Top 10 Vampires

You voted for it, you’ve got it. This week, we’re looking at some of the most blood thirsty creatures ever known to sci-fi/fantasy. No, we’re not on about a leech, nor a parasite, but they certainly could fall under these categories. We can only be talking about Vampires, a type of undead that likes to nom on your blood, essentially draining you of your very life force. What a horrible way to go.

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You voted for it, you’ve got it. This week, we’re looking at some of the most blood thirsty creatures ever known to sci-fi/fantasy. No, we’re not on about a leech, nor a parasite, but they certainly could fall under these categories. We can only be talking about Vampires, a type of undead that likes to nom on your blood, essentially draining you of your very life force. What a horrible way to go.

Have you ever looked outside at the dark night (not to be confused with the film that scores better than 5/7), then romanticised about someone nibbling on your neck? These guys will be a literal pain in your neck when they clamp down on your flesh and drain you of your fluids (That doesn’t sound healthy). Join us as we count down our Top 10 Vampires. Continue reading “Top 10 Vampires”

Top 10 Painful Backstories

It’s not easy being a fictional character, just ask characters such as Bruce Banner who becomes The Hulk through a tortuous metamorphosis. Whilst some characters have clearly got it bad now that they’ve developed, other characters had it bad before they became who they are today. With this in mind, we thought we’d pay homage to those characters who happen to have some particularly painful backstories.

Whether it’s emotional or physical, no stone has been left unturned. We’ve spoken to the professionals on this matter and they’ve informed us that these are indeed some painful backgrounds. So let’s get on with it, our Top 10 for this week!

Top 10

10) Jackie Estacado, The Darkness


Characters like Jackie aren’t exactly the most “pained” background, compared to some of the guys in our list, but he did have a very emotionally challenging journey. His wife was killed early on and he became rather… Let’s just say bitter.

He became one with a powerful entity only known as The Darkness, but if that wasn’t bad enough, he himself has died on several occasions. Challenging and unsettling, Jackie is out there to get vengeance on those who did wrong.

9) Hellboy – Dark Horse


It’s never going to be easy being half-demon half-witch,  but it’d surely be an awful lot simpler if your arm is not immediately sliced off and replaced by a weapon of incredible destructive power. It’s probably no fun to be cast out of hell before your father is encased in ice for his treachery. Fortunately the mortal world is full of loving souls who will gladly show you the finer things in life, people whom you in turn will love and protect, and outlive, and be forced to watch grow old and die, all the while knowing that you are destined to bring about their doom.

Anung Un Rama has a pretty easy life amongst the people who he serves, generally regarded as a hero by those who know him at all. But hanging quite literally over his head is the constant reminder of his heritage, the big curly horns he pulled off by hand in order to denounce his father.

8) Aang, Avatar


Yeaaah, we don’t need to say much about this one. When he was a boy, he was told that he would have the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He’s was taken away from a normal life as a boy at the young age of 6 who would become the Avatar, however he was told that he would have to bare the issues of the world. Isolation, important duties and never being able to be a real child… Now that’s sad.

7) Runcible – Titansgrave


I enjoyed watching Wil Wheaton’s AGE system RPG. I’ve seen him in a players seat before, and briefly DMing too, but Titan’s Grave was full of rich characters, an interesting world, and a fun and compelling narrative that was unafraid to go dark.

Oh and dark was exactly where it went. The idea that immortality is a curse is best summarised by the poor lonesome toy, designed to be the best friend of a young man who died years before, who wanders alone without anyone to play with or repair his scratches or jumpy motors. When the players arrive in the abandoned mansion where he lives, he is so terribly lonely that he insists they play a game with him before he helps.

A half robot teddy bear wandering around an empty mansion demanding that hard-ball player characters play children’s games is profoundly creepy, and Hank Green is understandably freaked out by him, but alas poor Runcible only has goodness in his heart. He may be permanently cheerful, but he’ll break your cold, shrivelled heart.

6) Zidane Tribal, Final Fantasy IX


So this guy is a Genome, which is pretty cool. He was sent to Gaia as a destroyer of the planet… Which again is pretty damn cool. However, he kinda crash landed and managed to forget everything. However, what happened next could only be described as harsh.

