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Top 10 – Gifts For Gamers

GeekOut Top 10s

Welcome one, welcome all, to GeekOut Media’s Top 10 Gifts for Gamers. Now we decided to come up with some basic guidelines for what we would or would not include in this week’s list, the last weekend before Christmas – So, here’s what we settled upon:

  • Must be a gift you could buy a friend or family at a reasonable price (Under £50)
  • No Official Consoles – They’re too expensive for this list.
  • No specific Video Games or Board Games.

With the rules for this list out of the way with, let’s unwrap this week’s list! (more…)


vTime Has Arrived

As if there were any doubt left, it looks as though virtual reality in its various guises is finally here to stay. It may have taken a few false starts to get it fully off the ground, but there’s now a market, competition, content, affordable kits (as well as the flashy overpriced ones) and perhaps more importantly there is more than just games. I think the success or failure of the genre may very well have ridden on how thoroughly the possibilities it offered were explored, and they are most certainly being toyed with, even if the depths have yet to be fully examined. (more…)

EVA Spacewalk Emergency VR

At GeekOut we often get emails about new and upcoming projects; Some are incredibly exciting and relevant to modern technologies. Recently I spoke to Andrew Baker of Candy Code who wanted to tell us about their upcoming experience.