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Super Team Ups – The MCU & The Avengers: Infinity War 2/4

Spoilers Ahead!

Tuesday I summarised the MCU as best as I could in brief, and tried to give you some idea of what to expect from Infinity War without giving too much away. Today the gloves are off, and so begins the review proper.

Given the volume of characters in play, it makes absolute sense to divide the narrative between them, each group trying to find a way to halt the progress of the Mad Titan. So let’s take this group by group, doing insufficient justice to each character as we go because we have many years to summarise with each:



Top 10 – Powerless Superheroes

GeekOut Top 10s

A little bit of an oxymoron, a powerless superhero is probably not what you’d call a superhero. However, as time has gone on, the superhero genre has changed and we call some of the key heroes who, by all means, are as powerless as the rest of us. Sure, they might be well trained, in fact you could argue they’re trained to superhuman levels, but if we were put through the same conditions as them, we could possibly achieve this too…

… Naaah. Too much effort for my liking. However, these men and women are here to show us how cool it is to be a powerless superhero, fighting villains, supervillains and more. Be it technology, be it strategy, or be it just through sheer determination, these are our Top 10 Powerless Superheroes.


Trailer Rundown – Superbowl ’17

I do not sports.

I am not a sports person, I cannot name sports people, but I like how those who sports on a regular basis don’t admit to being nerds despite the fact that they’re bigger geeks than we are when it comes down to names, numbers, dates; I see no difference between sports fans at a match and geeks at a convention. But anyway, that’s not the point.

I love the Super Bowl! I’m vaguely aware of the results and that they are somehow historically important, but I was far more interested in YouTube the following few days, which have been as full of trailers as I’d hoped. Some I expected, some I really didn’t, most of them made me stupidly excited, and here are those: (more…)

Cosplay Trends For 2017

Believe you me, every single year there are trends in gaming, films, literature and more. In the same vein, there are trends in cosplay! Cosplay follows media, as it thrives off of media. Without a new comic that’s on everyone’s lips, or a TV series that’s trending around the world, it ends up just being the same characters over and over again. But that’s the beauty of Cosplay: You can be whoever you want to be. As media progresses, so too do the amazing costumes people put together and put on display. I know I’ll be getting involved in some cosplay next year, so here’s hoping it’s a better year than this year for making costumes happen!


The Changing Trends

We’re normal…

I’ll start that again.

By and large we’re more normal than we’d care to admit, just as prone to the same habits as those we’d refer to as “normal people”, just as susceptible to hype and we still tend to spawn a cycle of trends. It may not be clothing or music trends as such, but there is one field in which we dominate the culture… or maybe the field impacts us more deeply than others?

Couldn’t say, cause and effect is a bit fuzzy here. Here’s a retrospective on genres in film and television. (more…)

What Marvel Are Up To

A few weeks back I mentioned in The Week In Geek that Marvel had announced the release dates for all of their films and TV shows for the third phase of their cinematic universe, and it’s shaping up to be five fantastic years of media. Phase two has a lot of content that’s setting up some of the plots we can look forward to, some of the obvious things like Loki sitting the throne in Asgard, a big Thanos appearance, and of course the original plan of putting Ant Man before Age of Ultron (because of course Hank Pimm helped build Ultron in the first place).

There are some rather less noticeable plots afoot, but anyone with access to wikipedia or a friend who knows a thing or two about comics could work it out. I have both!