He was adopted by a man who lived out in the middle of nowhere… And this man would beat him whenever he went out to go and find out who he is. Boots. Fists. Belts. Ouch… Harsh. Guess what? He basically gets Stockholm Syndrome, too.

5) Dr. Gregory House M.D.


More widely acknowledged as the best modern interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, House has one particular driving force that he does not share with his inspiration. Not many people have the dubious fortune to experience the death of muscle. His stubborn refusal to have his leg taken from him results in the decision to remove a chunk of his thigh muscle, leaving him lame, increasingly bitter, and famously addicted to Vicodin.

His suffering began long before that of course. His step-father was abusive, as was his grandmother. His doting mother seems almost obstinately oblivious to her son’s suffering, and House spends years tortured by his inability to confront her over it. The experience has left him jaded and misanthropic (odd for a doctor, but never mind), made far worse by the constant pain in his leg.

4)Rorschach – The Watchmen


Problematic children are a general theme of the painful backstories. However Rorschach had a very abused childhood who was the son of a prostitue. Abuse rife in his childhood, Rorachach wanted to see justice in the world.

Becoming increasing voilent through the rest of his childhood until he was taken in by a home for problem children, he became better… at boxing and being violent! But no matter, he enjoyed a specific fabric and made himself into a form of super hero because of it. Hurrah!

3) Harvey “Two Face” Dent – Batman


Gotham’s public saviour, district attorney Harvey Dent had fought for years against his own bipolar depression and hereditary schizophrenia (inherited from his abusive father) to rise through the political ranks in his crusade to end the reign of the criminal families of the city. Better known for his hard-line stance on organised crime and good looks at the time, the incident changed it all for the polar opposite.

Be it the acid thrown at him by Sal Maroni, or the fire that engulfed him in the Joker’s plot, the newly emerged “Two Face” is so badly disfigured that his mind finally gives in to the latent madness. Permanently marked by a constant reminder of how his conquest failed, and his revenge drive took him into the darkest recesses of his own mind. Ultimately he became everything he fought to destroy, within and without.

2) Yamask, Pokemon


Yamask is a Pokemon. But it’s actually a dead human being, who can remember everything about his or her past. Now, that’s not so bad… Until you realise that it carries around a mask which is an exact copy of its real living face.

Whenever it looks at its face, it cries. Uncontrollably! It remembers everything about its past, including any family it had and now it has to be in the power of some child who believes he is the very best.

1) The Weapon X Project


Once again we were hit with indecision!

Wolverine has been alive for an insanely long time. In that time he has fought alongside friends in every major historical war, and watched them all die, but he felt no loss more keenly than the respect that was lost in the franchise films – I mean the death of Silverfox his first wife at the hands of Sabertooth.

Deadpool has cancer of the everything. Just everywhere…

Either way, the most brutal and terrible part of their life is involvement in the Weapon X program. The terrible, government-sanctioned illicit experimentation on human and mutant subjects to create ultimate soldiers and compliant weapons for the United States taking place at “The Facility” have no regard for morality or the resultant mental torture, only the destructive power of the end result.

Logan was kidnapped by the project and infused with adamantium, the molten metal adhered to his skeleton while he was still conscious. His boundless healing allowed his body to accommodate the augmentation.

Wilson on the other hand was artificially imbued with the same healing factor that Weapon X stole from Wolverine as a “cure” for his cancers. It failed, instead his body is now locked in eternal war with cancer, he lives his life permanently disfigured and entirely insane – or possibly the most sane of anyone alive.

The Weapon X project is a catalogue of pain, torture and emotional distress, so which of these classic cases suffered most? Cast your vote!

Honourable Mention

Kane, WWE

Kane being Kane

The wrestler Kane is a character filled with bad intentions, but also a dreadfully sad background. He doesn’t make our list as he’s not really y’know… Geeky… But he is to me damn it! Brother of the Undertaker, he’s a masked menace who has been terrorising the roster of the WWE for many years and hopefully more to come.

Growing up, he was subjected to setting the family house on fire, as well as accidentally burning his mother alive. His father, Paul Bearer, more or less disowned him. The worst thing of all? He burned his face which required him to wear a mask, plus then the most tragic thing of all… He had to have a robotic voice for a while. That was dreadful.

Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

There are better ways to discover that you have inherited an immeasurably powerful vampiric servant than bleeding to death while you hide in its’ cage, but its’ one hell of a way to put a stop to your murderous traitor uncle.

When her father died Sir Integra found herself at the head of the foremost agency in the world for the hunting and slaying of inhuman monsters, which may be a heavy burden at the age of twelve. Certainly Uncle Richard felt so, but was the pistol and mini-lynch mob entirely necessary? Ultimately this event finds a twenty-two year old Sir Hellsing with a five century old vampire bodyguard and attack dog, but that kind of thing can really leave a mark.

Did you agree with our list for this week, or did you think we should be put on one of those chairs that give you an electric shock, y’know the ones from the arcades but just super-vamp it? If you felt we missed the mark with this one, let us know. If you feel we did justice to the poor men and women who suffered before they became who they are, then let us know again… Or if you just disagree with our order or you feel a character has been omitted in error, let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Please remember to hit that like button and vote for next weeks’ Top 10 and for who wins between Wolverine and Deadpool for the most painful backstory.

Huge thanks to all of the members of the GeekOut meetup on October 10th. They helped us write this list and we hope you enjoyed this list too. As always, let us know what we’ve done right ((and more importantly, what we did wrong!))

Top 10 Anime’s Most Over Powered

Some characters are just better than every other character, because reasons. Today then we prepare to dodge all of their attacks, as we list the Top 10 most overpowered characters in anime.

Super Sayians aren’t the only anime characters who can do some devastating things to whole planets. From the mere thought of seeing ladies undergarments to firing out small chips of bone that can kill a man, there are characters out there that are just so powerful, we don’t even know where to begin to explain how to comprehend them. But not all is bad, as today we’re going to look at the Top 10 Anime’s Most Over Powered. By this, we mean specific characters who are just insanely overpowered in terms of their universes and perhaps even other anime universes too.

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Top 10

10) Bertolt Hoover – Attack on Titan

Bertolt is relatively stale when he’s not displaying his actual power. He’s a graduate of the 104th Trainees Squad and he ranked 3rd. So you know, he’s got something going for him, but he’s not particularly special in this regard. Good, but just good.

Oh did we mention that he can turn into a Titan who dwarves other Titans!? Supposedly a 60 foot monstrosity who can take out other Titans easily enough. It begs the question: where’s the fun when you can be a more powerful version of the enemy you’re aiming to beat? Still, we love the fact this quiet, shy man can turn into such a massive Titan who is able to control his body and not hurt his allies in the process. Good job, Bertolt!

9) Guts – Berserk

Guts is a normal enough guy. No special powers except well honed strength and combat reflexes faster than even his own brain can keep up with, he can swing a sword the weight of a tree with instinctual speed and well trained grace and precision. Does that make him OP?

Over time Guts has earned respect enough from the God of the Battlefield – Nosferatu Zodd – that he casually threw him a spare sword before a major fight. The introduction to the Anime shows a future long after the series ends and the Manga picks up, showing the Black Swordsman he would eventually become, with a canon replacing his arm, and he later gains the Berserker armour that unlocks the full potential of the wearer’s muscles, at the risk of destroying themselves in the process. Seeing Guts in that armour is enough to make Zodd show fear.

Guts is horrendously mortal, but amongst mundane, normal, workaday human beings he is the most legendary, and goes on to fight untold monsters, name forgotten, only the death he brings.

8) Alucard – Hellsing

Alucard has a bit of a Mary-Sue issue because he can basically do everything. He’s a true immortal, able to regrow his entire body from the smallest fragment; can dual wield pistols with the force of anti-tank weapons; can turn into an amorphous demon-hound that simply devours everything in its’ path; and also contains within his own body an army of every soul he has devoured. Bearing in mind that he is Vlad the Impaler, that covers soldiers from many centuries, and monster-hunting villains that he has swallowed whole in the past.

What brings Alucard down is that he’s generally bored by the squabbling of all the little creatures squirming beneath him and only wants a good fight and to protect his master and train up his new little monster Seras Victoria. But damn if he doesn’t look cool while he’s utterly ignoring everything that’s going on around him.

