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GeekOut Plays: Final Fantasy IX

Our YouTube channel is back into the full swing of things, with new episodes of Stonekeep going live regularly once more, it’s time to get inventive. We will be uploading new episodes of Stonekeep as well as our all new series: Final Fantasy IX! Okay, you probably already knew that from reading the title of this article.



The Ever-Changing YouTube Platform

A lot of you will be aware that YouTube shows off some really cool things; from your favourite cat videos to gamers letting off some steam on the latest titles, you can see it all on YouTube. Television is interested in the platform and there’s a constant flux between YouTube and it’s community. Join Timlah as we look at the platform with a critical eye, looking at the changes over the years and what we all do for the content creators whenever we click on a video.


YouTube and Me: Stonekeep Highlights

Having been playing this dungeon crawler for quite some time now, I’ve come to some conclusions about it: Some I was unable to draw when I was playing this as a young kid. I used to find this game so tricky, but am I finding the same now, as a grown up? Join Timlah as we talk through the game so far.


Video Editing on Linux

I’m no professional when it comes to editing videos, although I’ve learned a lot in a short space of time out of necessity. Whether I’m playing an indie title that grabs my attention, or the latest iteration of our popular GeekOut Plays Stonekeep series, I have learned very quickly that the videos that I get from raw recordings aren’t enough. This is where video editing comes in – In this article, I discuss video editing on Linux.


GeekOut Plays Stonekeep – Episodes 22 and 23

Hello one and all, in this article I talk about the latest two episodes of GeekOut Plays Stonekeep, Episodes 22 and 23, where we’re making amazing progress. No GeekOut Plays Beyond Good & Evil this week, as I’ve been feeling poorly. Sorry about that! So, onwards with this weeks Stonekeep episodes!


Video Game Review: Beyond Good & Evil

Since it’s one of our current Let’s Plays, featuring more important Sus Sapiens than Tomba, we have a look at Beyond Good & Evil. Is it any good or is it just another game that gets over hyped due to nostalgia? Timlah investigates the reporter and her epic action adventure.


GeekOut Plays Beyond Good & Evil – Episodes 3 & 4

For the second week, we’ve taken to Beyond Good & Evil and have been making some progress. Whilst this might be one of the glitchiest play throughs you’ve ever seen in a game, I find the experience rather hilarious. Join me as we look at episodes 3 and 4 of our latest GeekOut Plays series.

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GeekOut Plays Stonekeep – Episodes 20 and 21

Can you believe we’re already past episode 20 on our first (and most persistent) let’s play series, Stonekeep? Well, we are – So why not stick around and have a gander at the latest episodes of GeekOut Plays Stonekeep. I’m your host, Timlah and in these episodes…

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GeekOut Plays Stonekeep – Episodes 18 and 19

It’s been a while since we did an article updating the position of the GeekOut Plays Stonekeep episodes, so I thought I’d give us a second article today. Join Timlah as we look at the latest two instalments of GeekOut Plays.

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Video Game Review – Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition

Christmas video games are few and far between, probably because the deeper meaning of the holiday would have religious connotations which doesn’t make for the most riveting of games. Once in a while, a game attempts to pull the cracker laid before it and hope for the best. Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition is one of these games that has attempted to quell the beast that is the season to be giving, but does it get much in return? Timlah investigates this incredibly cheap game on Steam.


Garden Rescue is another damned tower defence game, but I went into it with no knowledge as to what it was. Once again, we’re greeted with plants fighting off bugs to stop them from eating the plants at the very end. But this isn’t any normal edition of Garden Rescue, this is the Christmas edition which means we’re not saving normal plants. No, we’re saving the mighty colourful Christmas tree from being eaten by bugs. How these bugs could damage such huge trees is beyond me, but nevertheless I’m here to set the record straight with this title. Is this a game you should consider getting this Christmas, or steer clear of like a blizzard?

It’s hard making a game that’s compellingly Christmas enough. It’s not exactly a season full of greasy men running around with guns that act as proof of overcompensation, though in the other extreme it’s not a season of eating dots and enemies. No, this is a season to be jolly, to be happy and to be sharing, caring. How can you convey this in a video game? Not very easily is the answer, but it’s easy enough to turn any game into a so called Christmas game with a little bit of skin altering.

I don’t feel it’s fair to slap Christmas onto games like this, as if it were me, I’d expect this to be way more Christmas themed than it actually is. The game, as you’ll see in the gameplay, is basically just a typical tower defence game. Don’t get me wrong, it actually is relatively enjoyable, especially for such a low price tag. Developers have to make these kinds of games if they want to get anywhere in the games world, but hey; A little more transparency when declaring your game is a Christmas game would be nice. Interestingly, this title was made by Big Fish Games, who are masters of the casual gaming market. However, this is the same as any other title in Garden Rescue, but it just happens to have the enemies in Christmas Stockings or bobble hats and Christmas trees instead of normal trees. There’s also a slight difference in the way the maps look.

I’ve not played other Garden Rescue games, but based upon what I’ve played here, I wouldn’t need to. It appears as if all of the Garden Rescue games would be the same, but perhaps with some slight variation in level design and of course the overall skin of the game. But the game itself played fairly nicely and for the sake of a couple of quid, I really can’t feel as if I’ve missed out on anything here. If you’re looking for a casual game to pass the time, you might want to consider Garden Rescue this Christmas.

That’s it, hope you enjoy the video and enjoyed this look at Garden Rescue. Please remember to like, comment and subscribe to the GeekOut YouTube channel, where I show off my gameplay ‘skills’ and Joel has done a whopping interview with Professor Elemental on there, you should check that out if you haven’t already. Remember to keep it geek this Christmas and have a great holiday season. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter!