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GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 12th: Spectre Waltz Gallery

October, a month for the spooky and the macabre. A month when children dress up like the little monsters they are, whilst asking for sugar to make them even more energetic. However, it’s not just the kids who get into the spirit of Halloween. Us grown adults still love a good excuse to throw a costume on and to decorate the place, making it a spooky spectacular for all involved. Yeah, alright, I didn’t have much in the way to make the place spookier, but we certainly did have the right people come along, helping us by making the place a Halloween haven – And we were just under three weeks early!



GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 14th: VAMP-TASTICAL!

18+ Event

Blah! I want to suck your blood! Don’t read into that too much; I don’t really. But this month, we’re celebrating All Hallow’s Eve!

So if you’re a ghost, or a ghoul, it’s time to get dressed up in your best horror outfit! Come and give us quite the fright as we prepare for another excellent GeekOut Bristol Meet.

We’ve got the games. We’ve got the books and comics. We’ve got the venue.

We just need you!

NOTE: If you’re fortunate enough to have youthful looks, then please bring your ID. If you’re asked by bar staff to provide ID, you must show it.

We will not say you’re with us if you’ve been caught without your ID.

FOODIE PRE-MEET 12:00-13:45 (Poll Pending):

That’s right, we at GeekOut South-West believe in having a good nomming session before we start the night off of fun, games, drinks and great company!

Want to join us for some food and drink before we head over to the Old Market Tavern at 2pm? Great! We’ll be launching our food poll on Wednesday 27th at 12:00.

MAIN EVENT: 14:00-Midnight (Old Market Tavern)

Spooky! We’re in the season where the dead come back to life and the young get dressed up, cementing their futures as little cosplayers. Or just people obsessed with eating lots of sweets.

So come along for a Monster Mash, as it’ll be a Graveyard Smash – This is our early Halloween-styled meetup! Oh! Special mention to the Old Market Tavern this month, who will be providing us with some special GeekOut Bristol Meet exclusive cocktails!


Food & drink can NOT be brought in with you to the Old Market Tavern. If you are caught with food and drink on the premises, you will be asked to leave until you’ve disposed of your food or drink.

There will be a food menu at Old Market Tavern in the evening! The food is very cheap and it’s absolutely delicious! Trust me, I’ve eaten there enough times… But regulars of the event are also fans of the food there! The food is home made as well, so it’s simply scrummy! Food is usually available from 5pm.

BOARD GAMES (& a dash of video games)

As always, we’ll have a large selection of board games available, so please do check out what we have:

– Bears vs Babies
– Bucket of Doom
– Cards Against Humanity (UK Edition + Expansions 1, 2 and 3)
– Cash n Guns
– Chess
– Code of Nine
– Fluxx
– Goat Lords
– Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit
– Jungle Speed
– Love Letter
– Pokemon Monopoly
– Rogues to Riches
– Scrabble
– Star Trek Settlers of Catan
– Star Wars Guess Who
– Three Wishes
– Unusual Suspects
– Zombie Munchkin
– Zombies!


We won’t be bringing every game listed above with us: If there’s a specific game you want to see, please let me know in the comments below, before I finish making a real system for this game request feature.

Also, bring along your devices – Quiplash, Quiplash 2 and Drawful 2 are played throughout the day. These are games where you connect with your smartphones or tablets (Or anything that can connect to a browser really). We also sometimes play other games, such as Worms and people with 3DSes can pick up StreetPasses and of course play games with other 3DS players.

As ever, we will bring along a new game for this meetup as well.


One of our most unique features is our Book & Comic Swap, a collection of books and comics are strewn across our table in the conservatory available for people to take a book, or to leave a book for others. These are books that have been donated, or are from my old repository. Pick up or borrow a book and get reading!

PLEASE NOTE: Books you saw last month might not be present this month, unless you have a specific request for books. A new request system will be put in place, in case you want a book to be present to take home or just to browse whilst at the GeekOut Bristol Meetup.

COSPLAYERS (Group Cosplay Picture: 6pm)

Spooky scary skeletons? Super succubi? See-through Spirits?

Whatever your poison, come along to this meetup in your best dressed scary costume! We’re going to let people see the spirit of Halloween early!

Who’s going to come along as a scary, terrifying vampire? Blah!

