sam

That’s right, last week we did a new post on the next GeekOut South-West meetup which is taking place This Friday. Why not come along if you’re in or around Bristol, UK? We’d love to see you there. More information can be found on our Meetup page.

We are having Kim and Phil, as well as Joel all at this meetup and many more wonderful guests! Come along!


Firestorm Funded!


After only 4 days, Anderson Entertainments’ Firestorm made its’ funding goal! Stretch goals are being put up and achieved in short order, and with every new goal, Firestorm becomes that little bit more awesome. So far we already have a new set – the interior of Ocean Storm, and a bigger explosion – a very real (model) building detonated for our entertainment. So much more still to come, and you still have 28 days left to show your support and get some cool stuff in the process.


Samurai Chef Funded!


That’s right, on a similar vein to the Firestorm announcement above, Samurai Chef has already received more than enough for funding! Exciting stuff lies ahead for us and I really hope Mayamada keeps their momentum going. They are great guys who deserved to get their comic to light. Plus, they do a lot of work within the Otaku community as seen in yesterday’s post.


Games Day


Shameless self promotion:

On October 19th, e-Collectica Games will be hosting a tabletop games day, and because it’s e-Collectica’s birthday this games day they will be including a Settlers of Catan tournament with prizes to be won, their annual Fluxx competition, and will also see the return of Viking Tomato – a role-play using the Savage Worlds system hosted by Quotes From the Tabletop with our very own Mike Pound at the helm. Take the time to try Privateer Press’ Warmachine and Hordes miniature war-game. There will also be a library of games to play, but plenty of space for those of you who want to bring your games to play too.

This is the third such event e-Collectica have allowed me to run, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. If any of you guys are going to be in the Shropshire area on October 19th, come to the Morris Hall on Bellstone from 9:30 onwards. Tickets are £3 on the door, but please feel free to register your name by contacting us here at GeekOut South-West to get the pre-booking discount.


That’s it for this Week in Geek! If you know of anything happening that you think should get a small piece on this site, let us know! Drop us an e-mail or even use the contact form below. If you don’t want your name to be featured or if you want some information to be displayed should your news make it in, then please let us know what you want and we’ll accredit you as expected!