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Discord’s New Games Hub Update

For those of you who have used Discord at some point in time, you may have heard that an update that came in last week introduced a Games Tab. This hub gives convenient quick links to all of your favourite titles that you’ve got installed. Further to that, it gives you news and an insight as to what all of your friends are up to in the world of video games. Having now used it for a number of days, there are a few things I’ve got to say about it: some positive, some… not so much.


Reload, Relive, Replay – New Gaming Event in Bristol March 30th-31st

2018 has already been eventful and it looks as if there’s another contender on the market. At the end of March 2018, there is going to be a transformation taking place in the heart of the centre of Bristol, inside of the Bristol Hippodrome Theatre. The theatre will be turning into a gaming hub for the first time!

Sounds good? Read on for info on what the event’s about, how to get there along with parking information and more.