*CHANGING FACILITIES* If you want to change into a costume when here, please note there are no changing facilities. There are just standard toilet cubicles – Which are fine to change in, but you might want to consider this first.


We’re one of the geekiest events in the South-West. We get people together to play board games and video games, share a pint and discuss what they enjoy in geekdom. Books, comics, music – Anything that you’re passionate about, you’ll be sure to meet fellow geeks who are into the same thing as you!

We do not discriminate – But if you ever find you have a problem with anything at the event, just let the host (Timlah) know and he’ll sort it out!

COMPETITION: 20:00 – 21:00 (Spook-tacular Costume Competition) [Subject To Change]

Everyone loves a good competition and this month will be no different.

Okay, so the competition is possibly subject to change, depending on a few factors – However, as a safe bet, we will likely have a spook-tacular costume competition. After all, this is going to be our equivalent to a Halloween meetup, so why not get on your scariest costume? Show us your best spooky makeup, your scariest ghouliest self and don’t forget to freak out all of the normal patrons of the pub…

… Okay, on second thoughts, let’s not scare the patrons! We like going to this venue, so please, do not scare too many people! As mentioned above, there’s not many places to change, but there are lavatories which you can change in the cubicle, if you need to.

There’s a chance this competition will change; if so, we will let everyone know a week in advance!

1st Prize: TBC, £25 cash, 3 Steam games from our list and a GeekOut Poster of your choice.
2nd Prize: TBC, £15 cash, 2 Steam games from our list and a GeekOut Poster of your choice.
3rd Prize: TBC, £10 cash, 1 Steam game from our list and a GeekOut Poster of your choice.

Note: Occasionally, there may be even more on the day!


There is so much to do and see at this months GeekOut Bristol Meet, so please do come along, bring a friend or a member of your family and come for a geeky night out.

As part of our commitment to being a great night out, we do not discriminate based upon age, gender, race, religion or sexuality. If at any point you feel you need to speak to someone about another’s actions, please grab the host (Timlah) and we’ll sort it out!

Festival of the Spoken Nerd – Coming to Bristol & Wells

Splendidly entertaining live theatre with a geeky twist? It can only be the Festival of the Spoken Nerd! The show is run by three comedians, whom are all specialised in a wonderfully nerdy niche. Our hosts are Matt Parker, Steve Mould and Helen Arney, who all add their own unique touches to the show. If you’re looking for something to tickle your funny bone in the Bristol or Wells area, or you just want to enjoy an evening of nerdery and songs, then read on!


GeekOut Bristol Meet – November 11th: CHILDREN IN NEED Gallery

Yes it’s true, we’re done for another month and that means it’s time to discuss what happened at the latest GeekOut Bristol Meet. Whether you’ve been to one before, or if you’re looking to see what kinds of things we get up to, these are the articles for you. Unfortunately, this month is very picture light, but we’ve still got a few things to catch you up with. As well as this, later in this article I will be announcing what is going to happen during December. To think, the end of the year is really in sight now, so hopefully we’ll have some interesting activities coming your way some time soon!


GeekOut Bristol Meet – November 11th: CHILDREN IN NEED

This is our monthly round-up of what’s happening at the next Meetup. We set the theme of the event, talk about what we’ll have on display and what we’re going to do, as well as talk about anything extra. This month, we’re going to have a very charitable meetup, where we try to raise money in advance of Children In Need. I’ve already requested my donation bucket, so here’s hoping we get one ahead of the big day. If not, no biggie – We’ll be raising money for the titanic charity event once again, as after all, we geeks could be the Superheroes that the poor children of the world need.


GeekOut Bristol Meet FAQ

We have noticed a lot of the same questions get asked about our Bristol Meetups so we compiled a list of FAQ’s so that you might be able to answer the question for yourself. If you don’t find your question answered here, or want to know more, feel free to get involved on the GeekOut South-West Meetup page, or drop us a message below, on Facebook, Twitter, reddit or by email.


GeekOut Bristol Meet – April 9th

Our latest meetup has now come and gone, another month of geeks getting together to celebrate all that’s geek has passed us by. But it doesn’t have to end there – We got some pictures, we shared some stories, we met new people and old friends. So join Timlah as we look back at this past weekends meet.