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Happy New Year 2019 from GeekOut South-West

January 1st! Happy New Year everyone! It’s a new day, it’s a new beginning and y’know, I feel like this is going to be a fantastic year for us all. I think our group’s going to go from strength to strength and I think that we’re going to have a great year for the website. But that’s not all – I feel like this is just going to be an all round good year. So strap yourselves in, we’re going to go for a time-travelling journey for what we’re hoping to do in 2019 – And hopefully you’ll be joining us for the whole ride.



GeekOut Bristol Meet: December 31st – New Years Eve Into 2018 Gallery

We came, we saw, we drank and hoo boy, was it ever loud? On New Years Eve, 41 amazing people came together to enjoy a night of fun and games, with festivities galore! We had an incredibly loud quiz; we counted down until midnight and we all shouted Happy New Year together on Facebook Live for the first time. Now that 2017 is behind us, let’s move forward and focus on the fact that we’re still one of the biggest and geekiest social events in Bristol. We’re going to try and do even more this year, so keep your eyes peeled!


Happy 2016 from GeekOut

From Joel and Timlah of GeekOut, have a happy new year. I hope new years’ day goes well for you all and that you have much success this year! Here’s a look-back at 2015 for us.

Oskar Says Thanks

Look at this, the earliest time we’ve ever released a GeekOut article: at 1 minute past midnight. We’re in the New Year here in the UK! Now that 2016 is upon us, why not look back at some of the articles Joel and I consider to be our personal favourites and best of the past year.




Now that 2015 is behind us, I think for me I am proudest of GeekOut the meetup group. We’ve built a fantastic, all-inclusive community of like-minded geeks. We’re able to say without any shadow of a doubt that we’ve built from what we started the year with and made it turn into an event that truly feels special. From a simple recurring meetup joke that’s now turned into our official mascot, Gordon the GeekOut Goat (more on that in the first quarter of 2016), to the humongous Christmas meetup we had last month, we can tell there’s a shift in perception about our group.


We’re serious, we’re here and here are some of my favourite articles about the Meetup events:

However, moving away from the meetup, I’m also proud of some of the articles and galleries I ran this year. I’m keen to bring you geek culture in all of its glory throughout the year, I’m also proud of the advances we’ve made in our social platform:


I’ve learned a lot this year, discovered a great deal about my personal writing style, mostly by coming down from my lectern and climbing up on a soapbox. Getting a little into film review and critique has raised my analytical skills, and generally discussing my experiences as an overt and perhaps excessively geeky person in day to day life have caused me to be far more analytical of myself.

This was also an incredible year of accomplishments for me, two interviews with some very important people; Gerry Anderson’s son Jamie, who’s in the process of restoring the ultramarionation style his father made famous, and Professor Elemental, who can proudly proclaim – at the very least – an major part in the founding of a genre. I also finally had a stab at NaNoWriMo, granted it failed but I’ll be trying again next year, and this time I’ll be doing it ~snigger~ write.

All in all, this has been the third year of dramatic change for me, and almost all of it positive. This year coming will also see my second anniversary with GeekOut, and having helped take this show from strength to strength has been an incredible experience that piles positivity on top of positivity. Here’s to a fourth year of growth.

2015 was a highly successful year for us both: We were considered worthy to be press pass holders for EGX Rezzed and Kitacon[link]. We took full advantage of this: For Rezzed, we held interviews with developers and hosted the audio over on Soundcloud. Eventually, I’d like to get this ported over to YouTube.

Our biggest interview yet was with Professor Elemental and both Joel and I worked tirelessly on this. Joel came up with some truly fun and unique questions for the quirky professor and I managed to turn him into a prime minister. Kind of. Make sure to have a listen to Joels’ interview with the professor and feel free to laugh with the dreadful animation I provided!

We’re here in 2016 and we’re a duo of the proudest geeks you’ve ever met, so brace yourself as we’re coming to make this another successful year. What’s your plans for 2016? Let us know in the comments below, or join in the conversation over on Facebook and Twitter. Articles will resume at the normal time (9am) tomorrow, so in the meantime have a Happy New Years’ Day!

Merry Christmas 2015 from GeekOut

Season’s greetings from GeekOut South-West. Join Timlah as we look through Christmas 2015 and see what’s in store for 2016.

Merry Christmas

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christma—


Oh hi all, this is it you know? We’re at the end of the year and we’re about to see Christmas 2015 just pass us by like a gentle breeze. It’s oddly warm for this time of year here in England, so the science buffs amongst you can tell us reasons for this down in the comments below. Now that’s out of the way with, what have we been doing and what’s in store for the New Year?