7) Haruhi Suzumiya


Though far from normal, Haruhi Suzumiya gives a great impression of being an overly eccentric, demanding and enthusiastic high-school student who commits to the weirdest projects to help everyone stave off boredom, to shake up the status quo as it were. She’s a happy go lucky soul with a band of rather begrudging friends trailing along behind her.

And if she ever gets too bored she might realize that she’s a god-like being that will immediately become aware of its’ immense power, lose control over it and unravel time and space itself, thus ending causality. All in all, a pretty embarrassing rock-band incident seems like suitable payoff. Haruhi gets a spot on the list for requiring aliens, time travellers and espers to keep an eye on her lest she bring about the end of everything, and for starting a religion.

6) Aang – Avatar


So Aang is a pretty cool kid, that’s a fact. Not only is he the last airbender, but even when all of the air-nomad temples were full he was one of the best. He spent a century frozen in ice and came out swinging, and he’s a master of all four of the classic elements. How does a twelve year old pull that kind of trick? He’s the host to countless others before him who could do the same, each pouring their power into his, combined with (as we discover later in the Legend of Korra) the soul of all life and peace in the living world, Raava!

Aang is awesome, it’s as simple as that. He was also one of the only Avatars to learn the unified final bending form, the power to bend another human’s soul, and with it the power to remove any bending ability they might possess. In the Avatar state he can condense stone to be tough as metal, fly at supersonic speeds, generate lightning, and bend anything within a half mile with pinpoint precision and immense power. More to the point, he can quell the urge to do so thanks to his own impenetrable sense of justice and mercy. Good job kid, Fire Lord Ozai deserved a damn-sight worse than what you gave him! That’s real power right there.

5) Anyone – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


Now JoJo fans may disagree with me on this one and that’s completely understandable. I’ve not fully gotten my head around all of the incredibly powerful JoJo’s characters out there, but the reason this is the mid-way choice of characters is that the whole of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure seems to revolve around the insanely powerful and incredible Stands.

I originally wanted the Gold Experience Requiem Stand to be the flagchoice, but we’ve specifically said anime and to my knowledge, Giorno has not been in the anime as of yet. However let’s not get too worked up about all this – Joseph, pictured above, is pretty powerful in his own right and heck, he’s the main protagonist of Part II, is important in Part III and is even a character in Part IV. He’s a super recurring character and in terms of the anime, so let us know in the comments below who your pick for the most overpowered JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime character is. We just can’t decide.

4) Eliza Faust – Shaman King


Right, so let me tell you a quick thing about Oversouls in Shaman King.

An Over Soul is the most powerful control over Furyoku, known to us English speakers as Mana. Basically, you take your Spirit companion, let’s say Yoh’s Spirit: Amidamaru. You then allow him to possess a physical weapon, so let’s say Yoh’s Harusame (sword). The result is an Over Soul. These cannot be damaged by anything physical, but only other Over Souls can damage these. Hopefully this has made sense!

Now, let’s take Eliza Faust into the equation. She is not an object (how dare you imply such things), but instead she’s a skeleton… And she’s Faust VIII’s spirit. She’s a skeleton. Yes, his spirit is actually a skeleton and let me tell you – She’s close enough to being invincible thanks to the power of necromancy. In fact, from remembering the series, Faust was the only opponent Yoh had that I felt could have legitimately done away with Yoh, except for Hao. If only love weren’t so blind.

3) Zaraki Kenpachi – Bleach

In Bleach, Shingami (the soul reapers) wield swords that are part of their souls. They can unlock a true form – Shikai, which reflects their personality and power; and a full form – Bankai, available only to the most incredibly powerful and ancient Shinigami, the commanders of the 13 squads of soul society, and intensely, apocalyptically powerful. Shinigami can also utilize the power of their soul – Reiatsu, to create spell like effects that can blast, bind or deceive opponents.

Zaraki Kenpachi has never unlocked Shikai, can’t control his reiatsu even a little bit, and is the commander of the 11th squad, the hardest, strongest, most fanatically combatant of all the Shinigami. He wears an eyepatch that not only impedes his vision, but devours vast amounts of his spiritual power, and wears bells in his hair so that he can’t sneak up on anyone.

