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Riot Games Go All Out For 10 Year Anniversary – New Games!

Riot Games have gone all out for their 10 year anniversary, which is a pretty exciting thing to be able to say. Riot Games made the Free-To-Play giant, League of Legends, which is a major title in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre. For years, they’ve run just the one game but this year, they’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and show how much progress they’ve made in their world.


Video Game Review: Diablo II

A classic hack-n-slash title, renowned the world over as possibly the best ever made. However it’s been around for 17 years, having debuted in 2000. Therefore, it’s time to finally pick the game up once more and scrutinise it deeply. I will compare it to games before, around and after it to see if it still maintains the title of best hack-n-slash around. The gloves are off, Lord of Terror!


Free Game Review: Path of Exile

Hack n Slash goodness in a game that vowed to be the next Diablo, a game that’s absolutely free to play. It can only be Path of Exile. Named 2013 PC Game of the Year by GameSpot and best PC role-playing game of 2013 by IGN, it’s had high praise indeed. Now that it’s 2017, does the game still stand, or is it falling apart? With microtransactions as the primary means of keeping the game alive, is it just floating by because of this, or is this a very solid game? Here’s our complete run down of this free-to-play extravaganza.


Review – Grim Dawn

“Joel,” you say to me in a thinly veiled premise, “why have you never reviewed Grim Dawn?”

I say nothing because there is a hot mug of set-up to my face.

“I mean,” you continue “You’ve spoken about it, ranted about it, shoe-horned it into a Top 10 wherever you could. It’s been a year since the Hack-and-Slash ARPG by Crate Entertainment was released and you’ve clocked seventy hours of game-play, and yet I still haven’t read a review from you.”

“Look over there!” I point. You politely indulge my poor deception and turn in your equally fictitious seat, “Never mind it’s dead now. Hey, look at this!” (more…)

Golden Axe – Video Game Review

Do you yearn for yesteryear, whilst still promoting the uses of today’s technologies? If you answered yes to any of the previous sentence, or even if you made a muffled “I ‘unno” sound, then you will love our review of Golden Axe – A classic SEGA game, which is filled with nostalgia – and is available on Steam! (more…)

Psychonauts 2 – Or: The Ever Mounting Ambitions of Tim Schafer

So Psychonauts was the 3D action-adventure/platformer game that mellowed the heart of anglo-ozzie fedora wearing hate-monger Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw so much so that anyone who has not played the game earned his finger crunching torture, and not without good reason. It’s a game that can reignite a childhood of true joy, and an accessible fantasy world filled with wonders, and it’s one of many classic games brought to life by the creative maniac and mogul Tim Schafer of Double Fine, and previously Lucas Arts.

As the young psychic acrobat Raz you learn how to navigate inside the subconscious minds of others, and in the process you uncover a terrible brain stealing plot. You explore rich and stylistically unique levels crafted by the minds of the NPCs whose innermost thoughts you intrude on, solving puzzles made unique by the impossibilities the playground of the mind make possible. The real world is far from mundane, filled with fascinating individuals, and not a cardboard cut-out amongst them. (more…)

Stonekeep – Old school dungeon crawler

Let’s cast us all back some years. How about twenty years ago? In 1995, a game that can only be summarised as “epic, for its time” was born. Alas, that wasn’t much to shake a stick at as I can imagine the vast majority of readers here today wouldn’t have heard of this wonderful classic dungeon crawler-like game. This is the story of an unknown game by Interplay known as Stonekeep, a game that pits you against an unspeakable evil known only as the Shadowking.

Boasting some of the most pixelated graphics you can imagine, Stonekeep was a true fantasy experience. From the evil Shadowking himself through a collection of fantasy characters, Stonekeep really was a fun dungeon crawl, allowing you to fight the way you wanted, although not initially. Read on to see what I mean…


When you start the game, you play as a man with no weapons and no shirt on his back. He must have had it bad, but there is an explanation to his pitiful plight. Inside the original box of Shadowkeep was a phenomenal book that accompanied it. Details of the story of the keep you have been imprisoned in and information on the Shadowking and your hero lie within its pages. The book was a story, hence it was such an integral part of the game.

You didnt have to go far before you met your first enemy. I remember I played this game when I was a young child, no older than 7. I found the game staggeringly hard. It featured 3D walls and characters, although thr characters were more like a 2D kind of 3D! Absolutely surreal to think this game is twenty years old. Honestly it was visually impressive for its time and was about 400MB in size. Massive for its time!


The piece of the puzzle that always filled me with this sense of excitement was the voice acting. As a child, this famtastic game literally made me believe that I was helping an unwitting hero inside of the Stonekeep. We were out to find the gloriously evil Shadowking and when you first encounter him, he spoke with a deep, growling voice. Though he was just an animated suit of armour, the sense if dread was totally real to me.

Okay, but today I am unable to be as forgiving as I was back then. Let’s face the facts here: it looks dated. But thats not a huge crime, so does Pac-Man, right..? Well… This game also sounds dated. Yeah, but… “Mortal, be gone!” I hear the Shadowking himself rolling in his grave over this review, as it turns south. Dont get me wrong readers, it is still amongst mine and Joels favourite games… But my god, was this truly 90s gaming?! You can experience this amazing piece of gaming history courtesy of GOG!


Now when you look back at Stonekeep, you feel like you’ve stepped into the abandoned house of a long lost friend. It’s a crazily surreal experience, as you obtain a kind of euphoric rush. The feeling that you’ve been meaning to make your way back here… Or perhaps the dread of knowing your enemies never left and it’s time to head back.

I am going to do a series of videos, playing through my adventures inside of the walls of Stonekeep. I hope it interests and excites, as well as being a little silly along the way. So I ask you; have you ever ventured the walls of Stonekeep? Let me know in the comments below, over om Facebook or Twitter. Let me know if you want to see this epic fantasy adventure. I now just need to finish upgrading my rig for recordings..!

**pictures from this article are from GOG and Wikipedia.