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Kickstarter Highlight – Muffin Time: The Random Card Game by Big Potato

Not going to lie, I have to blame Joel entirely for finding out about this. Asdfmovie is a series of random comedy skits by YouTuber, TomSka. Last month, they released the latest asdfmovie, asdfmovie12. These short animated clips always get a chuckle out of us and admittedly, there’s little I can do to support the guy except maybe buy some merch. Until I watched asdfmovie 12, that is, as I’ve now seen that he’s been working on his own card game – and considering as of the time of writing there’s only 7 days left (6 by the time you read this), I figured it’d be good to share it with you all.


Kickstarter Reflection – Men vs Cosplay

Do you remember a little while back, we did a Kickstarter Highlight post covering a calendar over on Kickstarter? The calendar featured men who do cosplaying, who are often an overlooked half of the cosplay community. The calendar would take pictures of male cosplayers as well as giving a little bit of information about them, all in a professional and highly creative photoshoot styled theme of Heroes vs Villains.

Men vs Cosplay was promoting a Calendar for 2015. The funds would go towards paying the Cosplayers photoshoots, travel to photoshoots or paying the photographers for the rights to the picture. There was a lot of preparation work behind this as you can imagine and it seems as if they had already gotten the majority of their model cosplayers picked and chosen before the campaign had begun.


FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight – Prospero’s Price

Love Lovecraft?

Shaky for some Shakespeare?

Then you might want to get a load of Prospero’s Price!

What is it?

Careful there, that’s water around you.

Prospero’s Price is based after the events of Shakespeare’s awesome play: The Tempest. A play that was met with quite a bit of controversy as well as being considered as Shakespeare’s last solo written play.

The guys working on this, J Kovach and Aron Tarbuck have worked on some very big titles in the past, don’t just take it from me, take this from the full bio:

“J Kovach has created for: Magic: the Gathering, Netrunner, Gurps, Adult Swim, Rise of Aester, and CthulhuTech.

Aron Tarbuck has created for:
Houses Of Hermes, Everway, Mage: the Ascension, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, CthulhuTech, Unhallowed Metropolis, Unhallowed Necropolis”

There’s a pretty good deal in this Kickstarter, too. For $5, you get a PDF version of this graphic novel. Yup, $5 to back something which merges two awesome writers in Shakespeare and Lovecraft.

The graphic novel they are working on is a 32 page black and white book. There will be stretch goals for colour and longer length.

I occasionally like to settle down with a good graphic novel before bed, or a good manga… Or even a good book (Ahem, I’m a Kindle guy, I certainly am not sorry!) Lovecraft is particularly awesome to read before bed:

C’mere and gimme a kiss good night!

How much do they need?

$3,000 is what they are pledging for. This is a pretty low pledge on Kickstarter, which means this should see the light of day, especially with 25 days to go as of writing.

$18 (+$10 for delivery outside of US) for a hard copy, or as I say, $5 gets you the PDF. Nice!

I’m expecting plenty of tentacles, much drama and much more. With all the research that has gone into Prospero’s Price, this is truly going to be a wonderful read for Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans, Shakespeare fans, Lovecraftians and graphic novel fans.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m completely unsure as to how this’ll turn out. Whether or not this’ll be kickstarted, well, let’s just say that you, my dear reader, have as much control over the fate of Prospero’s Price as what anyone else does.

But as I mentioned: $5 for a PDF version, seems well worth the cash to me. I threw my $5 in (I must be careful, I need to reserve some of my cash for Kitacon!)


Congratulations are in hand. The team was met with adversity and successfully kept their campaign. Furthermore, they went ahead and secured enough funds to make this great mash up a reality.

Good work guys! We eagerly await the release of this hidden gem in the making!

Update 2

DMCA disputes.
Reputations at stake.
Funds to meet.

This lovely comic was met with all sorts of issues. Did it stop them? No. The community kept them going and the DMCA lawsuit was dropped. Not only that, they appear to have gotten more than double their initial ask of $3,000! Congratulations guys!