Top 10 – One-Eyed Characters

Eye-Eye Captain, we’re being short-sighted this week… So put on your patches (eye patches that is) and pay some respect to the Top 10 One-Eyed Characters. Oh, see what eye did there? I’m so not sorry for this…

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I think we all need to gain a little perspective here, maybe try and see things from both sides. Having lost an eye doesn’t mean you can’t be an effective team member, nor does being born with only one mean that you absolutely have to be the villain, or rather that you can’t be the best damn baddie you can be. You’re more than just your disfigurement, you have depth… of character.

Let us celebrate the differently eyed, those with singular focus and vision to-

Ah. Sorry, Top 10 one eyed characters. Let’s get on with it shall we.

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