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Top 10 Cruel Gods

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To be cruel is to be evil – Actually, not quite. Sometimes, you have to be kind to be cruel, or you have to be cruel to be kind. Naturally, evil entities are always pretty cruel typically – Torture, revenge via humiliation, the usual. The ten gods we list below are all cruel in their own ways, but their degrees of cruelty each vary. So read on for this week’s list, or I’m sure these deities will smite you for your indiscretions.



Remaking A Classic – Chimera

The Chimera is perhaps the best known of all the Greek mythological creatures, the familiar fusion of creatures that heralded storms and natural disasters who was ultimately slain by yet another demi-god. In its original description, The Chimera had the head of a lion at the front, the head of a goat in the middle, and either a dragon or snake head at the back, probably dragon as she could also breathe fire. Later renditions have brought all three heads to the front, and some even include a snake in place of the tail and dragon wings.

She’s a nice little metaphor for the worst traits of humanity: (more…)

Myths and Legends

The Greeks have perhaps told the most culturally pervasive and enduring tales of any culture. Modern film can barely touch the thousand year epics they forged, but they have done wonders for reimagining and retelling those ancient epics and literary masterworks, and it’s hard to find a work of fantasy untouched by Grecian inspiration. Jason’s Argonauts, the half god Herakles, heroes and monsters, gods and titans. And though the stories were not unique, and many civilizations had risen and fallen long before the Greeks penned their epics, it is the Greeks we call the classics. (more…)