Because it’s the only way fighting world-ending monsters can be fun for him. The protagonist, Ichigo, split a mountain with a flicker of his arm when he was at the height of his power, and didn’t make the list.

2) Adam Blade – Needless


The most unnecessary anime ever made has a vast army of characters who are preposterously powerful. Fireballs the size of mountains? Sure. The power to increase and decrease the effect of gravity on something? Hey, knock yourself out. I want my character to make rain with the power of lasers! Ahh go on then you little scamp!

So the most powerful ability of all? How about the power to copy them all! To memorize absolutely every single power and use them whenever, doesn’t even matter. Adam Blade has a clone who can use the same power, “Zero” to even greater effect, “Positive Feedback Zero!” Doesn’t matter, that guy’s falling apart at the seams, and Adam is a mental case who can destroy whatever he pleases.

In fact Adam’s greatest power is that the story is always on his side, Needless is not an anime for those in need of deep cerebral involvement. His greatest weakness is cute girls, so his immense power is easily diffused… but he’ll fight so much harder to protect an adorable face!

1) Whis – Dragon Ball


I hate to use such a vague character as the most overpowered, but even the creator of the series has confirmed the amount of power this guy has. Let’s just say this: the most powerful foe that Goku has faced to date is arguably Beerus. On the power scales of a scale of 1 to 10, Akira Toriyama assigned the powers as Whis not just breaking the scale, but being 1.5 times more powerful than the most powerful entity in the universe (Beerus).

The most positive message to take out of all of this: If Goku in a Super Saiyan God form cannot defeat Beerus, then that gives Goku something to work towards in the future. Eventually, maybe he’ll get to fight Whis when we’re not playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse? Heck, even in that, Whis doesn’t really lose. He just gets bored of you.

Honourable Mentions

Hercule/Mr Satan – DragonBall Z


Specifically from the Z saga, would you believe that Mr Satan was the strongest human ever? Did you know he beat Cell?!

Well actually, this blubbering buffoon didn’t do anything like that. In fact, he was rather lame. But it doesn’t change that in the books, he’s defeated some of the most powerful foes. Humans world wide are aware that Hercule defeated the incredibly powerful Cell. Not only that, he managed to take on the newcomer Android 18 to win a tournament. With his Super Megaton Punch with a Delayed Reaction, which he had been perfecting for 10 years.

Never change, Mr Satan.

Principal – Nichijou

Hits the German Suplex on a deer. He is in a losing battle against one ferocious competitor, the deer, who he needs to remove from campus. We can’t be having a stinkin’ deer on school grounds now can we!? He gets smacked around, is even dangerously close to death himself. From losing all that blood, to doing moonsaults and the old offer a deer biscuit trip, the Principal seems like he’s going to fall to his competition. Then, from outta nowhere, he hits his German Suplex which was so perfect, so pristine, that his hair seemingly cannot cope with the amount of awesome it’s been put through.

My work here is done.

That’s all we’ve got time for in this weeks Top 10. Did you find the characters to be pretty damn overpowered? What do you all think about the strange inclusion of characters such as Eliza, who isn’t overpowered in terms of how long she’s able to be maintained for, but in terms of a character we felt she actually was. So then, let us know in the comments what you thought about our choice of overpowered characters. Did we miss any? We know we did.

Don’t forget to vote for next weeks’ Top 10, where we’ve got some crazy choices for you this week! Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook or Twitter what you liked or disliked about this weeks article.

Top 10 Crazies in Anime

We’re back once again with this weeks Top 10, where this week we decided to discuss the top 10 craziest characters in anime. That’s no easy topic with so many crazy anime characters out there, so we enlisted the help of two professionals: Kevin from The Mental Attic and 1001-Up… And Dave. Because everyone needs help from a Dave.

Top10 Banner

In this weeks Top 10, we step away from gaming and move out to another subject of ours that we all enjoy – Anime!

But me and Joel couldn’t compile this list ourselves. It’s time to enlist the help of two friends of ours who also enjoy a great anime… Or ten! We’re joined today by Kevin and Dave. Dave’s written a piece for one of our Top 10‘s before, so do check out his post on Half Life’s alternate worlds. Kevin is well versed in anime, so check out his really cool favourite anime lists.