This past week, I was at my sisters’ wedding after party in typical costumed fashion. I made a tricorn hat, with a crocodile tooth pattern and the brim of the hat was lined with feathers. I had to wear high heels and tights. I had to wear a large coat and a jabot, who on earth could I possibly have been cosplaying as? Well, of course, it had to be Captain Hook!


The coat, waistcoat and jabot I actually rented from a small business here in Bristol called Fancy Dress Fanatics. They are a brilliant company who stock many wonderful costumes. Please do go and check them out. I took a few pictures of their store when I was in there (With their blessings), so you can see for yourself just how well stocked they are. They were incredibly well priced at £25 for the three pieces for rental and the staff were very attentive. They knew what worked with what and where everything was. I had many people comment on the quality of the outfit, from the coat, to the attention to detail of the hat. Sadly, I had no eye-liner available nor any way to stick a ‘tashe and eyebrows to my face in the short time I had to get changed, but I am pleased with the result.

Once the night was over, all I had to do was make sure all of the costume pieces were in good condition, on their original hangers and back in the bag. Popping in to see them was nice and easy and the deposit was £30 (as an incentive for you to bring the outfit back!) I really enjoyed wearing the outfit and we got some great pictures out of it.

So that’s what I was up to on Monday hence I didn’t do my usual post slot (Thanks Joel for picking up my slack!) Then yesterday, we had the incredibly talented Chris Lock do his second post on his Replacing the Mighty Keeper series. If you’ve not read these articles yet, I really recommend you do. He’s going through Dungeon Keeper-like games and reviewing them, comparing them to the real deal. We’re going to record a video of us playing Dungeon Keeper, too.

Both Joel and I are really into the spirit of the season. In fact, just yesterday, I was sat in work with a Hawaiian Santa shirt on and a Santa hat, so clearly I’ve been infected with the good tidings and cheer. Because we’re so in the mood of the season, we went ahead and bought a Christmas present for one another. I received a mug from Joel which says something that is similar to “Worlds’ Best Boss” except it was the exact opposite of “best”. I meanwhile went for a more neutral “Worlds’ Okayest Employee” trophy for the guy. Merry Christmas Joel!


Over the holidays you may have seen we’ve not stopped our post schedule. We declared we were going to have an article out every single day and we’ve not let you down yet. There’s a post associated for every day on GeekOut, so we’re doing something right. Even if one or two posts (especially around convention seasons), were just place holder posts for the real thing to happen the following day. We’re always keen for feedback, so please let me know if you’ve got ideas for what we could or should cover here on GeekOut.

Next week, we’ll have finally finished 2015 and it’s been a roller-coaster of a year for us all. There have been some seriously great moments, but please take a step back to remember some of the tragedies of the year. With the terrible bombing of Paris, to the Syrian refugees, we’ve seen some dreadful things occur in the real world. It’s rare I bring the real world into an article here on GeekOut, but we’re aware these things happen and I would implore all of you to do your bit you’re your local communities where possible. Remember people are people, regardless of what your political views are.


2016 is looking to be a terrific year in terms of what we’ve got planned here for the website, so I think it’s finally time to unveil a few things I’ve been thinking up as of late:

  • I don’t want us to be GeekOut South-West forever. In fact, we’ll be looking to move over to a brand new name: GeekOutUK. I’ll be retaining the domain which’ll link you directly to It’s a small change that makes a big difference. We want to be all inclusive: we want to be UKs top geek community.
  • Coupled with that, I want to start developing this site away from and make a dramatic move over to… But I don’t want to lose what we already have. I’m working tirelessly these days to improve the website and keep producing content, because I believe what we have and what we can have is something truly special.
  • GameBlast [link]. Just sayin’.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of what we’ve got planned. Some of the website changes we have planned for early-to-mid next year is simply huge, but because of how big some of them are, I don’t want to tell you about them until we’ve actually gotten them confirmed… But next year, we’re making some changes around here – We want this site to be more interactive, more accessible for you all to take part and we want to build on our existing community and then some.

From the GeekOut team: Merry Christmas one and all! Chat to us, respond to this article in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy geek year!

Yes, it is about to be the new year!

Let us reflect… Okay, done reflecting!

From GeekOut South-West, HAPPY NEW YEAR ONE AND ALL!

Cheers, see you all in the new year. To 2014!

Speaking of which, next GeekOut is on 10th January… Where I will hopefully be bringing a board game to play test! Woo…?!