WARNING: People of a sensitive disposition is advised to use viewer discretion when looking through some of these… You have been warned.

Top 10

10) Mio – Nichijou! My Ordinary Life

Amusingly, one of the most insane characters in anime is a total representation of how some people think and react in the real world.

Mio is this blue haired girl who is an exceptionally great artist of manga art, making her a manga-ka. But she doesn’t want to share her work with the world. It wouldn’t be right to. After all, her manga artwork is quite personal to her…

… She draws Yaoi (Also known as Boys’ Love).Just watch the clip. What’s beautiful about this character is how simple this is. There are some artists who would react like this in their heads. In the real world, they wouldn’t attack people and goats over this.

I hope.

9) Envy – Fullmetal Alchemist


Yes, he is crazy.

What, so a guy who hates what all humans have isn’t crazy? He hates that humans can feel pity for a creature like him? He’s not mortal: He’s a homonculus who probably confused most teenage boys and girls with his androgynous looks. He can take the form of any character, learning what makes his victims tick and using it to his advantage.

Plus have you heard him laugh!? If that isn’t crazy, nothing is. He’s egotistical, sadistic and down-right sick. He’s smart and he’s witty. He’s almost perfect, if he wasn’t so envious of humanity.

8) Lina Inverse – Slayers

Lina is a dangerous cocktail. One of the most powerful sorcerers in the known world, a prodigy by all accounts, but with a short temper and a vindictive streak; get on her bad side and she’ll blast you to pieces, with little regard as to the consequences. Even as a hero, she’ll go overboard, using one of the most powerful black magic spells, Dragon Slave, to solve most situations. The spell will kill whatever she’s targeting…and destroy everything around her, including your town if that’s what she’s protecting. Don’t dare to call her flat chested and if you’re a dragon, make sure not to step over her, she’ll take your refusal to stomp her as an insult and then you’re screwed.

7) Don Patch – Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo

Okay, there isn’t a single sane character in this insanely Japanese humoured show but I chose Donpatch as the most insane character in the anime. Ha, I would say the most insane character in anime personally!

So Donpatch is this little sun-fellow. He and Bobobo often find themselves trying to “Wig Out’ one another, as well as their opponents. Together, Bobobo, Don Patch and crew can fuse together to become such ingenious beings, like the powerful(?!) PatchBobo. Don Patch however goes one step further than Bobobo does: He thinks he’s the real star of the show!

Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo stands at the top of the charts in terms of crazy anime, so therefore it was a simple decision to put a character from the series in our crazies in anime list. Why not the most self-obsessive and delusional of them all?

6) Father Alexander Anderson – Hellsing

So utterly consumed by his need to destroy those the catholic church dubs “unholy monsters,” Alexander Armstrong of the Order of Iscariot has become a monster himself, capable of untold and sickening abilities that make him beyond human, and yet he will not see his own hypocrisy. If only he would listen to his greatest nemesis, “Only humans can kill monsters.”

Now, delusional psychopathy and reckless abandon to the point of compromising his own ideals and principals would be enough to get the Judas Priest onto the list, but that laugh….

5) Ali Al-Saachez – Gundam 00

Ali isn’t a nice guy by any stretch of the imagination. He likes fighting and killing and thinks peace is a ridiculous concept. Before even making it into the plot, he’d already changed the lives of some of the protagonists, killing their families or in the case of protagonist Setsuna, turning him into a child soldier and then forcing him to kill his own parents. Ali fights for the highest bidder but will go out of his way to kill and commit any atrocity he can, only because it’s FUN.

4) Lucy – Elfen Lied

From Elfen Lied, Lucy is a diclonius girl who was shunned as a child and kept locked away in a science lab which would make anyone a little crazy. One day she manages to escape in what can only be described as a complete massacre of anyone that stood in her way. Unfortunately she is injured along the way bringing about her split personality called Nyuu (Named because it’s one of the only things she can say at the time).

Nyuu is the complete opposite to Lucy, she is almost childlike in her behaviour and needs looking after by Kouta after he finds her injured from her escape. Don’t let Nyuu’s personality fool you though, when she is feeling threatened she snaps straight back to being Lucy, who now has a serious grudge against humanity.

Lucy is certainly not someone you want to be on the bad side of. Throughout the series she shows a complete lack of empathy towards people and will often severe limbs or blind her enemies and just leave them to die. And to make things worse she is aided by having razor sharp invisible extra arms called vectors that come with being a diclonius.

3) Kogarashi – Kamen no Maid Guy


Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed as a French maid. If that doesn’t sound crazy enough for you then how about this: as a Maid Guy he has a variety of powers ranging from levitation to desiccating things with his bare hands and having 37 senses. But it’s not the powers that make him part of our list, but his complete disregard for personal space, secrecy, privacy and social norm. He will serve you and protect you, but will do so going to such extreme lengths you’ll probably die anyway. Poor Naeka has to deal with him publicly assessing her measurements, waking her up with a hose and cold water and even come to her school and reveal her darkest secrets.

2) Yuno Gasai – Mirai Nikki

She may not be the main character of Mirai Nikki But she’s what makes it awesome and of course she had to be high on the list of crazies!

As soon as Yuki joins the future diary competition he becomes the target of almost all the other competitors, this is something that Yuno cannot allow. Yuno is the stalker to shame all stalkers, fanatically infatuated by Yuki to the point where her future diaries secret power is knowing everything that is happening to him. She will do anything she can to protect Yuki and make him love her, no matter who she has to kill or what danger she has to put herself in.

From the second she reveals she is part of the competition you can tell Yuno is going to be a crazy character and she certainly doesn’t disappoint. Every episode you see a little more of Yuno and every episode she seems to get a little (Or a lot) crazier. You really have to watch to see for yourself just how nuts she can get.

1) Excalibur – Soul Eater

For those of you unaware, in Soul Eater, weapons take human (or at least humanoid) form because at one time they were – in fact – people. Of course legendary weapons such as the Reaper’s Scythe and Excalibur are people too, but the latter… Well, look:

There is just no connection to reality, or other people! I’d also like to mention that the English and Japanese voice both perfectly capture his level of… insanity. No words can be put to him, and that, I think makes him particularly noteworthy, and deserving of our number one spot in our top ten.

Honourable Mentions

We need to show the world the craziest characters in anime, but these two really aren’t far off the mark in our opinions! They deserve the mention as they are both slightly oddballed!

Well, one isn’t an easy one to mention at all, as one isn’t one what-so-ever! Still, check out our two choices for honourable mentions for craziest characters in anime.

The whole cast of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

No one Higurashi character can go on the list without including all of the others! The series retells the tale of a group of village-school students succumbing to a mysterious insanity that drives them to kill remorselessly and, at times, creatively! Kidnap, torture, mind control, aggressive bludgeonings, and rivers of blood! Not your average day at school.

The school of slaughter makes it into our honours list because they are no single individual, and the actual crazy-person changes with each resetting of the story, but when you’re talking insanity and anime, there was no way I was leaving them out.

Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass

Lelouch is the exiled prince of Britannia, a world super power that has conquered Japan and stripped its citizens of their rights. Lelouch is determined to find out who killed his mother and make a better world for his injured sister Nunnally. One day while he stumbles into the middle of a terrorist attack Lelouch meets a strange girl who offers him the power known as Geass. This new power lets him give one command to anyone he has eye contact with to do as he says.

As a brilliant strategist Lelouch takes no time to start using to get his dream of a better future and joins the rebellion against the Britannian empire. Lelouch gets an honorary mention in this top ten for his unwavering commitment to his goals and his complete disregard for the lives of everyone around him, seeing them as merely pawns in the bigger game of the rebellion.


Thanks goes to our good friends Kevin from The Mental Attic and 1001-Up and one of our personal close friends Dave, who joined us as one of our earliest Top 10 guests!

We thought these characters were pretty crazy but we realise we’ve missed a shed-load of crazy anime characters. Why not let us know who your personal craziest anime characters are and join in the debate: Did we number our crazies well? We went with the same idea as we did in our Top 10 Craziest Characters in Gaming post, where “just because you’re a psycho, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re also crazy“. Our distinction was that psychopaths could be hell-bent on revenge for a cause: but if they are also into licking windows, then they are basically crazy.

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